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Sep 14, 2009
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here's the changelog for Warlock update, courtesy of developer Ino-co. Keep on exploring, expanding, exploiting, and exterminating!

/Paradox and the Ino-co team

Changelog English:

* Fixed Unity spell
* Fixed the crash when removing unit's enchant
* Fixed the pathfinder on the cylindrical map
* Fixed the disabling of buildings on city screen
* Fixed the loading of old game saves (for beta-testers only)
* Fixed the appearing of news buttons
* Max number of faction cities was increased
Now now, Ino-Co said they were working on that feature, but I didn't see them say it would be in the next patch. It would be a shame if unrealistic expectations were created.

If I missed a post of theirs though, please point me in the right direction.
Strange, I find the prospect of sending thousands to their death just because of my megalomania sufficient reason start a new game ^^
Just a suggestion and probably in the wrong place, but would be good to fine tune the diplomacy of the enemy AI. They seem to want to declare war far too easily and for no reason. Dont know if this is a bug or just how it was designed.

Otherwise thanks for the bug fixes, really enjoying the game still!
what part of this was fixed?? It seems you can still disable buildings and produce units that come from that building ... after it's disabled............. what changed?

It was turning on every turn before, so most people would just stop using this.
Sounds good. But... where is this patch? I have the steam version and don't see any notes about updates as of Monday, May 14th.

Also, when you say you fixed the Unity Spell, what do you mean? Might be a good idea to include what was fixed in your updates, such as "Fixed Unity spell not researchable even after all other spells researched" if that was what you fixed.
The patch was from last week, the notes came later.

The Unity spell wasn't appearing for a lot of people, so that was the fix.

With current bug of 'use even it's disabled' it would've been better to leave that... At least that wouldn't give you a chance to cheat:)

You'd still had a chance to cheat, it was just more time consuming to do. :p