United Nations Federation, a stellaris AAR (translated into english)

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    Real Strategy Requires Cunning


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Aug 1, 2002
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It seems like the machines will need to be rooted out, circuit and wire.


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Mar 19, 2018
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Bloody machines...

They need to be annihilated!
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Jul 7, 2020
The combat begins

The UNF fleet begins its attack, the first to fire are the cruisers with their long-range guns, followed by the missiles from the corvettes and the medium-range weapons of the destroyers.


It was the Second Navy that took the lead firing their weapons at close range, as well as intercepting all the missiles they could.


Clash of both fleets, you can see the massive one of missiles by the machines.


Image of a machine corvette in the middle of combat


Another machine corvette is destroyed by a laser fired by the destroyer FNU Palermo.


UNF Paris firing its main artillery.


Machine cruisers firing their missiles at long distances, some of them cannot be intercepted and cause enormous damage.


Machine cruiser destroyed


UNF Buenos Aires newcomer to the system firing their weapons.


When the smaller machine ships fled or were destroyed, the fleet concentrated its fire on the cruisers, which without close support were falling one by one


After 10 hours of fierce combat, the last cruiser of the machines fled by means of an emergency jump. UNF casualties were 3 destroyers and 8 corvettes. Because of the machines, they lost 8 destroyers, 14 corvettes and 4 cruisers. The fact that most of the machine's missiles were intercepted before reaching their target was decisive in winning the battle.



gif 3.gif

With the destruction of a part of the fleet of the machines, the forces of the UNF made great advances conquering new territories, the decision was made to liberate the planets conquered before the machines will exterminate the entire population.

The UNF forces proceed to liberate the planets occupied by the machines, fortunately not the entire population was exterminated, despite the past time occupied by the machines, about half the population was able to survive.

A halt in the war

Year 2318 due to the high expenses of the war the decision was made to stop the advance and the conquests. 3 inhabited planets liberated by the UNF forces were returned to the Ik-Nur-Val. In relation to the other planets, the decision has been made to abandon 3 worlds captured to the machines, the rest will be colonized by both humans and immigrants of various species and refugees from all over the galaxy. The fleet for its part established its new base on the Lost Menagerie system. Meanwhile the machines did not carry out any important military operations, they have retreated to the last remaining worlds.


UNF map for the year 2318

Economic reform and production

The enormous spending of the war produced a huge economic crisis and production, they resorted to the galactic market, to buy both food and basic supplies. What saved the FNU from the economic collapse was the overproduction of minerals

The decision was made that each planet would have a role,

Planet Earth: as the capital of the Nation it would remain as a bureaucratic center.

Planet Ra: It would become an agricultural world, crops on that planet grow much faster than on other planets.

Planet Athena: it will become a scientific world

Planet Odin: Bureaucratic Center

Planeta Inti: mineral processing center

Planet Bi Fang: will specialize in mineral extraction

Planeta Abassi: center of civil industries

Planet Baal: Power Generating World

Planet Hercules: Power Generating World

Planet Brahma: Bureaucratic World.

Protection Request

In the year 2320 due to the great dangers of the galaxy and the impossibility of expansion to new territories, the Sodrithan have requested military protection, the UNF has accepted the proposal, a complete integration is expected in the future.


The localized cibrex

Once the war was paralyzed, efforts were connected to find the Cibex, until, in the year 2322, their system of origin was located, an exploration ship was immediately sent.


“After the intense study of the cibrex artifacts that we recovered, scientists on earth have determined the exact galactic coordinates of a system that the ancient machines called "Cibrex Prima" possibly their civilization retired there after their failed attempt to exterminate all intelligent organic life We should send an expedition to that system before someone gets ahead of us.

Contact the nearest science ship!”

For the year 2325 the expectations in relation to the world of the old machines were to find some machine worlds, similar to the skinet but upon entering the system, the scientific officer could not believe what the sensors and later his eyes saw. It was a huge artificial structure in ruins around the star of the system, the structure orbited the star at approximately the same distance that separates the earth from the sun, each of the 4 sectors of the ring world had the same space of 3 earths


"It appears that the cibrex rethought their galactic crusade against organic life sometime in their seventeenth year. We will never know if it was due to losses on the battlefield or an ideological shift in their network consensus, but whatever the reason, the cibrex decided to stop their campaign.

“They began a slow retreat that lasted almost a century, until they completely disappeared. We now know that they retreated into this system, where they had built a huge ring world designed to house their entire civilization.

They were isolated here for several millennia, until an independent rover found their system by chance and communicated their location to the rest of the galaxy. Upon the news that the dreaded Cibrex had been found, several neighboring powers organized a huge military expedition that bombarded the ring world to rubble.

The time is that it does not seem that the cibrex presented any resistance"


First image of the ring world, it was believed that such a massive structure was impossible, engineers and scientists will have decades to analyze the materials of the structure and perhaps one day be able to repair it.

Restart of war

In the year 2329, finally reinforced the Federation fleet, the decision was made to resume the attacks against the machines, its objective is to conquer and liberate all the systems in control of the Skinet.


First and second Armada making a surprise attack against the last of the Skinet fleets, after this battle the resistance of the machines would be minimal.

Mega structure found

In the year 2040, the forces of the UNF managed to capture a huge mega-structure under construction by the machines, it was a gigantic particle accelerator around a star once the scientific investigation is completed, it will have a great leap


The destruction of the machines

Finally, by the year 2351, after many systems and planets captured, the forces of the UNF reached the last machine world, after decades of war countless casualties everything was about to end. Orbital landings were routine for UNF ground forces, but this was special. On October 25, 2351, the landing began, the fighting was fierce and terrible, the machines showed a resistance never seen before. Finally, on June 6, 2352, the last stronghold of the machines fell, the war had ended.


Image of the last landing in a world controlled by machines

In all the worlds of the UNF there were massive celebrations never seen, all the human and alien inhabitants celebrated equally. After almost 50 years everyone could finally sleep peacefully, the threat of the machines had ended.


Images of celebrations on planet Ra


Celebrations on earth

Portal reactivated

After years of research, finally one of the existing portals in the UNF could be activated, which led to another port being automatically turned on, now there was the task of deciphering all the portal technology and thus being able to build one of our own.


Our scientists have been able to successfully reactivate an ancient portal in the Fujeau system. Despite its age, the device has created a perfectly walkable subspace conduit.

The probes sent have confirmed that the activation of this portal has also launched a second identical device. For now, the portals are the only ones we can access, but they are probably the only ones we can access, but there are probably more inert devices elsewhere, it is even possible that in the future we can build new portals on systems of our choice!


Images of the first probes to find out the security of the portal once all danger was cleared, it became a widely used commercial and military transport network

Inter-species marriages?

By the year 2352, many alien species lived on the planets of the UNF, this increased with improvements in habitability on all worlds. All this brought as a consequence that some individuals of different species decided to live together. A great debate arose throughout the nation with arguments from side to side, but finally it was established that every citizen of the UNF had the freedom to marry the species that they considered permanent, there would be no discrimination of any kind.


Climate repair

After decades, the technology is finally available to fulfill a dream that humanity has had for generations, the terraforming of the planets Mars and Venus.


For the terraforming of Mars, greenhouse gases will be released, in order to increase the atmosphere and the temperature of the planet. Second, there is the construction of an immense space mirror, with the aim of reflecting the sunlight at the poles of the planet and in this way melting the glaciers, the third step is to attract ice comets and make them fall on Mars, but in a way that they burn in the atmosphere slowly, in this way the presence of water in the planet's atmosphere will increase.


Simulation of the process of a future transformed Mars


The planet Venus considered Earth's twin, under its clouds is a true hell, with great atmospheric pressure, and its great temperature that is higher than that of the planet Mercury, makes all life impossible. A human on its surface could be crushed to death by atmospheric pressure or embraced by heat, or killed by toxic gases. The applicable engineering to transform this planet consists of lowering the temperatures, through an enormous structure that blocks all the sunlight, in this way the carbon dioxide clouds go down to the surface and in this way the temperatures of the planet fall, finally, the planet has a rotation period of 243 Earth days, greater than what it takes to go around the sun, in addition to rotating in the opposite direction to all other planets.


One of the few images of the surface of Venus, taken by venera probes in the 20th century.

Integration of the Sondrithan

In the year 2355 the long-awaited integration of the Sondritan into the UNF, finally takes place in a ceremony held in the ancient capital of the aliens, the annexation is signed, which is celebrated by all the citizens of the nation, as part of the treaty the UNF is committed to terraforming 2 worlds into aquatic worlds, so that the Sondritan population feels more comfortable.


Capital of the Sondritan, after integration to the UNF


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Aug 1, 2002
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The UNF living up to its ideals.


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Mar 19, 2018
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Well, it's good that the UNF has destroyed the machines...


Jul 7, 2020

The great discoveries of alien mega-structures have allowed engineers to start the construction of 2 giant structures, the first dedicated to engineering was built in the orbit of the planet Jupiter, the second dedicated to biological and social research, was built in the orbit of the planet Uranus, to this is added the particle accelerator that was captured from the machines during the war.


Image of the engineering mega-structure completed for the year 2366, orbiting the planet Jupiter.


Finished captured particle accelerator, will help physics research a lot.


The giant artificial orbital ecosystem, in orbit around the planet Uranus, was completed by the year 2374

Reorganization of captured planets

The following planets were captured from the machines and they have been given new names, they will be inhabited by humans and also by the different types of aliens who wish to settle on them, it has been decided not to terraform these planets.

