Vehicle and station availability through time

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May 25, 2008
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I've been getting the itch again to get back to CiM 1. Immediately upon starting a game in 1920 I found speedboats, helicopters and modern buses and such available, these being the various DLC vehicles. It's been a while, and when I first played way back when I probably used those to cheese my way through the ages, but not this time.

Now I've been looking for a way to control for myself when certain vehicles become available, and found a mod that puts them in the right year.

My modding interest was piqued however, and after some more thinking I would actually love to have the hot air balloons available from a 1920s start (as the tech was available, if not the inclination). A relatively simple edit of the aforementioned mod's script file takes care of the balloon itself, but I still need the helipad to use it. I have the GS File Viewer, but I couldn't find the right bits to change.

Does anyone have a ready-made solution, or can anyone point me in the right direction? :D