Warn Players of Downsides of taking Ascension options...

Warn Players of Downsides of taking Ascension options...

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Second Lieutenant
Apr 15, 2019
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I love Stellaris, I really do. But occasionally, it really, realllllly annoys me.

One such example, at 2400 I decided to go down the Synth route & finally started the 20 odd month special project to do this.

What do I get as a result - a crashed economy thanks to the number of empire species undergoing assimilation.


Thankfully I've got a Dyson Sphere nearing completion and I should be able to sell enough resources to get me until that point, but had I known this would happen, I would have stockpiled more in the mean time.

Not exactly what I need with a 25x Crisis looming in about 75 years and the mid game crisis overdue...