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    Real Strategy Requires Cunning
Nov 22, 2019
Voidtech is a very good technology. But its tactical operation, which allows you to kill almost any units immediately makes the late game uninteresting. Voidtech player builds scouts, each of which attacks the main army of the enemy alone and each time kills a powerful enemy unit of the 3rd level (which spent about 50 cosmits) by this operation. And so for 5-6 turns, the enemy army is extremely weakened and lost units, which spent 250-300 cosmits. Need such an operation that makes such a tactic profitable? No. Voidtech is very strong without this operation.It needs to be removed or changed and the game will get better from this.
For example, the strength of this operation may depend on the power of Voidtech units in a battle. If the player has a lot of strong Voidtech units in this battle, then he can destroy a strong enemy unit by this operation. Voidtech players will can to destroy strong units, only in major battles by this rules (strength of this "dead" operation depend on the power of Voidtech units in a battle).
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