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Mar 23, 2017
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Hello ! First of all, this is my first thread so I hope to be in the right place for what I plan to talk about :

My game as Wallachia !

I guess a lot of you guys already dealt with it but I really like this country and wanted to give it a try, so why not share ? :)

Quick résumé : I'm new on EU IV, I've played a few games in normal mode and wanted some challenge so I chose to play Iron Man Wallachia. I had a few try (went very wrong very fast, thx Ottomans) but now I want to give it a real shot, so, here it is :

Stuck between Ottomans, Poland and Hungary, I had to chose one to focus, and I (luckily) picked Hungary, trying to take Poland as ally as fast as possible. Very fast, Ottomans attacked Albany, allied with Hungary. Feels good.

I get an alliance with Poland, who get a PU with Lithuania in the same time. Still at war, Hungary get attacked by Venice, but Austria join Hungary. I've waited a bit then I attacked the poor guy with Poland, and let him do the job. Ottomans soon sign a peace treaty, taking some provinces I needed but fine. Austria, busy with Venice, accept a peace, so it's just Hungary versus Poland/Lithunia/Moldavia/me, feelsgoodman.

And here it is now :


Unfortunately, I can't even handle the Hungarians and Transylvanians rebels by my own. I had to wait they suicide on the Ottomans, but hey, I had my share of luck already :d

Anyway that's it for now, sorry for my bad english, as you guess I'm French ! I don't have any dlc but if you guys have some tips on how to survive the Ottoman's wrath, I'm in ! :°

Thanks for reading :)
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I think that expanding further in the Balkan would be a good strategy, definitely the gold mine of Serbia would be good if you can do it before the Ottomans can take it. Also vassalising Byzantium and giving them their cores back would be a good step to break the Ottomans. Another thing you could do (probably once you have a coastal province) is take out Crimea as soon as possible, to disable the Ottomans as much as possible when the event comes that makes Crimea a march of the Ottomans.

Those are the first things I can come up with, hopefully all will go well :).
Yeah, definitely find allies to try and help wear down the Ottomans, and stick by them. Sure they can do inane things, but their troops might just save you.
Wouldn't I need an access to sea in order to attack Crimea ? Because I can't attack Moldavia right now, Poland is my only ally.

Bohemia is pissed me with my expansion, and won't ally. Danemark see me as too weak (can't blame him), Muscovy hates me, the Ottomans wants my butt ; I can't find many allies.

Latest news : I expand a bit to Serbia-Bosnia right after the Ottomans went on war against them.

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Wouldn't I need an access to sea in order to attack Crimea ? Because I can't attack Moldavia right now, Poland is my only ally.
True, you probably missed that I said that between () :). Byzantium seems no option too now sadly. But who DOES want to ally you?
True, I read too fast, my bad ! Raguse is willing to ally me and probably Venice, since we had common ennemies, I will have to look into ! Yeah, poor Byzantium, no one left to protect him.
Lithuania is in a PU under Poland, but right now I'm more scared of Hungary and his friends. Ottomans are busy in the East for now, but yeah, they'll soon look after me :(

With the right coordination you could defend against the Hungarians, you have been successful with them before as we can see. Good luck!
Georgia and Trebizond are small, but could distract the Turk perhaps?
If thats no option, would Aragon be viable? They would be a great help if the Turkish fleet came knocking and might invade in their rear.
Aragon is a bit far but I'm trying to get him to like me, same as Muscovy. I've recently been attacked by Hungary, backed up by Austria and some Italian countries. Went wrong since Poland / Lithunia had low manpower. Still somehow managed to keep some provinces since Austria didn't want them :


I secured an alliance with Bohemia (I guess he likes me more after I lost, weirdo) and I had to break the one with Poland. Maybe I could get Muscovy and Bohemia to support me if it's possible to attack Moldavia, I don't know yet :/

I'll just hope the Ottomans stay focused on the East for now. Even tho, it could be worse. I could turn my attention to Serbia or Bosnia soon.

Update : Serbia doesn't exist anymore. Austria inherited Burgundy. Naples isn't under Aragon's PU anymore. France is in an alliance with the Ottomans. Autria somehow managed to lose a war against some minor Italian countries. Muscovy and Denmark are allied in a war against the HRE. I've managed to get my dynasty on Bohemian's throne. I swear, this game is going weirder and weirder.
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Sounds like a not implausible history to be honest :D
Sounds exiting, looking forward to it.
Everybody is at war right now, Austria is losing to France, the Ottomans are busy with the Mamluks. I have secured an alliance with Castile, Venice and Poland (also Georgia but I don't really know why, he's useless and weaker than me). I could attack Hungary without Austria since he's losing his own war, but the Ottomans would follow.


I think I'm going to declare war on the Ottomans, France and Tunis, their only allies, aren't willing to defend him since they're already busy on their own. And the Ottomans don't have any manpower left, so that's a thing. Castile, Poland (and Lithuania / Moldavia) and Venice are ok to go. Soooo... we're going to Silistre, and we'll stop until we've reached Constantinople ! Wish me luck !

I declare war on Ottomans and the next week, two things happened : Muscovy wants me to sign peace, my king dies.
Venice take over Greece, Poland take Constantinople and I take everything left. But I have to follow Poland and Lithunia who are heading North in order to fight Muscovy.
We take half their country, I sign white peace with them. Ottomans are taking back the lost provinces ; back to business.
At +30% war score, Ottomans moral is at the lowest but Venice and Poland are exhausted. I don't want to be greedy and sign peace. Here is how Wallachia looks now :


Rebels were a pain in the ass, I had to take loans to hire mercenaries. Also my king is now a queen. But now I'm fine.
I have a member of my dynasty on Bohemian throne too, don't remember if I said it before.

I'm starting to build ships for trade. Ottomans looks pissed but they are losing a war against Mamluks.
I can't reach Theodoros from where I am but hey, that's already much better than what I expected when I started this game.

I will have to do something about Ottomans before France get too powerful. They're allied and I don't like how strong France is already.
Austria inherit Burgundy ? France doesn't give a fuck and take Burgundy anyway. They're on a constant war with England.

But hey, for now, I'm happy !

Any advice ? Maybe trying to secure an alliance with the Qara of the East ?
Any alliance that can help contain the Ottomans would be good I think.
Latests news !

Since 1444, I had a warning from the Ottomans politely asking me not to attack anyone. But after their war with the Mamluks (that they finally won), they aren't ready to commit and defend the neighbor like they said they would.
And so, Bosnia is attacked. And annexed. By my own. All hail Wallachia.

Same week, Venice attacks Mantoue. Hungary and Milan defend Mantoue. Venice got help from Raguse and ask mine. To be honest, I really didn't know if I was going in but I gave it a shot.
Lucky me (again), Bohemia attacks Hungary for personal reasons. I let him do the dirty work and help Venice as much as I can afford to.
Venice sign peace and tell Hungary to give me a province I took in the first war against Hungary but lost in their own Reconquista.

Not long after, Bohemia sign peace and tell Hungary to give me the province I needed in order to have an entire kingdom, not split in half like it was for decades.
Good guy Bohemia.


Closer look to my kingdom :


I feel really satisfied about how things went, and really lucky.

France broke his alliance with Ottomans and made them rivals. Austria lost against rebels and his now under England's PU.
Tunis is ruling Maghreb and is now a solid Ottoman's ally, along with Muscovy. I've started building a small commercial fleet, we'll see how it goes.

I think I'll soon expand to Hungary and take their kingdom entirely, or at least a coastal province. Oh glorious days.
Very nice