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Jun 1, 2015
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So playing as a female, i asked to become a vampire from Molag Bal when my character was around 22 years old.

I was under the impression that even if i aged, my fertility wouldn't change from what it was when i became a vampire from Molag Bal at a young age. Is this true, because it doesn't seem to be working, unless i'm missing something.

Basically around 80 years old+ i had 0% fertility (i checked with charinfo) with Mara as my patron deity and the "Lusty Argonian Maid" book. So i got my hands on "Notes on Racial Phylogeny" for +15% fertility boost, but now that i'm 110, my fertility has gone down to -80%. I'm not sure what changed, i don't seem to be having any negative traits or modifiers that visibly decrease my fertility.

So my question is, is there a way to keep fertility above 0 while being immortal as a female?