[UPDATED 12/08/21] Monetizing from Youtube videos containing Paradox Interactive material!

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This is good for me for a few reasons, first and foremost is because i'm planning on doing a let's play megacampaign across CK2 and EU4 on youtube (mostly because i'm not yet very good at writing an AAR).

But there's also the fact that i recently started studying a bachelor of IT as a first step into game design, as well as with some coursemates started designing a grand strategy game, and have been considering trying to do my final semester internship at Paradox (not sure yet though: at the university of luxembourg, and first i need to figure out whether we're allowed to do our internships internationally, and then if the internship position at paradox is for bachelors as well, or just master's internships)

This relationship that Paradox are cultivating with their consumers like a zen garden is one of the main reasons I want that internship, and something I hope to be able to do in my own career. Added to the fact that I like the kind of games Paradox creates and publishes, having the opportunity to be an intern there would be awesome. And if not, well, I don't think my relationship wit hParadox will deteriorate, as a consumer or otherwise.

Carry on, Paradox. Be an example to other studios and publishers when it comes to public relations. That is the most important message all should take from this thread (and of course the other actions by Paradox)

...I think I'm kinda rambling a bit too off topic here, should I be worried?
This is why I love Paradox.
So you're telling me... That there's a company that is friendly and smart enough to realize that Let's Plays are basically free advertising and that it's also a user sharing his experience and joy of the game?
This is why I love Paradox.
You're great. We can be a grumpy community, maybe because we've gotten used to a high degree of coolness coming from you.

So bear in mind that, even when people say bad things, even when we do, we still think you're one of the coolest developers around. Even PennyArcade recognises your dedication and interest for new things.

Is it Sweden, or it is just nice people?
Are We sure Paradox isn't Canadian? They're offley nice! :p
Thank you Paradox. You guys are awesome! If it weren't for Lets Play's I would have never been able to learn how to play many of the Paradox Grand Strategy games as quickly as I did. Watching someone play makes it a whole lot easier to get a handle on the mechanics.
Paradox, as always the best developer and publisher. Considering that this new monetization system was introduced because of other game developer studios and their right to materials, Paradox made a really nice move. That's why I'm buying PDS games even if they don't have DRMs and even if I watched a gameplay on YouTube.