Cheng Huan: swamp world destined for power generation

Quzah: desert world, but with many giant lakes around the planet, destined for agriculture

Ngenechén: swamp world dedicated to mining

Quetzalcóatl: world of prairies dedicated to electricity generation.

Tanit: savanna world dedicated to the refinery

Amaterasu: world of salt, dedicated to mining production

Amun: arid world dedicated to the refinery

Khem: painted world dedicated to the production of alloys

Terminus: continental world dedicated to electricity generation.

Transformation of the machine world

For years after the capture of the machine capital world, the question arose of what to do with it, despite the damage caused by the bombing, millions of tons of structures and material still remained. The idea arose to build a great ecumenopolis, a huge city world, which would house the population of more than 10 planets, finally the long project was given the green light, it is estimated that it will finish in approximately 20 years.


The uninhabitable and empty machine world prepares for a restructuring that allows biological life

New Battleships

By the year 2364, the construction of a new type of ship began, the battleship with a crew of 8,000 was armed with the best technology, especially long-distance weapons.


New battleship design, will be baptized with the names of ancient countries

Terraforming completed

After fewer years than expected, the terraforming of Mars and Venus is complete, the dream of generations is complete, the new settlers depart from Earth after an exciting ceremony.


Now venus is really the twin of the earth, the rotation could also be increased to almost 200 earth hours


Mars millions of years ago Mars had oceans, lakes and maybe life, but now the water has returned and with it life, the red Mars is now the green and blue Mars

The Great Khan

In the year 2376 worrying news was received, one of the warlords of one of the corsair clans in the galaxy, has unified all the tribes of his nation, now he is preparing to launch his great fleets to conquer the galaxy, It is estimated that the size of its fleets is twice the power of the UNF, but fortunately the Khan is far away, although it has also been ordered to reinforce the war fleets.

For the first time in their known history, the warring factions of the Miltron have united under the command of a single great Khan. This mysterious warlord who is said to have strong psychic powers, has emerged from his warrior caste and accomplished what many believed impossible. With a combination of cunning and charisma and military genius, the newly crowned Great Khan has earned the complete loyalty and devotion of all factions of the Miltron.

As they are no longer busy killing each other, the miltron turn their attention to other goals, they are preparing for large fleets for war with endowments of warriors who are now comrades in arms, despite having been mortal enemies a few months ago.

The great danger for all

The galactic senate discusses an emergency law, its goal is for all the nations of the galaxy to unite to defeat the fleets of the Great Kang that have so far conquered many worlds and expanding their territories to almost double, the UNF has voted affirmatively , the final result ended with the approval of the emergency law.


The emergency law against the Khan was proposed by the Zemmerpuk.

The Khan subdues his first empire

In the year 2390, the kang continues its conquests, this time an alien empire submits to avoid the annihilation of its population.


Artificial habitation

After many years of construction a huge artificial habitat in the orbit of Saturn has been completed, the terraforming of Titan is possible, but it was discarded to preserve the alien life that resides on that moon.


Over time the habitat can be expanded as required.

The first world city

For the year 2392, the transformation of the world of machines into a city world was completed, with space to receive billions of inhabitants, it will become the second capital for the UNF. The planet has thousands of mineral processors, factories, and trade centers, just waiting for the arrival of hundreds of millions of inhabitants from all over the galaxy


Layers and layers of urban sprawl overshadow the crust of the globe that has disappeared.
A few years have passed since the beginning of the project but it is already difficult to remember how the surface of Dekronia was green? Rugged? Now everything is made of steel, miles and miles in all directions.
A place shaped by chance and the unconscious laws of nature that is now a design forged by an indomitable purpose


The impressive city world for a time was the pinnacle of human ingenuity, in a few years millions of beings from all corners of the UNF would settle on this planet


By 2396 the UNF had the technology to be able to repair the enormous alien structures found over the years. The great ring world that was studied for decades could now be repaired, the resources involved in this task are titanic, but the benefits will outweigh the disadvantages.


One of the 2 sectors of the ring to be repaired, it is expected that they will be fully operational in 5 years, engineers from all corners of the UNF, will participate in this great project

Corsair threats

In the year 2397 the UNF received a threat from one of the corsair clans that exist in the galaxy, it was very simple to give them a tribute, or they would attack one of our planets, such a threat was immediately rejected, it was not believed that these pirates had the ability to attack the UNF.
A few months later a fleet of corsairs carried out an attack that took everyone by surprise, their objective was the planet of Amaterasu. At the first news of the attack, the 2 fleets of the UNF were dispatched.

Marked territory of the corsairs is shown, they constantly attack the other nations of the galaxy, in addition to offering their mercenary services for those who can pay them.


First space station attacked by privateers


Corsairs bombard Amaterasu.


Groups of Ekwynian raiders have landed on Amaterasu, the Ekwynians deployed in small attack shuttles from their orbiting fleet and attacked various settlements on the periphery of the planet before retreating into space with the loot! Our defensive forces on the surface have not had time to respond.

Everything was too late, the corsairs attacked the planet the result, thousands of deaths and the kidnapping of many to be sold as slaves.



First Armada in pursuit of the corsair fleet, they will not rest until they find and destroy it


Finally, the first army manages to intercept the corsairs before they escape to their territory, a great battle begins.


The superior technology and numbers of the UNF fleet, made the victory was total, the corsairs did not escape, all their ships were destroyed.

The UNF counterattack

The UNF has decided that this situation cannot be repeated, the order was given for both floras to directly invade the territory of the Cosarios


closer view of the corsairs territory, the first system to be attacked will be Hiije, great resistance is expected


First and Second Navies unite to attack the first system controlled by the corsairs, battle stations and a large number of ships can be seen

The great battle unfolds, the corsairs have gigantic warships and space stations, it took the power of many ships to destroy them, With few casualties the battle ends the first system has been freed and along with them some captives held by the corsairs , there are still 2 more systems to release.

Two excellent news

Having released the first corsair system, the UNF received excellent news. The first is the invitation to join a new Federation of 4 alien races, all of whom share similar points of view. After deliberation at the world congress, UNF officially joins the Alien Federation



Map of the nations part of the new Federation Federation now called the Galactic alliance

The second big news was about the death of the great Khan, it is speculated that he was assassinated, this event brought as a consequence that his generals begin to fight for power, the threat seems to have ended


The great Khan Otia na-Karan of the Mitron Horde is dead! Details are scant, but intercepted transmissions revealed that the great khan was murdered by an alien concubine in her private apocents, aboard her flagship. The motives of the crime are unknown

They all claim the title of great Khan of the galaxy, and their supporters are pitted against each other. It seems that the unity of the Miltron empire has come to an end.

The Horde fragments

The death of the great khan has been catastrophic for the Miltron Horde. Without a strong ruler to unite them, the Miltrons have once again succumbed to their infighting. His empire has been divided between the diádocos, the most powerful and influential of the military commanders of the great Khan
They all claim the title of great Khan of the galaxy, and their supporters are pitted against each other. It seems that the unity of the Miltron empire has come to an end.

A heavenly world

In the year 2398, the first paradise world in the Galaxy was founded, dedicated exclusively to tourists. It had thousands of beaches, an excursion center, visits to jungles, mountains, casinos etc. It was given the name of Floston the world paradise


It is expected to receive millions of tourists from all corners of the galaxy.

The defeat of the corsairs

With the defeat of the Great Khan, the UNF decided to continue with its advance against the corsairs, in order to end this threat at once, however, the resistance was increasing, despite the losses the enemy was defeated, all that remains is unleash a system for total defeat.


Battleship UNF Italia firing its huge laser cannon at the enemy.

Great enemy corsair galleon destroyed, it was crucial the incorporation to the fleet of hundreds of small fighters and bombardments that attacked critical points of the great ship and allowed that the battleships and cruisers of the UNF could concentrate their fire.


Despite the great final victory over the corsairs, the casualties were great, the worst part was taken by the first navy, 13 corvettes and 8 destroyers, this added the damaged ships, many of these critically, in total 15,000 dead.

World ring repaired

By the year 2401 the repair of one of the ring world section was completed, the living space of the section was equivalent to 3 earths. The colonization of the ring world and the repair of the other sections were determined.



Impressive image of the ring world, it is inhabitable by all species in the galaxy.


The first images of the settlers to settle in the first repaired section of the ring world now christened Anubis a person standing on the surface could see the huge structure rising into the sky, out of sight.

The mysteries of the portals

The scientists of the UNF have almost finished with the investigation of the mysterious portals, however a part is missing, the so-called portal L, unfortunately in the territory of the UNF there are none. It is expected that at some point in the future one can be found


Back to war

Year 2402 one of the nations to which the galactic alliance belongs, has declared war on the Eroxo Trade Commission, therefore, the entire alliance goes to war as well. Fortunately, the battle front is very far from the borders of the UNF.



Before being able to join the war, the FNU must end the corsairs, by the year 2403, the first and second armies enter the last corsair system, the battle ended with an absolute victory is the end of the corsairs, the worlds of the UNF for now are safe for now.


UNF Combined Fleet Entering Latest Corsair System.


With the destruction of the corsairs, the UNF has managed to free thousands of captives of different species, it has been decided to offer them to settle on the worlds of the UNF or to return to their systems of origin.


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Mar 19, 2018
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Shame about the Great Khan dying. A challenge to the UNF might've been nice.

Although, I wouldn't count the nomads out yet. One of those infighting Khans could win their little civil war...


Jul 7, 2020
Shame about the Great Khan dying. A challenge to the UNF might've been nice.

