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Jul 23, 2007
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As some of you might have noticed there have been rumors of a new patch for Victoria 2 (the best paradox game). This started during summer when I was bored and reading forums but I only managed to get a few things done before vacation was over, then recently Wiz and Groogy got super pumped about spending their Christmas vacation on fixing stuff in victoria and things started up again (we even guilt-tripped Sideburnout into make some event images). So Merry Christmas everyone!


Here is the complete patchlog:
  • Right-clicking a country on the map when no units are selected now opens diplomacy with that country.
  • AI Great Powers in Europe now care about crises on other continents.
  • Fixed a bug where forming nations could completely mess up diplomatic relations and satellites.
  • AI Great Powers in America now care about crises in the other American continent.
  • Effects of Machine Tools, Tractors, Nitroglycerin, Distribution Channels & Electricity inventions are now country wide instead of being spread through province event spam.
  • Election events are now country-wide, and occur less often (about twice per election).
  • Added Borderless Windowed mode.
  • Fixed map crash when you start Victoria 2 for the first time.
  • Will now show proper unit information if you hover over the unit icon.
  • Fixed units getting stuck if you embark them on ships.
  • Increased the cooldown between crises to 5 years.
  • AI no longer believes the Age of Sail ended in 1936.
  • AI will no longer delete closed factories while at war.
  • It is now possible for non-host players in multiplayer to see how the AI would respond to diplomatic offers.
  • Call Ally will now get a clear yes/no answer from allies, instead of random chance.
  • Right-clicking 'go to diplomacy' will no longer be interpeted by the game as a desperate desire to crash to desktop.
  • No longer possible to load an infinite amount of troops onto a single ship if they happen to board at the same time.
  • You now only get the bankruptcy notification/CB if the amount owed to you is a significant sum.
  • Can now set decisions to be ignored, ignored decisions will not light up the 'decision can be taken' icon in main interface.
  • 'Sign the Geneva Convention' decision now has larger benefits and slower badboy decay as a downside instead of reducing max military spending.
  • 'National Banking Act' decision is now actually worth taking.
  • has_national_minority and political_movement triggers now have the correct localisations.
  • Added split in half (shortcut 's') in unit view. This will split the selected unit into two as balanced units as it can, then select only the more powerful of the two.
  • Added World Wars, the next level after Great Wars. a GW can become a WW after mass politics (1905) is researched and the winning side gains 50% warscore. After this all wargoals have their cost cut to 30% allowing you to really dismantle stuff at the end of the game.
  • Fascist Siam now called Thailand
  • Removed factory output changes depending on difficulty level. Non standard difficulty levels should now be safe to play without risking economic issues.
  • A lot less wickedness will now be stamped out in the USA (moral crusader event now fires on country level and not every week).
  • Jacobins now make democracies of prussian constitutionalism.
  • Airplane-only armies no longer completely murder the strongest offensive armies when attacked. Discipline (org dmg reduction) is reduced a lot making them better mixed where they can support from the back line as they wont be able to hold provinces well. Also reduced defense a bit.
  • Crisis with attacker backer and no defender backer now resolves automatically in favor of attacker rather than fizzling.
  • Lone defender backer now gets some prestige for being gutsy and stepping up even if no attackers.
  • Added historical military leaders to many nations.
  • The Polar Bear Purchase will now turn all pops in iceland, greenland & jan mayen into polar bears.
  • Added some jaw-dropping polar bear artwork.

Of course since we had so little time available before Christmas we made sure to only prioritize the most important fixes:

So how do I actually get this patch?
The patch is right now available only as opt-in on steam. Here is how to get it:
  • Right-Click Victoria II in your steam game list and go to Properties
  • Click BETAS tab
  • Change "NONE" to "beta 3.04" (if you don't see it restart steam)
  • Should now get a download and stuff updating
Fine Print:
This is something somewhat-unofficial done during our spare time (possibly under the influence of alcohol) and at no point has QA or betas been involved in testing the changes. If it breaks something badly we'll fix it after christmas, but note that its an optional opt-in etc. (now go have fun!)
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Also note that your launcher will still say 'Latest version is 3.03'. Don't believe its lies. /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\
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Happy Yuletid from me! I do hope that you enjoy our little gift and that many hours of the new year will be spent spreading the glorious Revolution of the People!
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Oh god.... it's still alive?
Oh god.....
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Cool stuff. Merry Christmas to you too.
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Well i am happy, and you did great to surprise us with wonderfull Christmas gift.

Now....i am proud to be paradox fan since Europe Universalis 2 times, and bought victoria the day it came out as all addons thereafter...BUT NOT ON STEAM....so where do i get my patch now :/
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What do i do if i do not have the game on Steam?

We will make some kind of zip archive available after christmas when we got some testing on this beta. I cant do it now because I dont even know what servers I can use (we havent done non-steam for a long time)
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Those Polar Bears are up to some immoral business, I see... ;)

Absolutely amazing, thank you and have a great Christmas!
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