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Will the Jews join the Germans despite the H word?
I've got to say these Ugandans seem freakishly good at war. That and the British government fairly stupid and/or forgetful.

You happily sell off a chunk of useless central Africa, pre Great War the British Empire didn't have to do anything it didn't want to, especially in Africa. Win the Great War and then give away a far larger chunk of usefulish coastal Africa to said sold off country for no explained reason.

Wait a while and then declare war on the county you sold less than 15 years ago for no obvious reason (more territory? if they'd wanted it they wouldn't of sold it in the first place.). Lose (Somehow. If there's one thing the British army could do it was massacre native armies. Maybe not win every battle but certainly over the course of a war.) and then just accept that loss, no massed reinforcement and no avenging the loss ala the Zulu War, just roll over and give up the southern Sudan, an area that had been hard conquered off the Mardi by Victorian Britain's most famous heroes.

A decade later declare war again. Somehow lose again. (How badly armed inferior numbers manage a siege I'll never know.) and again fail to mobilise the vast resources of Empire but just give up.

While the battles I could just accept as 'one of those things' but the British actions, particularly repeatedly declaring war on a country you'd willingly sold,
just don't make sense. Maybe then next preface will explain that. I do hope so.
Maybe then next preface will explain that

Not really... sorry...

As for the wars, it was a kind of a 'regret.'

You sell a useless piece of land, and its population, production, and nationalism swell. You suddenly feel you've been gipped.
It's like little kids at the playground. One throws away a piece of worthless junk, another little kid picks it up and starts having fun with it, so the first kid wants it back.

The secound war was, to some extent, failed vengence.

a far larger chunk of usefulish coastal Africa

The Ugandans won Mombasa in the final war.
I will quote my own story: "The Jews continued on and eventually pushed the Brits back to the sea."

southern Sudan

Modern Uganda. I'm not quite sure if they're the same thing (I'm not an expert, I barely know the basics of English history)

And yes, the Ugandans do appear to have been a bit freakishly successful in war. :D :eek:o
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likk9922 said:
Not really... sorry...

And yes, the Ugandans do appear to have been a bit freakishly successful in war. :D :eek:o

Ah well it was always something of a forlorn hope. Not going to stop me following this though, I am hooked. ;)

As long as this continued run of success is at least slightly moderated when the actual game starts. Hebrew Uganda ruling the world despite always being outnumbered and badly equipped would just be annoyingly silly.

So go on then, what happens in the next preface? :D
So go on then, what happens in the next preface?

I'll put it up tommorrow.
And thank you, drilling me like that really helps to clarify the story.

Maybe you could ally with the Jewish Ethiopians!

The Buildup and War 1936- 1942
The German Rise and the Italian Paradox​
In 1936, Italy was in her prime. She had been successful in expanding its colonies, and had now brought her ambitions to Ethiopia. With this war, another minor nation would fall into Italian hands, and its colonial empire would grow even larger.​
Italian relations with Hebrew Uganda were good, mostly because it was the one western power which Uganda hadn’t been at war with. Uganda joined the war against Ethiopia on the side of Italy, and contributed supplies and troops to the Italian war effort.​
Ethiopia fell within months, and Uganda gained the province of Jima, courtesy of the conquerors.​

But this bumped up against Mussolini’s plans for entrance into the Axis. Germany had consistently issued threats and warnings to the Jewish state, and the two countries were on the worst of terms.​
Hitler, however, had reoccupied the Rhineland, and proceeded with Anschluss, Sudetenland, and the invasion of Czechoslovakia. With his attack on Poland, the Allies declared war. France was conquered with ease, with passage through the Low Countries bypassing the Maginot line.​
In 1940, after much deliberation, Italy joined the Axis, and was forced to abandon her good relations with Uganda against her will, according to Hitler’s wishes.​
In 1941, masses of German troops were sent to North Africa to reinforce the floundering Italians. They were led by Erwin Rommel, the “Desert Fox”. Due to Montgomery’s defeat at the hands of the Ugandans, he was demoted to a menial position in British Singapore and later killed in action by the Japanese. In Montgomery’s absence, Rommel almost had free reign in Africa. He raced forward, smashing the British defenses and pushing them back to the Suez Canal. He then split his forces; with the Italians and a few Panzers, led by General Santoro, going into the Middle East, and Rommel himself leading the rest of the German troops into Africa.​
In June 1942, the Italians have now pushed the British back to the Tigris river and Basrah, and have established a strong, stable front. Meanwhile the bulk of the Afrika Korps moved down through the Sahara and had pushed the Brits and French deep into their own colonial territories.​