Although, I wouldn't count the nomads out yet. One of those infighting Khans could win their little civil war...
I also hoped to face the great khan, but unfortunately it was not possible, I hope that the final crisis is a true challenge


Jul 7, 2020
Galactic wonders

With the repair of the ring world engineers and scientists can build structures that were previously considered impossible, projects and plans for the future defy human and alien imagination. The first of these mega-structures is a metal ring around the earth where it is possible to build lodgings and factories, in addition to the construction of space elevators in different parts of the earth, it is expected to be completed in 5 years.


Artistic representation of how the science fiction authors of the past imagined, the mega structures of the past, now they are no longer science fiction but a reality.

Great orbital bastion


The construction of a large orbital bastion has been decided, as soon as it is completed, the naval capacity of the UNF will increase significantly

Galactic core discovered

For the year 2405 the galactic nucleus was discovered, now it is possible to send probes and to explore one of the last unexplored sectors of the galaxy, the UNF has decided to send an exploration probe to it.


Planetary Ring Completed

By the year 2407 the gigantic ring around the earth was completed, now it is possible to reach space by means of orbital advisers. The orbital ring takes place for the construction of orbital housing, factories and farms, as well as being the perfect place for power generation


The impressive orbital ring can be seen from different points on the earth

UNF on the way to the front lines

After some years in repair and reinforcement, the fleet of the UNF begins its advance to the war front, through the stargates the fleet will jump to a distant system belonging to an allied nation to join the war

The galactic core explored

One of the probes sent to the galactic nucleus, has reached the center of the galaxy, a huge superlative black hole, for generations of speculation of its existence. The UNF has decided to reclaim the entire galactic core.


Impressive image of the galactic core

The matter compressor

Construction begins on a matter compressor in a black hole in the Gathri Maelstrom system, it is expected that once completed it will generate an impressive amount of minerals


A primitive civilization

In the Mitin system a primitive alien civilization was discovered, with a technology compared to that of the earth in the 20th century, they have not yet invented interstellar travel, they have decided not to intervene and prohibit all contact for now


The war front

Although the portal system saved a lot of travel time, the war front was many systems away, due to this many allied systems were occupied by the enemy. The allied disorganization is immense, it is hoped that the arrival of the UNF will help the liberation of the allied planets and later the occupation of enemy worlds.


Although the portal system saved a lot of travel time


Image showing the main war front, many allied systems are under enemy occupation.

New finished orbital ring

The construction of another new orbital ring has been completed around the huge world city of Dekronia


In a few years the population of the city world has increased, enormously from a few million to 10 billion

UNF joins the war

Year 2413 after a long journey the UNF arrived at the war front, its first objective is to liberate all the occupied allied systems. After liberating some worlds, it decides to divide the fleet, while the first armada will search for the enemy fleets, the second will be in charge of releasing the occupied systems one by one.


First and second navies entering the first enemy-occupied system

It was in the Niets system where the first and second navies found an enemy fleet, the combat began immediately, the new weapons of the flora were a decisive factor, among the new weapons were new lasers, missiles and rail weapons , in addition to a new weapon system that nullified the shields of enemy ships.


First armada faces the enemy fleet


cruiser UNF Santiago fires its double lasers against the enemy fleet


Battleship UNF Japan, fires its huge long-distance laser cannon at an enemy battleship.

Unlike other wars, this is the first battle where the UNF takes prisoners of war, the escape pods belonging to the enemy fleet are collected by the warships. All the rights of the prisoners are recognized, they are treated fairly and without mistreatment, the majority are transferred to planets far from the war front

The trap

Months passed and little by little system after system were released, however, the presence of a large enemy fleet was detected, the intelligence of the UNF was able to discover their destination, for which all the fleets in the system were deployed. Romston. The fleets were placed in position waiting for the arrival of the enemy fleet, they only waited for the first ships to appear from their hyperspace jump to begin firing.


UNF fleets waiting for the arrival of the enemy, due to misinformation the enemy does not know what to expect.


The first shot of the battle was fired by the battleship UNF Italia


space laser destroying an enemy cruiser

The battle ended in a victory for the UNF forces was the last major enemy fleet. Now the attack on the enemy territories begins, the fleets will be divided into 2 to begin with the occupation of the enemy's worlds.


Enemy battleship destroyed

A strange mega construction

When the Fray system was released, the sensors captured the presence of a strange structure, on earth it was even thought that it was a joke, but when the first images arrived they left everyone surprised, a huge artificial structure extended around the star of the system, it was like a ring world that we had already found before, only this had a square shape, it was also in ruins, it is not known who its builders were

The Matter Compressor

Finally, after a few years the first stage of the material compressor was finished, now it produces a large amount of minerals, it has been decided to continue with the construction of the second stage.


Matter compressor orbiting a black hole

Titanic life discovered

On the planet Wuae Primus, the presence of giant creatures was discovered, some more than 30 meters high, despite what was weighed at the beginning, they are intelligent beings, they have agreed to respect their territories, they have also offered to be part of our army


Although it is an aspect of the giant creatures I could accuse some fear, the truth is that they are quite peaceful and friendly.

Aliens released

In the year 2428 the UNF receives the request of a group of aliens recently liberated in a rebellion in the territories of the Zemmerpuk, after centuries of slavery, they begged their incorporation to the UNF, to have protection from their former masters. For many years there was no information about the former Zemmerpuk allies, despite this it was decided to accept the incorporation commission, now the former slaves will be citizens of the UNF


Almost at the end of the war

War continues, system after system falls into the hands of the alliance, almost without any enemy fleet found, the alliance forces invade planets, but respecting the civil population, looting is strictly prohibited, which is severely punished. Orbital bombardments are only directed at military objectives, the bombardment of civilians being strictly prohibited.


The energy of the stars

In 2452 it was chosen to play the construction of a Dyso sphere, which consists of a titanic artificial construction around a star, and whose objective is to collect all its energy. The project is of gigantic proportions, but for a long time that the impossible before now is not, it is expected in a few years the first stages will be ready and begin to produce energy. When the entire star is finished it will be covered by panels that will absorb all its energy


Dyson Sphere Construction Site

The enemy surrenders

In the year 2432 the war finally ends, the occupied systems will be returned, except for 1 as part of the peace armistice, the UNF claimed a star system that kept an L portal in operation, something they had been looking for for years. Now scientists can decipher the mysteries of these ancient structures



The rebellion of the machines

One of the allies of the UNF reports that he suffers from an immense rebellion of machines in your territory, many worlds and entire fleets are now part of the rebellion, and worst of all the machines are hostile to all intelligent biology life, on the planets occupied have begun to exterminate the population.

The machines behave in the same way as those that were defeated by the UNF a few years ago and for that very reason they know their danger, the fleets have been ordered to change course and go directly to the center of the rebellion.

In the UNF a law has been approved that prohibits all development of super advanced artificial intelligence, with the aim of avoiding a potential rebellion in its territory. However, in many worlds this order is not followed and research and development continue in secret.


Portal L reactivated

Shortly after obtaining the L portal, it was turned on, it was unknown where it led, the first probe sent established that the portal led to a sector outside the Galaxy. The sector had some systems, but the strange thing was that some planets were covered by a strange material. Later it was discovered that they were tiny nano-robots, at the FNU they wondered what happened to the original inhabitants of these planets


Storm space


From now on from time to time a series of special storms will appear in many systems in the galaxy, this will hinder travel through space, in addition to disabling the shields of the ships, the next battles should be well programmed taking this into account.

The sleepers wake up

Worrying news arrives, the Otharios an ancient alien race, but that has an impressive technology, shares a border with the UNF, they were always a race that was not interested in the affairs of the galaxy and remained in their systems, but now it has been detected strange behavior in their systems.

All the alerts have been raised in the UNF and its allies, movements of hundreds of ships have been detected and even more worryingly strange movements of stellar bodies, moons that previously orbited planets now navigate between the stars like ships, it has even been detected a planet with the same behavior, it is certain that the ancient aliens possess the technology to turn moons and planets into weapons. No one in the galaxy has such advanced tectology yet, the UNF has decided to increase the military budget and the size of the fleets.


New weapon

The Titans are the latest addition to the UNF fleets, armed with the largest and most powerful laser ever installed on a ship, as secondary weapons it is equipped with new rail guns. The construction of 2 units has been ordered, which will join the recently created third armada, to go to the aid of the first and second armies that go to the systems occupied by the rebellion of the machines.


The Dyson Dial Frame

The immense initial structure of the Dyson sphere has been completed, it is time to install the immense panels that will collect the energy of the star


Attack on machines

In the year 2444, after the construction of the new Titan ships, the third armada began its journey to meet the rest of the fleet, their presence was very necessary, the fleet of machines was very numerous. Thanks to the portal system, arrival at the meeting point was reduced by months

Third Navy joining the rest of the fleet, now they begin their advance to the central system of the machines


Immense machine fleet defends its last world, the other territories have already been liberated both by the forces of the UNF, and their allies

Start the attack

With the arrival of the entire UNF fleet to the central system of the machines, it was possible to appreciate in all its magnitude the great enemy fleet, the titans and battleships will remain at a long distance to fire their powerful laser weapons, in addition to launching their fighters. and bombers, the cruisers will maintain a medium distance firing their powerful missiles and rail guns, the destroyers next to the corvettes will engage in close combat, intercepting missiles and engaging the enemy ships.


