UPDATED 08/10/19 - Forum is being unlocked! (Connect your Steam account to sync your Owned Items!)

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UPDATED 08/10/19
The forum is in the process of being unlocked for all users! This means that you no longer need to sync your Steam and Paradox account to get access to various forums. The reasoning for this is rather simple, as we're expanding to other services (GamePass for example) we want to give players access, even if they don't own the game on Steam. Not all services have an API as Steam does which means we can't check if someone owns a game, hence limiting their access. That's not something we want. As such the process to unlock the forums has begun and will hopefully be completed before the end of the week.

You can still sync your Paradox and Steam account and get forum icons and avatars but beyond this that feature will do nothing.

Greetings everyone,
Changes to how owned items are registered on the forum has been made and it is awesome! All you need to get all your games registered is to follow the guide below!

Step 1.
Connect your Paradox account to your Steam account at accounts.paradoxplaza.com (as I'm already connected it says Disconnect)

Step 2.
Go to your Owned Items list in the Forums - you'll see this menu when you hover your mouse cursor over your forum user name, up the top-right of every page in the forums:

Step 3.
Sync your games with this button.

Step 4.
Enjoy :D!

This will fetch all the games you own on your Steam account and automatically add them to your OwnedItem list, effectively removing the need for you to register CD keys for each game you own! However, I'm sure there are questions so a very short FAQ:

I own non-Steam games!
Not a problem, you are still able to use the Register a Game feature!
UPDATE: if you get an error doing this, the game will have to be registered manually for you. Log a ticket at paradox.zendesk.com with all relevant details.

I don't want to register my Steam account!
That's cool, we won't force you - but it will make your life much simpler since you need to manually register your games one at a time.

You don't need to link the account, this is true, however since keys will no longer be visible in your Steam library you will be unable to register the game UNLESS it's a physical copy of a game that was released before Steam. All new games released in physical form (HoI 4 and Stellaris for example) still require Steam. For now, some keys are visible and will remain so until we turn them off, this is an ongoing process. If you don't link, you will be unable to access some parts of the forum but you will still be able to get help if you open a ticket.

My games are GONE?! What did you DO?!
Calm down, breathe, your games are not gone ;)! Simply go to your account, break the Steam connect, re-establish the connection and then sync.

Do I need to manually sync the Owned Items every time I buy a new game?
Yes and no. The list is updated each time you log into the forum so if you have it set to "remember me" you will need to do it manually.

I've been accepted into a Beta, can I use this feature?
No, Beta access will only be available via codes distributed by us.

OMG the keys that used to show up in my Steam library are GONE!
Yes and this is intended. As we turn off the third party key distribution the keys will disappear over time. Not all products have had this done yet but the goal is to remove the need for users to register manually and instead just sync their Steam account to get all games registered to their accounts.

This Steam link, what does actually do, how does it work?
Basically it looks at your Steam profile, more specifically your owned items, and compares it to a list of our games. If any game ID you own matches our list, you get credited with it. That's it. It only uses information that is publicly available in Steam anyway (ie what games you own).

The script that does this is run on our server, Steam and Valve do not have any access to your Paradox details, they can't see your Paradox email, username etc. There have been concerns that Steam will "spy" on your account but I can definitively confirm that this isn't the case as they don't have access to your data.

The screen you enter your Steam account details into is a Valve interface, it is not ours and we do not see your Steam credentials at all.

Do I need to have Steam installed, does it need to be running?
No, you only need to register the game to your Steam profile, it doesn't matter if you run Steam or not.

But.... why? I liked the keys, can't you still use them as well?
Generating, maintaining and managing keys for our 100+ products was a massive undertaking. It could take hours to generate keys for a single product and it was never a feasible long term solution. By removing the need for keys we make it easier for our customers to get the credit they deserve.

It should also be added that doing this was feasible when we had a catalog of 20-30 games alas now as we have grown (and will continue to do so!) it has become unfeasible.

Does this mean you can add or remove games from my Steam account?
No, this is a read only system. We use a Steam API that checks the games on your account and if any of them match one that we have in our database it connects the dots and grants you the icon and access. We also cannot see non-Paradox games.

It says my Steam account is already connected!
We can fix that for you, please read this help desk article and follow the instructions.

We will monitor this new feature closely but please report any problems you may encounter in this thread so I can address it properly.

We hope you enjoy the change and all feedback is greatly appreciated!
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Cheers, it works really well :). If there's any way of making the hide/show a little quicker that'd be cool (maybe use radio buttons/tick boxes and then a button to confirm the selection, rather than a button and a refresh for each selection?) but no biggy.
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Would this mean that games that I own in non-steam form would now be available on my steam too?
This thing has a side effect: It apparently reorganizes your Steam library. I keep my games all in their separate "classes" and after doing this some of them popped out of theirs.

Edit: Not a 100% sure. It's this or the free gift DLC I just activated through the Paradox account.
I tried to sync my games, but only twelve of my items showed up. I broke the Steam connection and retried, but it's still missing games like Magicka, Victoria I and II, and EUIII and EUIV that my Paradox account recognizes I have but it still doesn't show it in my owned games.
Fantastic. It didn't pick up Victoria complete though. Maybe it's because I never installed it?
Would this mean that games that I own in non-steam form would now be available on my steam too?
No, non-Steam games will not become available on Steam.

I tried to sync my games, but only twelve of my items showed up. I broke the Steam connection and retried, but it's still missing games like Magicka, Victoria I and II, and EUIII and EUIV that my Paradox account recognizes I have but it still doesn't show it in my owned games.
There seems to be a minor "snafoo", we are working on the sync feature. You can still register the game manually and it will show on your account if you want to though.
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What does 51/50 means?
This means you have 51 games owned and labelled as "shown" on the forum, but you can actually only have 50 icons displayed on the threads.
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So what are the advantages for me? Sorry, I am not getting it :)
Instead of having to register your games one at a time using the "Register a game" button, you simply link your Steam account, click Sync and get all the badges and forum access in one go :).

This means you have 51 games owned and labelled as "shown" on the forum, but you can actually only have 50 icons displayed on the threads.
Beat me to it :D!
I love this, I kinda stopped bothering with registering keys at one point because it was such a pain.

EDIT: For some reason Horse Lords isn't appearing as a owned DLC for me after I sync. Any idea why?
Before I hit sync I had 45. Next I had 46. I had no idea what game it added! luckily I had another tab open (so I took a screenie of my medals)

(it was el dorado)
I initiated it but backed out after Steam sent me the message about logging in from a new browser/computer. Steam has a security measure where logging in like this leads to being locked out of the Steam marketplace for a week or two. Can anyone who has connected their Steam account to Paradox say if they lost access?
If part of my games are on steam, but the other part not (but have been registered). Will the syncing only add the 'new' games from steam on top of it or will it delete the ones registered from non steam sources?
I tried to do this, but got stuck on the part where it checks if you are a bot or not. Are you supposeed to leave spaces between the letters? Are they supposed to be all uppercase or lowercase?