In Russia, Moscow has not fallen, and the intense battles for Stalingrad continue. Leningrad, however, has fallen to Finnish and German troops, and Vladivostok has been under assault by the Japanese for almost two months.​

This is where my AAR truly starts, in June 1942.​
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Sorry- no pics for a little while.

Imageshack is giving me grief again. :(
This sounds interesting.
Great update! :D
Where do you go from here? Will you ally yourself with your former enemies/patrons the British? I would hate to stand alone against the Axis.

Oh wait... a third option, join the commintern! What are your gov't sliders, btw?
What are your gov't sliders, btw?

I hadn't been able to tie this in anyplace. We're Lenninist, fairly open society.
Your first update was great historical background for the creation and expansion of the Jewish state. Never thought they would side with Italy against Ethiopia, thought it would be the other way round, oh well. You have done quite well setting this up. Now I look foward to seeing where you go with it. Good luck.
Woohoo! Pics are finally up! :)
And I get to show off my amazing writing skills ;)
Good work!
And a really interesting timeline, go Cominternmuch funnier that way:D
First real update starting tommorow- And be ready for a shocker :D

Hopefully I won't have the same problems with pics as I have in the past. I switched to photobucket.
Rommel and the Germans


“Herr Rommel! Herr Rommel!” A short young man, clad in German gray, burst through my tent door. He saluted in a sharp military manner, but his ragged breathing almost brought him to his knees.​
“At ease, man; take a seat. What have you got to tell me? Was it the Brits again?”​
The messenger collapsed backwards into one of the uncomfortable wooden seats. He took a moment to catch his breath before continuing.​
“No, Herr Rommel- telegram from high command- Hitler himself- it’s extremely urgent.”​
“Well what are you waiting for?” I replied anxiously. “Hand over the paper!”​
He forked over a short piece of battered paper. I gingerly took it from his hands and spread it out on the table. Dismissing the messenger boy with a wave of my hand, I examined it.​

Field Marshall Rommel,
You are hereby requested to immediately move your Afrika Korps east, to take Khartoum and then move south to face our new enemies in Uganda. I issue these orders under full expectation that you will eradicate any opposition.
Your Furher,
Adolf Hitler​

I stared in shock. I couldn’t believe it. There had been evidence before, but this was my solid proof.​
Hitler was an idiot.​
The rage grew inside me, a caged tiger released. I had just spent a full year in the desert, watching my boys die, fighting the scourge of Europe in their last enclaves. I finally had them where I wanted them- held up in Libreville, dying of malaria and awaiting their end at the hands of the great German Empire. And now here comes Adolf, with his pure, unrivaled, brainwashing power telling me to turn on a new enemy; with fresh, well reinforced armies led by a brilliant commander.​
I took a deep, calming breath. “Günther!” I called. A message- runner appeared at the front flap of my tent.​
“Yes, sir?”​
“Tell the troops we get to go out for a little sightseeing. Ask them how Khartoum sounds.”​
“Aye, sir.” He saluted and ran from the room.​
I stepped out behind him and took a look at the camp. 300,000 men and tanks, battle- hardened; part of one of the greatest war machines seen in human history. Although my frustration with Hitler continued, my fears were slowly brought to naught in my mind.​
Those Jews will be crushed like a pair of glasses under Hermann Goering!” I thought to myself. “It’ll be a fight, and it’ll cost us some ground to the Allies, but they don’t stand a chance.”​
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Tell the troops we get to go out for a little sightseeing. Ask them how Khartoum sounds.”

Deadly. So Hitleric idiocy strikes again. The bane of all good german commanders. ;)