war in heaven - denounce FE bugs (Wells 2.7.2 60bf da492cf)

war in heaven - denounce FE bugs (Wells 2.7.2 60bf da492cf)

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Jun 21, 2017
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  1. a war in heaven started and everyone (but me) joined an alliance to stop them, but then passed legislation to denounce one FE, which means anyone not following the other FE is in breach of galactic law, so their whole alliance voted for it placing everyone (including me) in breach. (they shouldn't vote for law which will place them in breach)
  2. both FE were destroyed by alliance, and the breach remained saying "Focus: Denounce Unidentified Empire", and the whole galaxy was in breach of it! (once focus FE is destroyed shouldn't focus be repealed, thus removing any breaches?)

i have all DLC, except federations apparently
no mods at all

load sav and see for yourself