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Nov 29, 2002
A list of Undocumented/little known features that might help clear up confusion:

Some of them have questions attached, meaning that I'm not certain about something and would really appreciate someone PMing me with clarification (PM since only a few can post on the FAQ board, iirc) ... alternatively the "Undocumented Features" thread is probably still kicking around on the GD board, so clarifications/other features can be posted there and will probably find their way here.

(Note: these are from a thread in the GD forum, and from various "not a bug" reports, so I can't claim credit for them)

1. A province that is undergoing improvement (IC,Fortification,AA,or Infra) "spends" a certain amount of its own IC during the time of improvement, so those ICs won't be available for national-level stuff. The amount of IC used is half of the province's IC or 5 IC, whichever is less.

2. If a nation is a democracy and is not at war, it's troops can only reach an organization level 1/2 what it would normally be (ie if you have all the tech and your infantry divisions would normally have 100 Max Org, they could only reach 50 Org during peactime). (1/4th to 1/2 update from Steel)

3. When at war, your world trade deals provide you with much less of the requested amount of the resource you're trading for. Having a too-small merchant fleet makes it even worse. Example: if you set up an offer of 120 steel for 40 rubber, it will behave as a 120 steel for 20 (or less!) rubber offer during war.

4. If you attack from an ally's territory and you take the province you're attacking, the newly-captured province goes to the ally who was supplying your troops. I'm not sure what happens if multiple allies border the newly-captured province, as I've seen them go to other allies that were around but I wasn't being supplied by. The point is that you probably won't get the province.

5. The chance of one of your Diplomatic Actions working apparently depends on the amount of "excess" DI you have at the time. So using "Influence Nation" with 2 DI (the minimum) is much less likely to work than using it with 200 DI in the bank. Only 2 DI will actually be "spent", in either case.

6. "Share technology" doesn't change the alignment of the nation you're sharing with, despite what the manual says. Also, share technology costs 1 DI and can only be done to a given country once a week.

7. (From Trip) If you double-click one of the industry sliders on the production screen, the slider is locked in place.
(From Steel) to much rejoicing, the same task can be accomplished by right-clicking the slider, which can't accidentally move the slider in the process.

8. (From Myros, Arethusa, and Tel) When a general's experience goes above 100 the general gains a skill point and has his experience reset to 0. The experience may be listed as 100, but not quite past the threshold necessary to get the skill point. Promoting a general increases his rank, reduces his skill points by 1, and sets his experience to 0. Generic generals (generated by the game to fill positions in newly built or formed units) cannot gain skill points or be promoted (their experience will go up, but stop at 100).

9. (From Myros) To select all aircraft in a sector containg ground troops - first left click to bring the aircraft to the top then while holding down the shift key draw a box around them ... all air units are selected. (Works with naval too, handy for some of those small islands where selecting things can be a pain).

10. (From Myros) Repeat bombing - when setting strat or tactical bombing there is a small box at the bottom right of the pop-up. Click on it (it'll light up a bit) to have the bomb run repeat until you tell it to stop. Great for close air support to have a tac bomber rearm then go right back to the battle, and for wearing down a sector with strat bombing.

11. (From Stobor) You can't conduct naval invasion unless a province has a beachhead graphic (little yellow lump on the site of it).

12. (From Saberwolf) Keep clicking on your troops to cycle thru the different army groups

13. (From Basher, some from Saberwolf, MarkShot, and swilhelm73)
Keyboard shortcuts (Hotkeys):
* 'F1' = Victory Progress
* 'F2' = Head of State
* 'F6' = Ledger
* 'F10' = Game Management
* 'F11' = Screenshot (saved as ScreenSaveN.bmp in your HOI directory where N is the number that starts at 0 and counts up for the later screenies)
* 'F12' = Console Window
* 'a' = access aircraft on a carrier
* 'u' = access troops on a transport
* '=' zoom out
* '+' = zoom in
* 'ctrl+-' = slow time
* 'ctrl++' = speed time
* 'pause/break' = pause time
* set waypoints for units by holding shift and clicking in sea/land zones
* '\','|',or'?' = search for a province, apparently '#' also works if you're using a UK keyboard. '*' works for French people. If none of the above work, just try random key combinations until you find one that does.
* 'ctrl+(1-0)' = assign number to army
* '1-0' = select assigned army, twice = center map on army
* 'ctrl-shift' = center map on capital
* 'shift+click' = deselect a unit from a group of selected units
* 'page up' and 'page down' = cycle through units
* HOME - Centers on your capital
* ESC - Exits the statistical display screens

