Warehouse of the East mission in Byzantium Mission tree question

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Jun 26, 2013
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The final mission in the economic part of the mission tree for the Byzantium mission tree seems extremely difficult to get before the age of absolutism. I can easily get all the prerequisites to complete the mission long before the age of absolutism except for one; getting 100 trade power or making Constantinople the highest valued trade node. No matter how many workshops. marketplaces, or how many merchants I have steering trade power to Constantinople, I can never get it close to 100 trade value, let alone the highest trade node in the world. Is there some trick or something I am missing in getting this mission completed well before the age of absolutism? Thanks for your help in advance.
Like Stiopa said, Manufactories are the way. I usually strategize for the valuable tech 11 manufactories (cloth, dyes, silk, salt, iron, copper) and save up a couple thousand ducats beforehand (usually doable at that point if you've scaled well - you can always opt to just punch money out medium and major powers you can take on). Get -10% construction cost from Orthodox and start scaling rapidly from there. It takes longer to make Constantinople the most valuable node as Byzantium but as Ottomans you can easily get it done by the early 1500s.
Depending on your influence, you can also lower the value of other trade notes by collecting from their feeding trade nodes.

Taking their nations trade power via war, direct provinces, etc can help. How feasible it is varies of course
I can pretty reliably do this, but an important aspect is getting at least two extra merchants from trade companies, one for Crimea and one for Persia. Maybe it's because I don't really expand in the west a lot in the first two ages, focusing on the tradeflow from India to maximize income.