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Apr 26, 2013
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I recently played a game as Urbino and felt like it deserved its own NI. In addition to the attached NI I left some notes explaining some of the decisions below as well as an idea on how the 1444 start date should be changed to better reflect history.

@Trin Tragula On an aside are there any plans to add a NIs for Mysore or Tripura. I think I have seen a thread for Mysore but if there is nothing on the table I might write some for both states.

Urbino National Ideas

Traditions: +10% morale of armies, +1 possible advisors

1. Palazzo Ducale: +1 yearly prestige, - 5% idea cost
"In the late 15th century construction started of a grand palace structure designed to attract the best thinkers of the Renaissance to one place. The palace courtyards were regularly filled with foreign intellectuals, who were inspired to create great works of art, poetry and architecture within the all-encompassing renaissance symbol that was the Palazzo Ducale.”

2. Umbrian Condottieri: -25% mercenary costs
“Due to geographic restrictions, Urbino has been cut off from the same resources the other Italian states thrive from. To accommodate for this, Urbino offers its condottieri to other states to resolve their squabbles. This tradition has lead foreigners abroad to observe that the economy of Urbino, is its Condottieri. “

3. Military Architecture +20% fort defence
“Urbino has long attracted some of Europe’s best military engineers, attracted by the opportunity of receiving patronage or employment. The works of many of these military engineers in conjunction with architects are implemented in the military infrastructure of our palaces and settlements.

4. The Book of the Courtier: +1 diplomatic reputation
“The Book of the Courtier was a fiction based on the interactions between the courtiers of the Duke of Urbino, setting out the gestures and decorum of the ideal courtier. The book’s publication would spread across Europe and influence its populations in the mannerisms of the proper Umbrian gentlemen that they should all be striving to be.”

5. School of Urbino: +1 land leader siege
"The progress of our mathematicians has birthed what has been referred to as the ‘School of Urbino’. The states mathematicians have imbedded their studies into both the court and the army, granting an enhanced comprehension for our military leaders on how to calculate the trajectory of our cannons to most damage enemy fortifications.

6. Courtly Surveillance: Foreign Spy Detection +25%
“To prevent courtiers from expunging the states secrets, various layers of surveillance have been designed into every aspect of the Urbinan court. Courtiers are engaged in constant inspection through social conversations and negotiations. In addition to this the panels and paintings that dot the Urbianan court are designed to unnerve distrustful courtiers by convincing the viewer that he is being ever viewed and judged no matter where he goes.

7. United in Faith: +1 Tolerance of the True Faith
"All across Urbino churches dot the landscape as a tribute of the people’s faith. Within these churches murals of heathens being driven from Italia are common place as there can only be one faith in Urbino.

Ambitions: +5% dicipline

  • [*]The statement about the economy of Urbino and its condottieri is reference to a statement by the Venetian Ambassador Frederico Badoer who remarked that the “all of them live off warfare”.
    [*]The importance of the Book of the Courtier is immense, it is a foundational document to the development of foreign middle class and aristocratic cultures, most significantly that of the “English Gentlemen”. It might be worth giving it an additional +15% improve relation or a culture conversion buff on top of its current + diplomatic reputation.
    [*]In 1444 Urbino was Independent, although would be absorbed into the papacy through inheritance and intrigue in the coming centuries. I feel like it should be independent in the 1444 start date but guaranteed by the Papacy.

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