The entire UNF fleet already in the machine system starting the attack

The first shot of the great space battle was made by the new titan ships, the UNF Oceania and the UNF Africa, they fired the new and powerful laser weapons after all the other ships began the attack, the corvettes began to approach at a short distance from the enemy ships . The destroyers were dedicated to destroying the enemy missiles and bombers, the cruisers at a medium distance began their attack gradually approaching the enemy, in the area of the battleships there were 2 types, one who stayed in the last line firing their powerful weapons at long range, and the carriers equipped with medium-range weapons were in charge of deploying hundreds of fighters and bombardments, in addition to intercepting any enemy missiles that were found


Titans Oceania and Africa initiate the attack with their powerful laser weapons their targets were immediately destroyed


Half combat, in the image you can see the corvettes and destroyers in the front line, further back the cruisers and battleships and titans


Enemy battleship destroyed


Egypt ship-carrier battleship accompanied by fighters and bombers, passing near a destroyed enemy battleship


UNF China battleship receiving fire from an enemy cruiser, fortunately the shields held


At the end of the battle little by little the machine ship was destroyed one by one

The result of the battle was a victory for the UNF forces that only lost 3 corvettes, the machines asked for half their fleet, the rest were able to escape


With the destruction of the enemy fleet, the UNF forces were able to land on the last world captured by the machines, although liberated the eastern planet lost half its population due to the extermination caused by the machines, all the liberated planets were returned to their homes. former owners



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Jul 7, 2020
The first panels of the Dyson sphere

In the year 2448, after an enormous effort, the first section of Dyson sphere panels was completed, it already generates an enormous amount of energy, equivalent to 8 planets, it is unimaginable to know the amount generated when the project is ready.


The era of megastructures

A long period of peace began in the UNF, so it was possible to direct efforts to other areas:

Ring world expansion

Since the ring world repairs were completed, UNF engineers and scientists speculated that the mega-structure was never fully completed, due to empty areas near habitable areas. Finally in the year 2449 it has been decided to build another 4 habitats, with this the capacity of the ring world will be doubled.


World's first additional section ring under construction.

The super computer in mercury

The planet Mercury is the closest to the sun and it is also the smallest, in fact, some moons of the gas giants are larger. It is one of the densest panthers after earth, which is why the planet itself is believed to be the exposed core of a larger ancient planet.

In the year 2450 the UNF has decided to start another super project, transforming the planet Mercury into a giant supercomputer with this its research capacity will take a huge leap, due to the proximity to the sun, energy is not a problem, but also the planet on its side the temperatures are very low, which will help to cool down the computer systems.


Stellar focus of concentration

It was in the orbit of the planet Neptune that the first stage of the interstellar concentration center was built


Saturn's habitat expansion

In the year 2454 the expansion of the habitat around the planet Saturn was completed, from now on more people from all over the nation will be able to live in the orbit of this beautiful planet and explore its extensive system of moons and rings.


Habtable jupiter?

Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, is a gaseous plane, it has no surface to step on, its radiation and strong winds make it impossible for any form of life to thrive on it. But nevertheless in the year 2455 the UNF started the project to make Jupiter habitable through floating cities that will collect a large amount of gases of all kinds, due to the titanic of the planet, it will have the capacity to receive billions of beings from all over the world. nation.


The new center of the Galactic Market

The campaign that the UNF financed paid off, now the Galactic market will be established in the world city of Dekrus, with this the commercial exchange throughout the nation will increase, in addition to having many benefits for having this important galactic center in its territory


Ring World Expansion Finished

Year 2458 the 4 extra sections of the ring world were finished, which were inhabited immediately, immigrants would arrive from all over the galaxy looking for a better life


Dyson sphere finished

After decades of construction the great sphere of Dyson was finally completed, now all the energy of the star is used by the UNF, unfortunately with the passing of the years the star will no longer be seen in the skies of the nearby planets, it is expected that 100 years from now the star will no longer be seen in the skies of the earth.

Now with this practically infinite amount of energy you can build a series of projects you have wanted for years.


Super Mercury Computer Finished

After much effort for the year 2465 the mercury supercomputer was completed, a planet dedicated exclusively to scientific research, scientists from all over the UNF will settle on it.


The first non-human ruler

Since the founding of the FNU, its ruler was always a human even in the periods of alien migrations, this because humans were always the most numerous individual species, however, the aliens reached high government positions, being many of they governors of sectors, chiefs of science, even generals and admirals. For the year 2470 for the first time a non-human a Sordrithan was elected as prime minister, which was not a surprise because in the last elections he was about to win, many humans also gave him his support. This showed that racism and xenophobia were a thing of the past, unfortunately, although it can never be completely eliminated.


A habitable jupiter

Year 2473 the terraforming of Jupiter is finished the titanic floating cities are finished, they will be inhabited mainly by species adapted to live in artificial environments, members of the corsairs and the horde of the khan now citizens of the UNF, those who left their ancient traditions behind of looting.


The first of the cities in the clouds inaugurated in Jupiter thousands of these will be built around the planet.

New ring world expansion

In the year 2473 it was decided to build a new ring world, around the original ring world, it is estimated that this will triple the space available in the system.


Terraforming of worlds

In the triple system of alpha centauri in the year 2477 an experimental project began, it was about transforming a molten world into a habitable world, an immense structure will be built aroud the planet and little by little it began to cool down, in addition an atmosphere had to be introduced. and water, in addition to all the necessary elements for life.


To war again

The previous war of the galactic alliance produced much resentment in the defeated, for this for years they prepared for revenge, however, because the enemy fleets are much lower, the UNF will only send 2 fleets to the battlefront.

Interstellar space station

In the year 2478 the construction of the first interstellar space station was completed, it was built near the solar system, it has a great capacity to receive population, as well as a great capacity to receive expiations in the future.


The space dragon

Since the incorporation of the Sondrithan to the UNF, we have been informed of the existence of a huge creature, in a system close to their ancient capital. This creature made a surprise appearance when a group of archaeologists exploring the ruins of an ancient city world, the creature in question destroyed every ship in and structure in the systems. It is believed that the appearance of the now called space dragon is due to the fact that archaeologists found a mysterious artifact, not having the ability to face the dragon, the Sondrithan prohibited any ship from entering the system in addition to hiding all information about it. Now in the year 2480, the UNF fleet prepares to enter the mysterious system to face the space dragon and be able to investigate the ancient artifact.


UNF fleet preparing to jump to the system where the space dragon is located


First images of the space dragon, immediately the dragon began its attack


It was the Antarctic UNF that enhanced the first shot, but to everyone's surprise it had little effect, the dragon's skin is very resentful.


Little by little the smaller ships begin their approach to the space dragon, by surrounding it they make use of all their weapons, while the larger ships carry out their attack at medium and long distances, little by little you can appreciate the great effect of weapons on the Dragon.


Finally the space dragon is defeated, an ancient artifact called "the rubicator" has been recovered capable of duplicating all matter with which it has contact, however it has a long recharge period to be used again.


The ancient relic world is a ruined city world, its colonization has been planned in a fenced future.

New world ring expanded finished

The construction of a new ring world was completed in 2481, now the construction of the habitats around the structure will begin.


New terraforming techniques

In the Year 2482, following the experiments in the alpha centauri system, it was decided to transform a dead world, without atmosphere, life, with its core turned off, so it has no tectonic activity, it is Alpha Centauri III was the first world to be explored by the UNF in it, the first remains of the ancient exterminator robots, builders of the ring world, were found.


The terraforming process starts by reactivating the core of the planet, by means of a huge planetary structure, and little by little the structure was built, within 10 years the planet will be habitable.


The immense superstructure, expands throughout the planet, in this way the planetary core can be reactivated


By the year 2483, the molten world cooled, half the work is done, now the terraforming must be completed by adding water and vegetation to make it fully habitable.

The fleet mobilizes

While the events of terraforming the war continued, the 2 UNF fleets commanded to the battlefront began their advance at different points, each followed by the landing troops.

In the year 2483 one of the fleets joins the war front, just at the moment when an allied fleet was facing the enemy.



The arrival of the UNF fleet saved the allied fleet from defeat, little by little the enemy ships fled or were destroyed.


Enemy reinforcements come to the battle, fortunately they do not change the final result of the battle, it was a total victory.

Mega experimental shipyard

In the year 2484, the construction of an experimental mega shipyard began in a molten world, the resources for the construction of the ships will be extracted from the same world, in addition to the fact that thousands of people will be able to settle on the planet to work in them


Change of the war front.

In an unexpected movement, the enemy alliance has gathered all the other end of their nations fleet, now they threaten to directly invade a member of the galactic alliance, before this movement the UNF fleet, decides to change front and goes to a nearby portal In order to chase and destroy the enemy fleet, for this a third fleet has joined the fight.


War map in 2484

The great enemy fleet on the move, the forces of the UNF change their front, the rest of the allied fleets join them.


Enemy fleet advances to alliance territory, no nearby fleet can stop them.



Allied fleet tries to stop the enemy advance, but it is far outnumbered, it is forced to retreat with many casualties.


The assembled UNF fleet joins the second battlefront.


Year 2487 FNU fleet already very deep in enemy territory, it meets an enemy fleet


Three of the FNU fleets, in enemy territory.

Terraforming completed

At the completion of the terraforming of the 2 worlds of the alpha Centauril system, the first alpha Centaui III, baptized as Hermes, being an empty world without life or water, now has a great resemblance to the earth. The second was about alpha Centauri IIB, baptized as Demeter, being a molten world, without life and incredibly high temperatures, now it had all the conditions for life, the colonization of these 2 worlds began immediately.


Alpha Centauri III now christened Hermes.


Alpha Centauri IIB, now christened Demeter.

Completed experimental super shipyard

The initial Structure of the Super Shipyard ends, now the construction of the shipyards begins for the year 2489.


By the year 2491, the construction of an experimental super shipyard around a molten world was completed, the construction materials will be extracted directly from the planet, it has the capacity of 10 shipyards more than any of the special ports built so far.


Image of the immense space shipyard, however, the contrition of another much larger one around a star is already in the pipeline.

