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The Stoker
Oct 5, 2006
Well there you have it, Venice. Venezsia. Serenissima. City of water and The Queen of The Adriatic.

  • Easy ('Cause I still suck)/Furious ('Cause wars are fun)
  • I play very slowly and post waaay too much, so be prepared
  • I also play very defensively but it was pretty obvious in my Port. AAR that you people wanted me out there killing things so I'll try my best. If my best ends up with me down to just my capital province (because they won't be able to annex me), I'll accept defeat and stop playing.
  • If by some crazy bit of chance I end up with an explorer/conquistador, I'm going to pretend I only know of any new provinces/sea zones when the exploring party returns to a friendly port.

Anyway, enough of that, let's see how I go.

BTW, how do I change the thread name?


The Stoker
Oct 5, 2006
Yay! I'm actually starting this after 5 days of procrastination!

Venetian AAR


Venice has always been a beautiful city, bursting with amazing art and architecture. From the beginning in (supposedly) 421 AD to modern times, it has been admired by its own citizens and travelers from across the globe.

Originally, The Republic of Venice was a collection of communities from the North-Eastern Aegean Sea who banded together in 697 to defend each other from the Lombards, Germanic settlers from ... Germany. The Republic profited extremely well from the crusades and dominated trade in Europe during the 1400s. This is about where we pop in and start messing with history (hopefully)

I got a little bored of that intro. Anyway I think I'll just start.

January 1st
The year begins with merchants being sent to COTs around Europe. Three are sent to Flandres, two to our own COT of Venice and one brave little man to Constantinople. The rising threat of the Turks has convinced us to upgrade out fortress in Naxos, our main city in The Cyclades. We have also begun training of 2 regiments of infantry and 1 cavalry regiment. Agostino Barbarigo, Doge of Venice, has sent a small introductory gift to Austria, these gifts to Austria will continue as we are interested in joining their alliance with Bohemia and Hungary. Barbarigo also promises the island of Crete that they shall not be conquered by a foreign power.


The Cyclades being reinforced

January 28th
Our merchant in Venice successfully started trading, we now have a good monopoly in our capital. Our Flandres merchants were successful on the 2nd of February and our brave little merchant did very well and set up shop in Constantinople despite the massive hostility towards him.

March 2nd
The hostile air around the Turkish-Mameluk border has finally erupted into full scale war. Turkey declared war on the Egyptians and promptly sent a large army across the border.

April 2nd
Our training of an army in Naxos has gone well. We now have 3 full-strength regiments there in case the Turks become too ambitious. We have also started building a large scout ship in Cyprus to watch over the Turkish-Mameluk war from afar.

June 5th
We have sent another two merchants to maintain and strengthen the trade monopoly we have in our capital. We have also sent a much larger, personal gift to Austria, hoping to secure us a place in the ever growing alliance which is now backed up by Baden & Wurtemberg.

August 8th
Our scout ship has been built in Cyprus. It has been ordered to the Mameluk coast to report on the progress of the marauding Turks.

August 27th
Our scout ship has returned to port and has given us information on the Turkish-Mameluk war. The initial Turkish army, a massive 60 regiments, has pushed all the way to Judea and is currently sieging the city there, however, the city is poorly defended and is not expected to last long. A second, slightly smaller, Turkish army is currently being held off by Mameluks at Aleppo. With a 4:1 advantage, it should not be long before this second army continues marching South. Our merchant in Constantinople demands help against the aggressive Turkish merchants, we send another trader to help him.

September 2nd
With our relationship with Austria being very strong, we send a diplomat to their capital so as to discuss out entrance into their already strong alliance. One day after the diplomat was sent, the Turks agreed to peace with the Mameluks! Amazingly, the Mameluk army defeated the Turks at Aleppo despite their large disadvantage. The 'luks survived the war after ceding Judea and a mere 22 ducats to the Turkish.

September 22nd
Our merchant in Constantinople has received the assistance and now has a chance against the other traders, he believes he will be able to command the COT by early 1493.

December 2nd
After long consideration, the 'Central European Alliance' has allowed us into it's ranks. We now stand united with Austria, Bohemia, Hungary, Baden & Wurtemberg. A royal marriage with Hungary accompanied the alliance agreement. We have also sent another 2 merchants to Flandres.

There we go, I started. That's always the hardest part. I'm going to try and incorporate a lot more screenshots and pictures and stuff but right now, I'm tired. Good night all. Hope you liked it.
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The Stoker
Oct 5, 2006
Duke of Wellington said:
A 60K army would be hard.

Precisely the reason I got into that Austrian alliance. I've also just realized that me and Bunny's AARs are both mortal enemies of each other.
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CatAARstroph1c moderator
Apr 26, 2002
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To change the name PM one of the Moderators and ask them. Unfortunately we can't do it ourselves.

Well, I hope my new name for this thread meets with approval, then.


Lord E

Non sufficit orbis
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Jul 17, 2002
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Venice is always a great country. Puts you in the middle of all the fun from the very beginning. Shall be nice to follow this :)
Apr 4, 2002
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nice pic, btw