Apr 5, 2018
Hey, I am wanting to make a mod that fixes Universities and how they train people.

Currently, I have deduced that Universities (On auto feature) check the number of vacant slots in a profession,
eg Engineers = 50, Geologists = 33, Medics = 8,
and then they see the most needed is Engineers and only trains engineers, then geologists, then medics... This is problematic!

In my current colony (the example) there are only 8 medic slots needed,
however, there's only a max of 8 medics meaning I have no medics and the game thinks this is perfectly fine!!!

I want to change it so that the highest percentage will be trained so,
eg Engineers 50 needed out of 1000, Geologists 33 needed out of 430, Medics 8 needed out of 8

now with this information, it's obvious you should train Medics (%100 Required), Geologists (%7), Engineers (%5)

I have no idea where to even begin or if this is even possible, I cannot find any tutorials on modding this dam game if someone can point me in the right direction thanks!


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Apr 3, 2018
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