The end of the second war

The UNF fleet, and its allies tirelessly persecute the enemy fleet, after a series of battles, the enemy fleet is defeated, peace is signed in the year 2493.



End of the war


The first complete expansion of the ring world was completed


Strange signs

While a series of combats of the small war in which the alliance was involved in the year 2496 were taking place, strange signals were detected from outside the galaxy, they did not resemble anything previously found, but the signal was each time closer.


Some months after the detection of the extra galactic signals, the place where they converge could be determined, it is an uninhabited planet, under the control of the Ztrakpoor Tranquil Assembly, a member of the Galactic Alliance on the outer edge, strange news arrives . The planet is being invaded by a strange alien race like never seen before in the galaxy, the news of intense fleets of biological ships with never seen technology are viewed with disbelief by the UNF.



The first wave of the invasion has arrived


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The Scourge is here. Oh, this is going to be fun.

It might be short, but it'll be fun.
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Jul 7, 2020
The great extragalactic invasion

The invading fleets conquer neighboring systems in a short time. The military power they possess is unlike anything seen before in the galaxy

Finally, in the year 2497 all doubts were cleared, in a transmission made to the entire galaxy the invaders only sent a message "They will be our food" after this transmission the invading fleets began an advance towards neighboring systems. It is feared that this is only the first wave of a much larger invasion.


A few weeks after the invasion began, the first planets are invaded, their population little by little is devoured by the enemy


The first world invaded, was inhabited by a primitive species, little resistance could oppose, when the entire population was devoured, the planet was turned into an infected world, where no known life in the galaxy could exist.


The infected world is capable of producing thousands of biological ships in a short time, in this way the more planets can infect the more enemy fleets there will be.


The great invading fleet about to invade a new planet, only some of its inhabitants were able to escape to nearby systems, to avoid death.


Enemy spaceship, it is totally biological, inside it contains thousands of beings to invade the worlds of the galaxy



Terrible images of the worlds that are being invaded, hundreds of thousands of both flying and terrestrial creatures are in charge of eliminating the inhabitants of the occupied planes, whether military or not


Before expected, new fleets of invaders arrive in the galaxy, it is the dreaded second wave, an exhaustive analysis of their fleets suggests that they are totally biological ships.


One of the newly arrived enemy fleets, about to jump into other systems to conquer

Hundreds of thousands of ships are invading the galaxy

The Otharios, an ancient race, have publicly communicated their intention to fight the invaders, considering them within their ancient prophecies as demons that only seek destruction. The super weapons that this ancient race possesses is beyond the reach of any nation in the galaxy, so there is hope that this race can defeat the invaders.


The Otharios fleets are small but powerful, in addition to having armed moons and planes at their disposal to be deployed anywhere in the galaxy.


The first battle between the Otharios and the invaders ends in a defeat for the latter, however, the casualties for the former were high.


Despite the defeats every time the invaders are more, and they expand everywhere, each fleet sent against them is destroyed, even some Otharios fleets suffer some defeats.

The super weapons

The secret plan of UNF, begins the construction of an experimental secret weapon, many resources will be put into it, but the urgency of the invasion makes it imperative.


First stage of the hyper shipyard completed, now with the invasion of the galaxy it is required to be completed promptly, so the second and third stages immediately begin


Saviors of the galaxy?

A new sleeping empire awakens, they have been transmitted to the galaxy that due to the great danger posed by the invaders, they have decided that it is their duty to protect it, so they will proceed to reassemble and send their impressive fleets to the war front. Now with 2 empires awakened, the invaders are expected to rise constant defeats


In a few years the invaders greatly expand their territory, millions have already died, the awakened empires achieve some victories, but they are not enough to end them, now they begin the invasion of the Zenmepuk which puts them very close to the borders of the UNF.


Map of the front of the invasion for the year 2502, the invasion of the Zenmepuk begins

In the year 2503 the hyper-shipyard was completed, now the UNF will begin the construction of fleets quickly to join the war front, there are hundreds of shipyards available for the creation and repair of ships, the construction of a portal is also ordered in this system so that reinforcements can reach the places where they are needed as quickly as possible



The top secret project in the Geulea system continues, now a propulsion system will be installed


The Otharios face a small enemy fleet

Despite all the effort, a World of the Zemequi is invaded by the enemy, as in the others, its population begins to be devoured little by little

Little by little the invaders are approaching the territory of the UNF, all efforts are focused on rejecting this invasion. The Zenmepuk have opened all their borders in the hope of receiving help, the UNF, remembering the ancient alliance with this people, has promised that it will soon send its fleets to help with the war.


The galaxy unites

In the galactic senate, the Zenmepuk proposal against the invasion is approved, now all the borders of the galaxy will be opened to allow the fleets of the different nations to join the war front. Also much of the galaxy has pledged its aid, even those nations out of danger of imminent invasion. The threat of the invaders is such that for the first time in the history of the galaxy the different nations unite to defeat them, even old enemies must cooperate to stop this threat to all life in the galaxy.



Image of the galactic senate unanimously approved the proposal against the invaders, the transmission of this historic moment is seen by trillions of beings throughout the galaxy.

First battle moon completed


The construction of the experimental super weapon is completed, it is a battle moon, armed with more advanced weapons, in addition to having a large one, the construction of another 3 additional units has been ordered, to join the much needed war front


Allied fleet tries to delay the advance of the invaders, but it is useless fleet after fleet is destroyed, few are the survivors

UNF mobilizes

Once ready and prepared, the entire UNF fleet leaves to the war front, its objective is to stop the invasion of the territory of the Zenmepuk and prevent more planets from falling before the enemy, through the portal system, it will jump into the solar system , and from that place began his attack against the invaders.


FNU fleet at its new base in the hyper-shipyard, begins its deployment


The great UNF fleet, passing through the solar system on their way to face the invaders and defend the Zenmepuk


The situation is critical more and more the enemy approaches the capital planet of the Zenmepuk


The UNF fleet entering Zenmepuk territory, the strategy is to surprise the enemy, not to confront its main fleet, but rather the smaller ones

The first fight

The first combat takes place, the UNF fleet surprised an enemy fleet trying to invade a planet, fortunately the numerical and armament superiority, was overwhelming


Soon the invading ships began to fall, not having shields and armor helped a lot


the battle ended with the destruction of the invading fleet, but some casualties in the UNF fleets, 30,000 dead in total, now the fleet returns, it is time to face the main fleet in this sector of the Galaxy

The great fleet is joined by the first 2 moons battles, of recently completed it is expected that they will stand out in the battles that will follow



Scientific ship of the UNF, studies the remains of the enemy fleet, it is expected to have results in the study of enemy weapons

The fleet is divided into 2, one part will attack the 2 enemy fleets, the rest next to the battle moons, will enter the system from the other side and attack the enemy from where it is not expected


The first fleet faces the enemy



The second fleet next to the battle moons, proceed to attack the enemy are attacked by 2 sides at the same time

In the wreckage of the previous battle, he was able to find a wounded queen, with a series of experiments he was able to create a fleet of biological ships loyal to the UNF.


The invaders are gradually falling, the reinforcement of the battle moons is incredible, many lives will be saved thanks to it


Finally the 2 invading fleets are totally destroyed, the casualties were high, some ships destroyed many, with some serious damage, it is discovered that the enemy projectiles pierce the shields of the ships as if they did not exist, therefore the large number of casualties.


The victory celebration did not last long, an enemy fleet more than double the size appeared in the nearby systems, the admirals of the UNF fleets decided that the best thing to do is to retreat to the shipyards to be able to repair the damaged ships, in addition to create more fleets to hit the invaders again


The reinforcement fleet of the invaders in the vicinity of the battle won by the UNF.

The first refugees from the invasion arrive

The invasion of dozens of worlds has consequently left millions of refugees in search of a place where they could settle, the UNF has decided to accept these refugees in the worlds furthest from the war front.

New nations join the Galactite Alliance

The zemenki, in response to the urgency of help due to the invasion, formally request their union with the Galactic Alliance, their incorporation is unanimously approved


The defeat of the Khessam

The empire awakened from the Khessam for some years maintained a superiority against the invaders, their superior technology always made the battles great, but little losses and damages accumulated, in the year 2514, their first defeat occurred, a group battle of 4 battle moons and his escorts is ambushed, of these only 2 moons were able to escape, the rest were destroyed.

Battle moons of the Khessam destroying a small enemy fleet, trying to pursue a nearby system is ambushed by the invaders.


The Khessam battle group enters the system only to see a gigantic enemy fleet waiting for them.


Last of the surviving battle moons, being attacked by thousands of small enemy ships, will soon initiate an emergency jump to avoid destruction.

New secret project

Over the years, the invasion seems unstoppable, fleet after fleet are destroyed, as with the systems, the casualties are counted in the millions, and billions more are in danger, due to this the UNF begins the construction of a Secret military project on a planet in the Tiriyok system, it is expected that with this new weapon the course of the war will change, however it will take many years for it to be ready.


New mega constructions

The UNF starts 2 projects, the first is a solar mineral extractor and the second is an Anderson disk, the latter is literally building a space station, with habitable sectors the size of an entire solar system, it seems a real madness, many doubts that it can be built, but the project begins anyway.

The sentinels

In the year 2518, the sentinels appear, a group of species from all over the galaxy, most of them are made up of races victims of the invaders, their fleets are made up of ships of all species in the galaxy. Their objective is only one, the total defeat of the invaders.


