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Feb 28, 2019
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Hi there,

I would like to express my disgust at Paradox for changing the DLC policy in relation to Magicka.

I had a LAN with some friends over the weekend and I told them about how awesome the Magicka Vietnam Rescue mission is and how it will be absolutely hilarious to play. Both of them own a copy of Magicka. I own a copy of Magicka + almost all DLC. I fired up the game, and then they hit a "You do not own the currently selected DLC." wall that was never there before.

I thought this could not be. I distinctly remember that Magicka only required the host to have the DLC maps in order to be able to play it with friends and did some looking into it.

Lo and behold up to Dec 2018 it was possible to play a DLC game with your friends as long as the host had the required content. This was patched out by Paradox hush hush.


So instead of having a great time playing a Paradox game, it left a bitter pill in all of our mouths and we went and played something else from another manufacturer. Well done Paradox...

Unfortunately you will find that I am once bitten and twice shy, so don't expect to see much of my $$$ again.