Duplicate Victoria III - Country stays as "*Country Name* Uprising" and Civil War never ends even though original country doesnt exist anymore

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Nov 16, 2022
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Short summary of your issue
Country stays as "*Country Name* Uprising" and Civil War never ends even though original country doesnt exist anymore

Game Version

What OS are you playing on?

Do you have mods enabled?

Have you tried verifying your game files?

How much "pain" is this causing you?

Please explain the issue you experienced in the most condensed way possible
During my war as the Ottomans against Russia, I had war goals active to free Azerbaijan and Persia. During the war, there were uprisings from Persians AND Azeris. My war goals disappeared (I guess this is expected behaviour). After a while, I won the War against Russia AND helped both countries in their wars. They won and got their war goals accepted but they never lost the "uprising" status. Also, Persia never gained all its cores back from Russia.

There was another case when there was another country in Russia (forgot the name, it was the one for the whole Caucasus area) which started an uprising shortly after I won the war. I took their side in the Diplo play, there was a war, and we have won but again, they never lost their uprising status.

Now it's not possible to have those 3 countries in any diplo plays.

I do have mods enabled but they are mostly UI/AI improvements and I don't think they had anything to do with this issue.

Please explain how to reproduce the issue
Im not sure if its possible to reproduce this in another save. But my guess is, if you have "liberate country" as a war goal and they do an uprising, during that war, they will never loose the uprising status even if the war is won. Why the third country never lost its uprising status is beyond me, maybe every country getting liberated from "russia" will have this issue ?

Is there anything else you think could help us identify/replicate the issue?
Having a War with Country B as country A. Having Wargoals to "Liberate Country C", country C does an uprising while A and B are still fighting -> War goal disappears and becomes a separate Diplo Play -> even if both wars are won Country C stays as an "Uprising" Country

I have attached a save game

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Hey there 3vr1m!

Thank you so much for reaching out to us with a report on secessions that become independent uprisings and so on that are not targetable by diplomatic plays.

This indeed has been reported here at the forums previously, but we appreciate your effort and time to send us your report as well.

That being said, we wish you a lovely day and that you enjoy playing Victoria 3!