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Apr 30, 2018

Due to life matters update 0.78 for the Mech Designer will be delayed, hopefully I'll finish it before New Year. To sweeten your waiting I just put a changelog:
- Added support for mechs and weapons from Heavy Metal expansion [done]
- Added new equipment categories - Systems for mech quirks, and Mortars [done, however not all effects of quirks are handled]
- Redesigned main mech design window to accommodate:
  • Indicator for TAG/NARC bonuses [done]
  • Slider to set Evasion Chevrons used to calculate damage and heat for COILs [done]
  • Some indicator about mech walking and running speed on the left panel, in hexes, instead of Heatsinks Effectiveness which will be merged with Cooling [not done]
  • Enemy Damage Reduction spinbox [widget is added, logic to handle it isn't]
- Environment combo box have environmental bonus shown on the drop-down list [done]
- New mech dialog has reversed order of displayed hardpoints to better match from left to right what is seen in newly created mech design window [done]
- New mech dialog will get information about mech max walk/sprint speed, in hexes [planned]
- Equipment tooltip is changed to reflect effect of quirks, thermal exchangers etc. [partially done]
- Jump range label now displays text "N/A" if there are no jump jets equipped on mech [done]
- Changed formulas for calculating heat, jump heat, and jump distance - now they are more accurate, and consistent with data shown in game logs. [done]