Unvisited Regions--What Do We Know?

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Apr 22, 2009
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I'm curious about a few regions of the Tiers that got little to no attention in-game in one way or another. In particular, there are a few places that the player just flat-out doesn't visit. There's a coastal region between Apex, Haven, Stalwart, and the Contested Lands that has no apparent name, as well as one (possibly two) regions in the northwest: one just across the Oldwall from Haven and one apparently on a higher area near the Bastard Tier. It's my understanding that some content (including a supposed fourth and fifth act) was ultimately cut, so my working hypothesis is that the aforementioned areas were among the cut content, though I would appreciate some official word on the matter. What (if anything) was originally going to be in those regions? I recall some of the in-game lore mentioning Occon and Verdance being among the Younger Realms, so I'm inclined to suspect that the aforementioned blank regions were originally going to be those places. I'm also curious about the Free Cities. Where are they on the map?

I'm not expecting a quick response, let alone from someone who has the pertinent information, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask just in case that information is floating around somewhere and I just haven't found it (or Obsidian never bothered to publicize it). As someone who likes to worldbuild, vague areas on maps are a pet peeve of mine, and since I've been toying with a sort of "extended epilogue" for my personal use (think fan fiction, not mod), I'd like to know as much as I can about the regions my character rules over.