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Jul 10, 2012
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Hello! Waking the Tiger is out and I have been looking forward to this. My problem is usually when I know the new stuff is coming out it makes it hard to play the old stuff because I watch the new stuff. That said I am not as informed about this dlc and the updated mechanics as I am with other stuff. So get to see some fumbling through this as we take China and try to guide them to victory in a non-historical focused game. Should be fun! Feel free to comment here on on my channel and I hope you all enjoy with me.


Now I admit I am not super familiar with the new mechanics. So while I figure all that out lets just make all the guns. Guns will save us. That and all the manpower.

We can't let Mao lurk there can we? No! That will only cause trouble in the long run we must oppose the Communists at all times definitely. I think that is going to be the thrust of this campaign.

Now some may say I am sending countless soldiers to the deaths in the mountains. I say I am getting rid of the corrupt in the army the only way I know how. With grievous casualties!

Wave after wave of men sent into the mountains to die. You see this is the cunning plan. We can use the bodies to get the high ground!

So without Mao threatening out borders and the Japanese Shogunate eyeing up the USSR I am thinking once we finish unifying China ourselves we should pick a fight with them too? We will see who really can drown the enemy in soldiers!

Are you ready Soviet Union? The might of China prepares to strike hard against you and give you a three front war to try to take on. Prepare to be destroyed!

The war is going better than expected. Or maybe the forces of China are just too strong? Of the Paradox games this is definitely the one I feel the least skilled at so I always expect failure.

Adjusting to the new way to control front lines and your generals takes a little adjustment and it is a little finicky but I do think over all that it is better. Also fall Soviets fall before my might!

With victory will come a whole more factories and resources as I am going to need those for the next major war. We still have the French who need a smashing. The question will be can I manage the two front war when it comes?

We are arming for war. Now the German Reich does have a lot of industrial production but I have the manpower. I also have more production than ever before as well. We will have to see how things go as we organise and prepare.

War is on! I worry I might not have had enough divisions on the border to properly manage things but it seems to be going ok. We are taking land and marching forwards. Go! More Chinese clay!

I am sure at any moment the Allies will properly do something to help swing this fight against the Reich.

This war is certainly a learning experience for me. Still things aren't going bad at all on both fronts. I have a good feeling about things.

Isn't the Russian Winter supposed to be helping me more? Come on nature destroy my enemies for me!

The war on the western front doesn't go so well. I grow more and more concerned.

I just want to say I blame the Allies for this. It was there hate that doomed us all!

It wasn't my fault. I blame the English. That is my story and I am sticking to it.