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Feb 18, 2003
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This post is always edited to give you the latest version. New version Beta:v1.2.0.40

So I've started to create a VB hack that is an Victoria Event Builder.
It's basically a VB-exe with some text resource files.
The resource files lets you who have created your own stuff to add them to the text files...

It lets you create an event with correct syntax with the help of comboboxes and dropdown menus. The result is put into the clipboard to be pasted into an event file.

Latest version can be downloaded here:
Victoria Event Builder[100kb]

If you are running on an older windows try the full installation (You still need to download the textfiles from the other link):
Full installation [2.2Mb zip]

Right now it needs a lot of betatesting so any help would be appreciated.

(Since I didn't get the enormous amount of flattery that I wanted the project is sort of on ice... But if anyone show up and does some major pleading I can always make a new version)
(or if Johan shows up again and actually wants to add it like he said...=)
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I am already working on something similar for HoI. I'd be glad if I can take a look at your work, and would offer to host the beta for some time. I can also send you a beta of my tool to test via e-mail, which currently is not in a publishable state.
Send to my e-mail (in my link) and I can host. If it is smaller than 1mb.
Tag List

I'll see if i can find the other things...

If you wouldn't mind sending it this way as well... I could also host it for you, but I guess pimparel is taking care of that.

I don't have your email...

->Steele & Pimparel
I've sent you the beta by hotmail

It's so small that it wouldn't take anyplace anywhere, so if you wish it would be really nice if you put it up as well, that way if one is down there is one left.

In the beta you can see that the builder is almost finished but that the resource files needs a lot more work.
Especially the commands.txt and triggers.txt they are just the a first few items in alphabetical order. I will update them later this week.
If you are still looking for people to give the beta a good once-over, then I would be happy to oblige. I have been writing a lot of events lately, so anything to streamline the process would be useful.
If thats okay, you can send it to my mailbox at:
Anyway, thanks for taking the time to work on something like this. I`m sure such utilities have the potential to do a lot for the mod community.

I didn't have time to look into, YET!!! But here is the link: Spoonist Event Builder Alpha v0.00000001 (61.57 kb)

Spoonist, I use This SITE, to hold my files, it has a limit of 4Mb, so I think that would be better to you take a look into. Ahh, it is still FREE.

And you can submit it Here.
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Ilkhold said:
I send that to you by PM yesterday.

I tried the download from pimparel, unzip worked fine, but the programme chrashes on load. I have Win98SE.

Mine worked in a WinXP, however I didn't have time to test it, YET!!!

Look good.
Took myself the freedom to download it ;)

Looks very good, maybe i shall postpone my event-making for my mod a little bit ;)

However the picture dropdown menu looks weird, or, the things in it does... Looks like the triggers and maybe commands are in that menu too...

But looks good...
pictures list=fixed
(minor cut&paste mistake :wacko: )

Never. :)
Since I'm not up to looking where your installation is, and the having paradox switching some file etc, it would simple become unstable.
What it does have is that all resource files are txt files. So if you have modded your game you can mod the resurce files with your own tags...
(I thought of this before even creating the form itself).

Sorry. I don't check my PMs. If you send me one, please post it in this thread as well.

->All who posted emails
Since Pimparel was nice enough to post it I won't be sending you each a file.
I'll send the current Beta but after this one I will try to find my own hosting so I don't have to mooch of someone else
Spoonist said:
I'll send the current Beta but after this one I will try to find my own hosting so I don't have to mooch of someone else

Try Here, it has 4mb available and it is free!!!

BTW, nice work!!! Hope I can help more in the future.