v.1.0.1 [4d15] Receiving influence for Rivals after I've vassalized empires I had rivaled

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Apr 14, 2016
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I marked as Rival two empires and them concurred them making them my vassals.
No mo rivals.
I still receive influence for rivaling empires that are already my vassals and no information who I rival is shown on the Empires screen.

DLC/Mods: Nova package + Blorg mod.

Steps to Reproduce:
1) Rival an empire;
2) Concur the rivaled empire making it your vassal;
3) Check the Empires screen and influence income

Actual result:
No rivals shown on the Empires screen but it shown that I have an influence income "From Rivals".

Expected result:
All Rivals are shown on the Empires screen. Empires that were vassalized aren't rival any more.

P.S. A screenshot and a save file are attached.


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