Sentinels' First Fleet engages the invaders, with a stunned victory forcing the invaders to retreat

In advance of the invaders, it is getting closer and closer to the border of the UNF, now the capital of the Zenmepuk, being bombarded, will soon be invaded and its inhabitants devoured, in the UNF in full moment of repair and construction of fleets, no he can do nothing in the face of such genocide.

Zenmepuk capital world, in full bombardment, will soon be invaded

The enemy's recoil

In a great effort by the fleets of the entire galaxy, the invaders could be pushed back, the capital planet of the Zemmenqui, was liberated before the terrestrial invasion began, in all these combats an abandoned queen was captured after time produced the first hatchlings, who are loyal to the UNF.

The planetary weapon

Year 2522 a part of the armed planet is completed, now it is necessary to install the titanic engines


Once this armed world is finished, it will have the power by itself, the power of half the entire UNF fleet.

Anderson's disk

Construction of Anderson's disc structure begins, still seems crazy to many


The impressive image of the finished Anderson disk structure begins, the construction of the first 2 sections begins, it is calculated that each of them will have the habitable space of 100 worlds like the earth

On other war fronts

While the invaders retreat on the eastern front, on the southern front the advance continues, system after system falls into the hands of the enemy.

As the awakened empires spread their powerful fleets across the galaxy, they achieve a series of victories against the invaders, preventing their advance to conquer the galaxy.


Kahkonen system is invaded, its population begins to be eaten


Allied fleet fighting the invader, unfortunately of these only half survive


Year 2530 the UNF in an analysis of the battles against the enemy and the remains of the enemy ships it was possible to establish that the projectiles of these ships are invulnerable to the shields, due to this the damage to the ships of the entire galaxy they are so extreme. Therefore, the decision was made to remove all the shields of the ships and replace them with more armor and hull points, it is expected that in future battles the survival of the ships will be greater.


New design of UNF ships, none have shields, but more armor and hull points


War front for the year 2536

Year 2540, the first part of Anderson disk is completed, with space to receive billions of beings, the arrival of refugees from the war is expected, escaping from extermination.


Impressive image of the first section finished by means of an incredible gravitational system, try that the star oscillates from one side to the other, producing a system of day and night

The Stellar Matter Extractor

Year 2542 The construction of the great stellar matter extractor begins the great constructions have produced an enormous mineral crisis in the UNF, with this enormous construction the minerals will no longer be a problem, by the year 2558 the first phase of construction was ready


Stellar Matter Extractor First Stage


galactic map for the year 2552

In the year 2553, the solar system began to prepare for a possible future invasion, on earth as on the other planets, the construction of a planetary shield began, in addition to the construction of giant war machines, taking as a model those created by the cibrex and whose remains were found in the ring world, the recruitment of troops also began, the transfer of a part of the civilian population to the Anderson disk was also ordered to many distance systems where they will be safe.

Worst of all the news

In the year 2553 the awakened empires that for years have contained the advance of the invaders for years, now they have declared war for unknown reasons, throughout the galaxy you can see how those ancient and powerful empires fight each other, therefore , there is no one powerful enough to stop the advance of the invaders, previously fought systems now begin to fall into the hands of the enemy


The great advance of the invaders

By the year 2556 the invaders made a surprising counterattack, which took the forces of the allied fleets by surprise, in a few months they began their advance, they conquered the capital of the Zemenqui and its nearby systems, but the worst was yet to come.


The invasion of the UNF

In the year 2560, the invasion of the UNF territories begins, billions of beings are in danger

The great evacuation

All the planets close to the invasion have been ordered to initiate an emergency evacuation, all the transport and military ships are made available for this titanic task, however, the population density of these systems is high, as they are the first In being colonized, unfortunately there are not enough ships to evacuate the entire population of those planets. Hundreds of thousands of ships pick up the now refugees to take them away from the war front, their destination Anderson's disk


Planet Bi Fang in full evacuation.

The last transport left the system just before being destroyed by the invaders, 65% of the population was evacuated, unfortunately the rest did not have the same fate


Enemy fleet entering the Sigma Dracoris system


The bombing of Bi Fang was terrible, the big cities were the enemy's first target, tales of thousands were killed.





After the bombardment, the land landing began, the defenders could do little, before the overwhelming enemy forces, as in other worlds, the population began to be exterminated little by little

The unstoppable advance

The invasion seems unstoppable all the fleets sent to carry out a counterattack were rejected, and forced to withdraw to avoid destruction, the next objective of the invaders was the Odin system, one of the first colonies of the UNF upon the arrival of the enemy a 70% of the population was successfully evacuated





Despite great resistance Odin fell into the hands of the enemy

A hope

When it was only a matter of time for the invasion of the solar system, an immense allied fleet attacks the enemy from an unprotected flank, this causes them to divide their immense fleet, so that a part of them repel the attack of the allies





Galactic map for the year 2567


Year 2570 Bi Fang becomes an infected world, the entire population that was not evacuated was devoured by the enemy, now it will be used to produce ships for the enemy.

The enemy changes tactics

The invaders continue their advance, but not on the solar system, but against the planets further north, which belonged to the Sondrithan before their incorporation to the UNF, immediately began an evacuation campaign of all these planets


From this world it was only possible to evacuate 60% of the population


the invading fleet about to make a massive landing








Bajuk the ancient capital of the Sondrithan occupied by the enemy


Another UNF world being bombed


The stellar matter extractor is finished, these resources generated will help a lot to the war effort

The invasion of the solar system

After securing the other settlements, the invasions began to shun their fleet in the Sirius system. In the solar system, the evacuation of 50% of the entire population of the planets has been achieved, powerful planetary shields protect the worlds, on earth everything is already prepared, the entire UNF army, millions of soldiers from all species will prepare for the future invasion, to those are added titanic beasts found in the Wae primus plant, its enormous size will help a lot in the war effort, and finally the mega war structures are found, these are huge structures of great size , armed with different types of weapons, in addition to having great armor. It is believed that the first objective of the invaders will be the earth because there is a jump disrupter, which prevents any unauthorized ship from leaving the system, if the earth falls into enemy hands, they will have a free way to conquer the rest of the nation


On February 2, 2577, the invading fleet enters the solar system, countless biological ships, they go to the main planet of the system, the Earth.


the most important battle in the history of the UNF has begun


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The Battle for Earth approaches...

Just as the invaders were about to be defeated, the War in Heaven starts. Of course it does.
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Jul 7, 2020
Solar system defense system ready to fire


Image showing the firing of the immense ion cannon, although powerful it cannot do anything against such a massive fleet


Yuri Gagarin space station, being attacked by thousands of enemy ships, would soon be destroyed along with its 30,000 occupants.

Now without resistance, the enemy fleet strangely ignores the other planets of the system, you concentrate your fleets on planet earth, start an immense orbital bombardment, thanks to the planetary shield the damage is minimal, but it is not known how long the shields will be able to hold


Huge shield generators around the world, protect the planet from the bombardment of invaders


After months of bombing the shield began to fail in some parts, Paris unfortunately was the victim of this attack, this was repeated in some other cities as well.

The earth is invaded

On February 20, 2578, the invasion of Earth begins, millions of landing capsules are launched from orbit to different parts of the planet, the planetary shield cannot stop them because these ships reduce their speed little by little get on the shield

On the ground, enemies are greeted with all kinds of missile, lasers, and projectile weapons, in many sectors the defense was so effective that no invader was able to land. In other areas the enemy was able to land, together with them the invaders deployed thousands of flying creatures to support the ground forces.

The beginning of the invasion, hundreds of thousands of landing pods invade The earth



The battle begins, the war front extends in different parts of the planet


Map showing the main areas where the enemy was able to land their troops, in all sectors the armies of the UNF are deployed, as it has never been its history, the land faces a war on a truly global scale, there are other areas with a small enemy presence , which are quickly destroyed

Since the enemies began to invade the worlds of the galaxy, it was possible to establish what was the composition of their ground forces. They were different types of insect spices of various sizes, with different abilities that made them unique and deadly


Image of one of the enemy soldiers in the ruins of a city in full battle


UNF soldiers equipped with new combat armor, and weapons against the countless invading forces


Huge anti-aircraft batteries, repel thousands of enemies

Also within the enemy army, creatures from different species of worlds already invaded were entered, but with biological implants that made them obey all the enemy's orders, hundreds of thousands of these slave soldiers were used in mace attacks on some war fronts.


Image of a land city captured by the enemy, you can also see one of the soldiers with implants at the service of the invaders


Huge and massive hordes of enemies of all stripes face the forces of the UNF


The 3 titanic beasts that serve the forces of the UNF, are deployed in the most critical battle changes, with their help it was possible to liberate many cities held by the enemy

The counterattack of the UNF

With the invasion of the earth, chaos took hold of the UNF, the very capital of the nation was being invaded, all the generals and admirals of the fleet in an emergency meeting, the plan of liberation of the solar system was agreed and with luck helping the defenders of the land.

The plan consists of dividing the fleet in 2, the moons and combat planets due to their large amount of armor and resistance will make a jump directly to the solar system, through the portal. In this way it will move away the enemy fleet that is supporting the invasion to earth from orbit.

The other part of the fleet will jump to a system close to the ground, to go to the Syrian system, destroy any enemy fleet on its way and then go to the solar system and attack the enemy from the rear, in this way a pincer will be armed around the enemy, after this they will proceed to urgently help the land defenders.

A desperate strategy

The fleet composed of 4 battle moons and 2 armed worlds are preparing to jump into the solar system, they were reinforced with special armor to resist the enemy's attack


Fleet about to cross the portal, due to the long-range weapons they possess, the FNU forces have orders to fire immediately when the enemy is within range.