14. In order to annex a nation, that nation must have lost control of 100% its VP provinces (provinces worth 1 or more VPs, they may not all have little "stars" on the map), and you must control the capital. Installing a puppet regime requires a similar situation, but the threshold is 75% of the VP provinces.

15. The manual mentions that the USSR can join either the Axis or the Allies. Joining the Axis can only happen through the Molotov-Ribbentrop event, though.
(note from Darkrenown)Joining the Allies can happen if the USSR has no allies (ie is the sole member of the Comintern) and is DOW'd by the Axis

16. The UK, France, and the US's War Entry goes up by 1% a month, regardless of what Germany does (although aggressive actions by Axis powers speed up the process). This makes playing a peaceful Germany somewhat difficult. Btw, what's the full list of countries that gets the 1% a month? I seem to remember Canada not being too far behind the others. Is it just all democracies?

17. There are ministers that can't be replaced because the replacement pool is empty. Some people might be rather confused why they can't do much cabinet changing for, say, the US outside of election events.

18. When a player pauses in MP, the game cannot be unpaused for 30 seconds, and after that anyone can unpause.

19. Non-historical leaders (ie ones that "come with" a newly-produced unit, or don't come from the historical leader list for some reason) do not gain XP and cannot be promoted.

20. If you're controlling another nation's units, you cannot use the "merge unit" function on them (even if the units are from the same nation).

21. ICs allocated to the "supplies" slider produce more supplies than the number of ICs allocated (ie supply production = allocated ICs * some factor). Anybody know what the factor is? In my experience it's a bit over 3 (3.29, to be exact, playing as Canada). Can the factor change because of research?
(note from Darkrenown): This factor can change with certain ministers (Military Entrepreneur as the Armament Minister at least). Also, a Guns and Butter Doctrine Chief of army lowers the amount of supplies units need.

22. I'm not sure of this one, but it seems that fascist-on-fascist aggression/annexation actually decreases the WE rating of democratic countries. What about aggression against communist nations?
(note from Darkrenown) : Commie aggression also lowers allied WE

23. The game doesn't keep track of who is responsible for increasing the WE rating of the democratic countries, and when it hits 100% the most likely target is Germany and whoever else is in the Axis. This can be somewhat odd if, for instance, Japan goes a-historically bonkers in China and SE Asia and tops out the Allied WE really early in the game (most likely causing a DOW on Germany, regardless of Germany's conduct).
Note, as of 1.03: If you're a "bad boy", and DoW a neutral democratic nation you will generally earn the wrath of the Allies in the form of a DoW. Does anyone have more specific info?

24. (from swilhelm73) "Invite into alliance" won't work at all on Democracies with less than 100% WE.

25. (compiled from info from Darkrenown, Kekkonen, Tel, Carligula, and Stigger AND Chilango2)
If your unit(s) are in provinces with less than 33 (even 32 does it) infrastructure and do not have a direct path* back to your capital, they will lose operational strength and eventually disband themselves. This condition is noted by a "skull" icon on the unit(s)' info screen. Note that only a province's max infra counts here, so a province with 33 max infra will not cause attrition, even if it has been strategically bombed to 0 infra (you'll still move extremely slow, though). Note also that the size of your unit(s) doesn't matter.
* - "direct path" means a sequence of provinces all under your direct control (allied-controlled provinces don't count).

