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Nov 21, 2016
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Add a unite Islam decision. Its already in EU4 and it doesn't make sense to not have it in CK2's timeframe when it may have been possible to resolve differences rather than later when tons of bloodshed had already happened.

1) Must be sayyid
2) Must be caliph/sheikh of a non-heresy
3) No other caliph must exist
4) Must have restored the caliphate to its historical extent under the Ummayuds (India to Iberia)
5) All holy sites of all islamic denominations must be your brand of islam
6) MA >= x% (x = whatever is balanced)

Optional Requirements:
7) Add requirement for a few specific provinces apart from the holy sites to be islamic as well
8) Decadence must be below a certain amount

1) Nickname of 'the righful caliph' or some such
2) Instantly boost MA to 100%
3) All holy orders/mercenaries switch to your united islam
4) The former denominations lose their 20% base MA and become heresies
5) Maybe a trait "rashidun" with +1 learning and diplomacy (inheritable?)
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