In May 1, 2578, the first fleet of distraction of the UNF through the portal, jumps into the solar system, immediately both the moons and the battle planets begin their attack, hundreds of enemy ships are destroyed


Meanwhile the rest of the fleet jumps to the Epsilon eridani system, through a portal built very recently and in record time, they immediately go to the Syrian system to face any enemy fleet that may be found.


The second part of the UNF fleet, all the ships available in the approximate nation are found, the fleet has 5,000 ships of all categories



Meanwhile in the solar system the strategy to work, the enemy fleet stops supporting the invasion of the earth now, they go directly to attack the battle moons, with hundreds of thousands of small biological ships, meanwhile the planets shoot its titanic laser weapons unfortunately being only prototypes the reloading of the weapons is very long

The battle for the earth

Already 6 months after the invasion of the land, UNF forces have destroyed several enemy strongholds, in the South American area, 2 battle groups of the invaders are destroyed, victories like this are repeated in Australia, Egypt, South Africa, and Korea without However, the invaders with their air superiority given by their fleet in the air have also achieved a series of victories ¼ parts of North America were conquered, as well as a part of central Asia, a part of India, the former kingdom territories united France and Spain and Germany were also conquered, as was the southern part of China, also central Africa the enemy quickly gains territory

On the other war fronts, only small advances can be seen for one side or the other.

Fortunately, from the ground it can be detected that the great enemy fleet has left the orbit of the planet with an unknown direction, without air support the UNF force now has a chance to defeat the invaders, a series of counteroffensive is being prepared, to de this way take advantage of this true miracle for defenders



images of UNF soldiers in full battle against the invaders, the war front extends to the entire world.

On June 24, 2578, the UNF fleet enters the Syrian system, the presence of 1 enemy fleet is detected, the order is given to attack with all units, the time for the defenders on the ground is short


The FNU fleet, with its improved weaponry and armor attacks the enemy forces, due to its overwhelming superiority, the enemy fleet is destroyed in its entirety.


In the solar system, 1 of the battle moons is destroyed, 1 was had to make an emergency jump due to the serious damage, the other 2 hold, but the damage of the battle accumulates more and more. The battle planets meet their primary weapons firing sporadically



On January 24, 2579 the entire UNF fleet jumps into the solar system their objective is to destroy the enemy fleet and also help the desperate defenders of the earth


The defenders of the earth fight desperately, 1 of the titanic beasts has died from battle wounds, despite greatly reducing the air support of the invaders, they continue their advance, but much slower than before and even on some fronts they suffer some defeats.

In North America the invaders have lost a lot of ground, as in Europe, Germany is liberated as well as parts of France, in other areas the situation is desperate


The planet odin is infected, from now on it will create troops and ships for the enemy

The battle for the solar system begins, the UNF fleet begins its attack against the invader who is taken by surprise, fortunately the new armor on the ships resists much more than before the enemy attacks, little by little the enemy being attacked from both flanks it is destroyed little by little, the victory over the aliens is total, immediately the fleet goes to earth to support the defenders, who despite all the projections still hold



A fleet composed of the children of the captured enemy queen, make a jump to one of the worlds captured by the enemy, along with this is an army from the entire nation, to be able to liberate all the worlds occupied by the enemy and save what's left of its population

In the middle of the year 2579, on earth the very difficult decision has been made, to lower the planetary shield, and allow the fleet to intensely bombard the areas occupied by the enemy, thousands of years of history will be lost, but it is necessary if wants to defeat the invaders.

Around the world they are observed as complete sectors are destroyed by orbital bombardment, Rome which for months has been under enemy control, in the first to be destroyed, as well as the cities of New York, Madrid, Saint Petersburg, Beijing, Kyoto, Lima, Cairo, Calcutta, within many more, after the bombing there is no recognizable structure left, areas are erased from the map.

The other areas that cannot be bombed correspond to the war fronts, with the help of the bombers, provided by the fleet, the FNU army carries out a total offensive on all fronts.



The impact of the orbital bombardment was devastating for the invading forces, in some places these images were repeated that helped enormously in the rejection of the invasion.

On May 25, 2580, the last stronghold of enemy forces was destroyed, the invasion of the land was stopped, in these more than 2 years the losses of the defenders were 50 million only taking into account the military, the civilian casualties that they failed to evacuate tripled that number. In addition, the structural damage is immense hundreds of cities were destroyed, many of them with historical importance, but the objective was the degree, the earth is the first world to reject an invasion.


The news of the rejection of the invasion to earth spread throughout the galaxy, weeks later hundreds of ships from all over the galaxy, gathered in the solar system to begin a counterattack, the objective is to reconquer the worlds occupied by the enemy

Upon reaching the planet Odin, the allied fleet begins to bombard in a massive way, the only way to free the planet from the invaders is by stylizing its entire surface


The UNF fleet goes inside to the planet Bi Fang


Like the planet Odin, the surface of the planet Bi Fang must be completely sterilized, the bombings are estimated to take about 2 earth years


The UNF's victories over the invaders are such that the sentinel have transferred one of their powerful fleets to them.


On April 12, 2582, the sterilization of the planet Odin was completed, all traces of the enemy disappeared, and along with it all traces of life and atmosphere, now it is a dead world.

By June 30, 2582, the invaders were expelled from all UNF territories and the rest of the occupied worlds were liberated before turning into infected worlds, despite this civilian casualties are counted in the millions.

On the other hand, fleets from all over the galaxy come together to little by little expel the invaders, the strategy now is to free the zemenpuk, whose worlds are occupied and their population is little by little devoured.


Almost a year later the capital of the Zemenpuk is liberated, thanks to the joint effort of all the nations of the galaxy, fortunately for all, the war between the awakened empires has ended, little by little you can see that their fleets resume the fighting against the invaders.


By the year 2584, Bi Fang's sterilization is over, just as Odin is now a dead world without life


Allied forces push back invaders, infected worlds are sterilized

The impossible weapon.

On April 4, 2589, in the regulis system, the construction of a super weapon of unimaginable power begins, with the collaboration of all the nations of the galaxy, it is expected that this is the definitive solution against the invaders, the titanic Construction will take many years to complete, meanwhile the fleets must continue to contain the invaders.


Super weapon construction site, thousands of engineers and scientists gather to start construction


While the allied forces of the galaxy, push back the invaders, they concentrate their forces further to the galactic south



image of a huge enemy fleet

The recovery of the worlds Odin and Bi Fang has been approved, through terraforming techniques, it is expected that in a few years these planets can be habitable again as they were before the invasion.


To the displeasure of many, a new war between the awakened empires started, fortunately the fleets production of the UNF and its allies in such that the presence of these ancient races is no longer indispensable, to defeat the invaders.


Year 2588 the allied forces have pushed back the invaders a lot, all the infected worlds are immediately sterilized by the fleets, however, more and more the fleets of the invaders are more numerous, the shipyards of the UNF, do not rest when they are constantly building ships to replace those lost in combat, or directly in the creation of new fleets.


year 2591 more and more enemy fleets are grouped into large battle groups, only the numbers of the entire UNF fleet can match them, however it is decided to avoid them until the fleet is sufficiently reinforced


super weapon first stage

The first stage in the construction of the super weapon is completed, it is only the initial structure, now the second stage begins



By 2598 it is already common for the UNF fleets to defeat the fleets of the invaders, but strangely these more and more gather in larger fleets.




UNF fleet proceeding to the esterification of enemy infected planets

The recovery of odin and Odin and Bi Fang



By mid-year 2598 the recovery of the planets Odin and Bi Fang were completed, now their former inhabitants can return to their home worlds.

Enemy ambush

In September 2599, a battle group made up of 3 fleets was ambushed in the Osillas system, by a force 7 times greater, it was not possible to withdraw immediately, due to this the admirals of the fleets, seeing that everything was lost, decided to attack the enemy and cause as many casualties as possible before being destroyed.


Upon entering the system, the immense enemy force could be seen, the idea is to attack and resist long enough until the emergency jump is available.


Hundreds of thousands of small enemy ships almost suicidal attack the flora of the UNF, the first to be destroyed are the small ships, the larger ships hold, but little by little they also fall.


When the emergency jump system is in line almost ¾ of the fleet or it is destroyed or seriously damaged, the only surviving admiral, orders the withdrawal, this battle will turn into the greatest defeat in decades for the UNF fleet, The decision has been made that from now on the entire fleet must go together and face the enemy battle groups, this will cause the advance on the invaders to be slow, but it will ensure that disasters like these do not happen again.

The great rebellion of the machines

By the year 2603, little by little the invader was expelled from the occupied worlds, the UNF tactics had worked, fleet after enemy fleet was destroyed, the infected worlds were sterilized one by one by the allied forces, although the continuous advance was slow. at a good pace, until a real disaster strikes at UNF.

Despite the fact that almost 1 century ago the development of artificial intelligence was prohibited, in practice only a few planets complied with this order, due to this in many planets intelligent robots were tolerated, this brought as a consequence that at the time of violent lifting of the machines in many worlds there was not even resistance, millions of thousands of robots and hundreds of combat ships were created in secret. As a consequence, half of the territory of the UNF was occupied by the machines



The machines, unlike those that the UNF had previously faced, do not seek the extermination of intelligent life, but rather seek to assimilate the population of the occupied planets, millions are forced to implant electronic devices to control their movements, those who resist are exterminated


Half of the territory of the UNF is under enemy occupation, within the occupied systems is, Syrian, Alpha Centauri, Dekronia the city world, Anderson's disk, Ra, are just some occupied worlds, fortunately the earth and other production worlds , the great hyper-shipyard, as well as the ring worlds system were not affected.


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Bloody AI!

