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VIP - Usefull Information


(if you want to ask something send a PM or an email ;) )

-What is VIP?
VIP means Victoria Improvement Project.
Well, as you may have heard, this is a community effort to increase the historical feeling of Victoria. We try to do that by adding new events, AIs, economy rules, startup conditions, etc.

-Which is the last version of VIP?
The last version is v0.3.
v0.3 is compatible with the new beta patch 1.03b.
Contains all of the previous versions fixes and changes. ;)
You can download the last version from here: VIP downloads

-I have the last version and i found a "bug", what i should do?
Look for the thread that we create for every version to report bugs.
PLEASE, do not open a new thread, post in the general thread that is specially created for that purpose.
Usually this thread is called:
VIP - v0.X Discussion & Bugs
X is the current version.

-I have created a new thread and it is gone... what happened???
No new threads are allowed here to keep things organized. So, your thread has been merged in the proper thread. For example, if you posted new stuff about Prussia, you will find it in the thread for that purpose:
"VIP - Germany, Prussia, German minors and Switzerland"
Please!, follow this rule, DO NOT OPEN NEW THREADS. Thanks.

-I want to colaborate!! i know a lot of stuff!! how can I help?
Check the regional threads and start sharing your knowledge. Everything here is discussed and considered to try to make everyone happy.
A good place to start is to look at this thread:
* * * Event writters please read * * *
There you will find a lot of usefull info for you to start... it includes a FAQ and some nice suggestions.

-How to include your material?
After you have discussed all your work in the proper regional thread and tested it, send it compressed to:

-I have installed VIP but it is not working right... what is happening?
The most commons errors while installing are this:
-You have installed VIP into the wrong directory. When the installer ask you where to install it, always check if the directory is the correct one. The directory is not the same with every distributor version. The default directory is for the PAN version (Scandinavian).
-You are selecting another campaign. VIP adds a new campaign, so, you must choose that new campaign to play VIP, not the old ones.

-I like the idea of VIP, but i do not want to overwrite the game files... what could i do?
Install a second copy of Victoria into your HD.
You can do that by just copying your entire Victoria directory into a new one and name it "VIPVictoria" or use the name that you like... it is that simple.

Current Schedule:
01/05/2004: Release of v0.2
21/05/2004: Release of v0.2B
25/07/2004: Release of v0.3
10/08/2004: Release of v0.3B
27/06/2004: Last day for sending material for inclusion on v0.3
28/06/2004: The internal testing beggins. Only tweaks on included material will be done, no new inclusions.

24/07/2004: Prepare the final installer of v0.3
25/07/2004: Release of v0.3
"When it is finished": Release of v0.3C :D
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VIP - Where Do I Post My Question???

We are making every effort to try and keep the number of new threads on this part of the forum reduced, so we kindly request that you post your question in one of the dedicated VIP threads.

Not sure where your question fits? Here is a basic guideline :

1) If your question is about a specific nation's setup in VIP, or you have ideas for events for specific nations, post in the appropriate regional thread. So for example, if you think Japan's OOB in 1836 needs a tweak, post it in the VIP - East Asia and Oceania thread.

2) If you are just learning VIP and have questions regarding game strategy, post them in the VIP - General Gameplay and Strategy thread. This thread will be updates as future versions of VIP are created.

3) If you have found a bug or have a question that deals with issues broader than a specific country, post them in the general VIP - Discussion & Bugs thread. This thread will be updates as future versions of VIP are created.

If you are still not sure exactly where to post your question, post it in the VIP - Discussion & Bugs thread, and if needed a mod will move it to the proper thread. If you are still in doubt, PM myself or Generalisimo and we'll help you sort it out.

Always check the last few pages of the VIP - Discussion & Bugs thread to see if your question has already been asked by another person and answered. This will help reduce the growth of threads.

Please follow these simple guidelines so we can keep down the potential for clutter and threads asking the same question repeatedly every few weeks.
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