26. If you install a puppet regime in a country that is part of an alliance, any of their provinces that you don't control may go to their allies. Their naval units can also do this.
(note from Darkrenown) Puppeted regimes also give up any claims to the provinces that go to other nations.
(from ElQuapo) Sometimes claims remain, perhaps as result of a bug.
(from Chilango2) Units of a being-puppeted country that are distant from the puppeting country may go to one of the being-puppeted country's allies. Clear? :)

27. (From Basher) After selecting multiple units (using shift or box method) and they all come up in the side panel, you can shift-click on the ones you want to remove from the mass selection (only works if three or more units are selected). Useful when combining some of them into larger groups.

28. Unit types that require tech to build:
Motorized infantry - Motorized Warfare Doctrine (Level 0 Land Doctrine Application)
Mechanized infantry - same as Motorized
Naval Transports - Combat Unit Transport Procedure (Level 0 Naval Doctrine Application)
Carriers - Large Naval Shipyards (Level 0 Naval Research Application)
Battleships - same as Carriers
Paratroopers - Paratroopers (Level 2 Heavy Aircraft Research Application)
Marines - Marines (Level 2 Naval Research Application)
V1s - Flying Bomb (Level 5 Rocketry Application)
V2s - Flying Rocket (Level 6 Rocketry Application)
Question: Did I miss any?

29. Contrary to the manual, there is no "Trade Agreement" option under diplomacy.

30. Once transports or warships are set on convoy duty, they cannot be returned to normal duty.

31. The manual says world trade offers are accepted/rejected and you'll be notified if it happens. In actuality you aren't notified of a thing (in fact the offers aren't really accepted/rejected by other nations... see the World Trade FAQ for more info).
(note from Darkrenown) : If your offer is being accepted the text (ie "4 Coal for 2 Rubber") will be white, if it isn't it'll be red.

32. (From Basher) You can assign numbers to a group of similar type (air, ground, navy) units using 'ctrl+(1-0)'. You should hear a little ding after you do this. Then when you press the corresponding number once, that group will be in the side box. Press the number a second time (does not have to be in quick succession) the map will center around the unit.

33. (From Basher) Using shift or drawing the box, you can select multiple armies on the map in different locations and then assign them a number (Note, this can be used for a rather interesting instant transportation bug/exploit in 1.01)

34. (From Systass) In the army info window, there's a little fist icon. Hovering over it will give the overall strength of the army. Clicking it will re-inforce the whole army at once.

35. The "Build More Industries" button only increases the IC of the province by 1 (after the 360 day wait). AA, Land forts, and Coastal forts are all also 1 point per improvement.
IC improvement always takes 360 days, and costs 1 manpower
AA takes 90 days for every point up to 10, afterwards the time goes up "exponentially" (according to the 1.02 readme, can anyone test this?)
Land and Coastal forts take 90 days * (1 + current level of fortification). Example: A province with 5 Land Fort points and 1 Coastal Fort points would take 540 days to improve to 6 Land Fort points, and 180 days to improve to 2 Coastal Fort points (only one improvement could be done at one time, of course)
Infra improvement increases infra by 11, and always takes 360 days.

36. Changes to your production sliders (like jacking up consumer good production to reduce dissent) don't actually take effect until you change which "screen" is being shown in the window... just click on the flag (or any of the other buttons) just above the production screen after changing the sliders to make sure your changes take effect.

37. (From Elmo) At some points in the tutorial you may need to manually start the clock to get it going.

38. (From JP Falcon) Not really a feature, but a good idea: Here's a simple tip for those of you who are finding it difficult to control the amount when you double click to lock a slider. Simply lift your mouse off the pad/desk then double click. It will lock with the amount you set.

39. All your nukes are of the best type available to you, no matter when they were built. For example: if you stockpile 4 nukes before researching (say) Tritrium bombs (the best type, iirc), all 4 of your stockpiled nukes "become" Tritrium bombs.