Earth is getting safer... but not safe yet.
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Jul 7, 2020
The galactic alliance supports the UNF.

The galactic alliance in a statement has decided to support the UNF in the reconquest of the worlds occupied by the machines.

With the rebellion of the machines, all the fleets are ordered to return to earth to plan the reconquest of the occupied worlds, at that time the fleet was attacked the southern front of the invaders, but this news forced them to postpone everything and digest to the earth


huge robotic fleet proceeds to invade neighboring systems

The robotic fleet attacks

On August 13, 2603, a large robotic fleet, through the portal system, attacks the war front, the UNF fleet was mobilizing to use that same portal when they appeared, fortunately the allied forces quickly destroyed this fleet



War front for the year August 28, 2603, with the defeat of the fleet of machines, the withdrawal of the fleets of the UNF to its territory takes place.

the first world reconquered

The increasingly recolonized planet Odin was the first to be freed from the control of the machines.



As expected the planet was full of all kinds of machines, their complete dismantling has been ordered.

The fleet of divides

Due to the large number of worlds that must be liberated, the Grand Fleet must be divided, thanks to the portal system the movement of these to occupied systems will be very expeditious and fast.



UNF Fleet, Proceed to liberate the Alpha Centauri system, Athena was the first world to be liberated, the others followed


August 8, 2604, a 2nd UNF fleet engage the enemy


Allied fleet proceeds to liberate a system occupied by the machines


Fleet proceeds to release massive Anderson disk


UNF fleet is ambushed by a large machine fleet, fortunately they were able to escape with few casualties


Army of the UNF, proceeds to the liberation of the worlds, Inti and Abassi


One of the UNF armies proceeds to liberate all sectors of Anderson's disk, due to the magnitude of the titanic structure, it is estimated that 10,000,000 soldiers will be required to liberate all sectors.

The liberation of the world from the city world.

Year 2605 while the advances continue on all fronts, one of the fleets of the UNF proceeds to liberate the capital of the machines the world of Dekronia, the city world. Its great industries were converted to produce more and more machines and fleets, the capture of this world will be a heavy blow against the machines. However, it will be a tough fight, the machines will protect this world with all their might.


The liberation is carried out with an army of 5,000,000 soldiers from across the nation. Orbital bombardment was used in extreme cases, so as not to harm the civilian population.


A new world is liberated by the UNF army


Map of the UNF By the year 2607, the territory controlled by the machines is less and less



UNF fleets lead a robotic fleet into a frame, battle moons will attract the robotic fleet, while 4 allied fleets leap to the enemy rear


The super weapon continues its construction now only missing the portal through which the energy of the star will be conducted to the most distant planets

The defeat of the machines

For many months the fleets of the UNF and its allies, have chased the last fleet of machines through many systems, until finally it is found.


UNF fleet preparing to face the enemy


the battle starts


UNF's great fleet faces the last mighty fleet of machines


The initial fleet is joined by reinforcement fleets


The numbers of the allied fleets manage to absolutely surpass the machines, their defeat is absolute. Shortly after, the last world controlled by the machines is liberated. The casualties were high and millions of inhabitants were killed or turned into slaves with robotic implants, fortunately for the latter it is possible to return them to normal.


Images of the last battle against the machines

The war against the invaders restarts

Despite all the years in which the UNF fleets withdrew from the war front to confront the machines, the invaders did not make great advances, this is because all the nations of the galaxy were able to contain the enemy in numerous battles.


In the year 2610, the entire fleet of the FN met to restart its attack against the invaders.


The tactic is simple already used other times and very effective the battle worlds will attract the enemy enough for the entire UNF fleet to attack them from the rear.



The battle worlds firing their main weapons causing a lot of damage to the enemy, unfortunately their reload is very slow


The entire UNF fleet concentrated and ready to jump into another system and surprise the enemy.

The enemy is surprised with an immense UNF fleet, a great battle begins, the titan ships cause a great the enemy, the rest of the flora as always firing their weapons. The new additions to the fleet were decisive, little by little the invaders' ships were destroyed one by one, although at great cost to the UNF forces.

Finely invader is completely surrounded as was the original plan, they can no longer escape, although they gave a hard fight, the victory is for the FNU, there were casualties, but taking into consideration the magnitude of the defeated enemy forces they are worth it, immediately the construction of more ships is ordered to replace the lost ones, thanks to the portal system they will not be long in coming

Total Kills: 25 Corvettes, 27 Destroyers, 16 Cruisers, 6 Armored, and 1 Titan.

Enemies lost 6 entire fleets, this leaves a clear path at least for a time, to attack the infected worlds.


Meanwhile on other battle fronts, allied fleets proceed to massively bombard a world of invaders.

Super weapon finished

In the year 2613 the super weapon was finely completed, the most lethal weapon ever built by any species on record was completed, the titanic work awaits to be tested very soon in an infected world.

For a no nation in the galaxy to take possession of the weapon and with that have an unimaginable power in their hands, the weapon can only be fired with the permission of each and every one, in addition each nation has the power to activate the self-destruction of the weapon.

Finally, the Nicoll-Dyson beam super weapon is completed, all the systems are ready to unleash its power against the invaders, there is also nervousness among engineers and scientists, any error could trigger the star to become a supernova destroying the entire system and perhaps who knows if more still. The calculations must be precise if a tragedy is not to be prevented.

With the first order given by the Galactic Senate, the weapon begins to gather energy, at the ends of the structure, while the weapon is loaded, the question of how much energy should be fired remained.



Impress the image of the super weapon, before being able to shoot it must collect large amounts of energy, provided by the star itself, it is expected that in a few years the weapon will be ready to fire.

Loaded gun ready to fire

In the year 2618, the complete weapon his shit was ready to make the first test shot, the chosen world was one held by the invaders decades ago



The chosen planet is an infected world, its entire population was eaten decades ago, the only thing left is its destruction


There are 4 options to fire the weapon, the first option that would fire the weapon at maximum power, which would cause the complete destruction of the planet, according to estimates the power would be so high that the shot would completely cross the planet until reaching the planetary core causing the explosion of this and with that of the entire planet. The planets would only remain large remains, with this option the weapon reloading would take at least 10 years.

The second option is to fire the weapon at 75% power, it would not destroy the planet, but it would melt it completely, its surface would be completely covered by lava, for hundreds of years, recharge period: 7 years

The third option would fire the weapon at 50% power, it will not destroy the planet, but it would sterilize the entire surface, leaving only a dead world devoid of all life. This option allows the subsequent terraforming of the planet, recharge period 5 years.

The last and fourth option fired at 25% power, it would only destroy the surface structures leaving the rest of the planet intact. This option allows immediate colonization. Recharge period 3 years

In the Galactic Senate, the first option was ruled out. The owners of conquered worlds do not want to see their worlds destroyed, this option does not allow the recovery of these worlds. The many option was also ruled out, the invaders have infested the whole world, it is not enough to destroy a few structures.

He unanimously decided to go for the third option, sterilize the planetary surface, this allows a future recovery of these worlds, the second option has been reserved for special occasions.

On March 23, 2618, everything was ready, the weapon loaded at 50%, the order of firing authorized by all the nations of the galaxy arrived, the weapon begins the firing process concentrating the energy charged at the ends of the structure in a single point, pointing towards the portal



Weapon charging process each time the star's energy is concentrated, to shoot its energy towards the portal



Charge finished, the energy of the star is fired towards the portal, the structure holds, everything works correctly




On the target planet, suddenly out of nowhere a port appears on the planet, the invaders do not know what awaits them, then the huge laser of concentrated energy from the star impacts on the planet, little by little its entire surface is destroyed and thus eliminating all traces of the invaders, in the end there is only a dead world, without life or atmosphere.

This fact is celebrated throughout the galaxy, from now on the fleets will only have to focus on bombarding the infected worlds, their only task now is to face the enemy where he is. Immediately the super weapon began its reload period, with this little by little the invaders will be expelled from the galaxy.


the weapon had the energy to fire a second shot, the infected world was completely sterilized.

The invader backs off

Over the years the forces of the UNF and its allies, push back the enemy on all fronts, the losses of their worlds make it very difficult for them to recover their casualties. Although it is increasingly difficult to defeat them, their fleets scattered throughout their territories increasingly unite in immense fleets, some allied fleets have been defeated and forced to retreat with many casualties.

In response to the above, he orders the creation of more fleets, to reinforce the advance on the enemy.


More and more the UNF, faces the increasingly massive fleets of the invaders




The strategy the invaders change constantly, therefore, the admirals must be attentive, to any change in the movement of the enemy fleets, in the image you can see how the invaders are completely surrounded and destroyed



A new infected world is a victim of the super weapon as is customary, the world is completely devastated



Little by little the territory of the invaders is reduced more and more, the powerful fleets of the UNF destroy all the fleets of the invaders in their path


each world lost by the invaders, stops its production of new ships



Increasingly invading fleets are gathering into massive fleets to prevent certain destruction by the fleets of the UNF and its allies.


Fleets One of the awakened empires attack and dismiss a lagging invading fleet




3 invading fleets are caught in the Merck system, it was an easy victory


the super weapon works at full capacity, sterilization of infected worlds is no longer a nove



5 enemy fleets are again ambushed, it is expected that from now on the enemy will group into larger fleets, which will bring heavy casualties for the UNF forces and their allies.





New battle unfolds this time with 7 enemy fleets destroyed, despite their serious losses, inexplicably the numbers of the enemy fleets seem to stabilize, while an enemy fleet is destroyed elsewhere, another of equal strength emerges






The biggest battle for decades is taking place, the titan ships fire their huge weapons, mining that the other ships chase and destroy countless enemies, the casualties will be high