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Feb 20, 2020
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Hello Stellaris: Console Edition Fans!

There's a hotfix scheduled for roughly Wednesday, April 21st for Stellaris: Console Edition. This patch is planned to address further crashing and ship stuttering issues, ahead of a further planned update within the next few months.

Please note, that save compatibility is not guaranteed between Hotfix #1 and Hotfix #2. As always, if you experience crashing or ship stuttering issues please start a new save and see if the issue persists.

We will be posting again when the patch goes live, it's important to note that this patch may be delayed by a day or two pending internal factors.

Thanks for playing Stellaris: Console Edition!
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Apr 21, 2021
Update has broken the speed mechanic. Jumps from ultra fast like a whole month in a second then reverts to normal speed for 5 sec then back to light speed etc.
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