40. (From el Flamingo) How to switch countries mid-game: save your game, go back to the main menu, start a new game as the nation you want to play in your saved game, then (from the in-game options menu) load the saved game. This can be useful for, among other things, organizing tech trades between your allies (or anybody, really).
A simpler way from Dunlaing: Save the game, surrender, go to Single Player again and select the game from the "Saved Games" box, then right click on your country's flag at the top, and select the country you want to play from the list. If your desired country doesn't show up at first, try selecting another country and opening the list again.

41. (From Extro) You can get rid of popup messages and make other changes to how the game reports information to you by either right clicking on a message when it appears in the message log (at the bottom of the screen) to change how the game reports that specific type of message, or you can go to "Message Settings" on the Option section of the game management screen (same screen as the save/load one). The possible modes of reporting are: 1) Not at all, 2) In the Game Log, 3) In a Popup, 4) In a Popup and pause the game.

42. (From Yuri) Industrial efficiency enhancing techs boost the number of ICs each industry can produce at full cost (as of 1.03).
(question from me) Ok, so these techs actually work now, as they should? Do the effects remain even after a re-load?

43. (from Crimson King) You can play HoI without the CD in the drive.

44. (from Yozhik) The manual states that only fighter and tactical bomber units can load on carriers. In the game torpedo planes can, too.
(note from robothelpermnky) Dive bombers can, too.

45. (from Paul Roberts) You can rename armies from within the game: Click on a group and you will see its component divisions displayed in the box on the right, with the army name (e.g. "Far East Air Force" or "1st Armeekorps") at the top of the box. If you click on this name, you get a cursor which allows you to rename the group to whatever you want.
(from wiltaz) To change an individual division's name, click on their picture in the army view to get the division's details view, then click on their name at the top to get the cursor.

46. (from Baron Jukaga) If one of your world market offers is red (not working), increasing the ratio of trade will probably give the offer a higher priority. Example: Trading for rubber can be very difficult at 2:1, increasing it to 3:1 will usually solve the problem.

47. Sometimes you'll see cabinet ministers named "Blue Shadow" (for democratic nations, it's Black and Red for Fascists and Commies, respectively). These are in place because Paradox didn't know who to put in that position for that particular cabinet. This is most likely to happen in really minor countries, or in little known shadow cabinets. All the "Shadow"s are "Undistinguished Suit"-type ministers, and have no positive or negative effect on the nation they serve.

48. When a democratic nation's war entry goes up, that nation's demand for consumer goods goes down. This can make a huge difference in the case of a nation like the USA (400+ IC difference between 0% WE and 100% WE), or a barely noticeable difference for a really low-industry nation. Actually being in a war drops consumer good demand even further.
Questions: Does anyone know the actual formula for computing a country's consumer goods requirement (ie the level you must maintain to avoid a daily increase in dissent)? Also, does being at war "lock" the consumer good demand at a certain level, regardless of whether your WE changes?

49. (from Arethusa) Reinforcing naval units (not ground or air units) results in them being put into your build queue (force pool) to be "repaired", which takes a good bit of time (more time for more damage, and presumably more time for bigger ships). Keep this in mind when deciding whether to reinforced damaged naval vessels, and be particularly careful in using the "repair all divisions in unit" button, as it could send the whole fleet to the build queue! A good policy might be to repair individual ships when the damage gets to say 75%.

50. (merged into #8)

51. (from grumbold) All unit commanders in a battle gain experience from that battle. This means that you could split your 12-division army into 12 individual units under their own commanders, then throw them into an easy battle, and they all get the experience (as opposed to only the 12-division army leader getting the experience).

52. (from grumbold) Default (ie randomly generated non-historical) leaders disappear if their unit is ever sent back to the force pool (or if their unit is merged into another), and cannot be retrieved. Actions that send a unit to the force pool include: upgrading, strategically re-deploying, and repairing (for naval units). So, if you play a country with a non-existent leader pool it's a good idea to do some research and upgrade your units to an acceptable point before sending them into combat. Example: with Italy's nigh-leaderless air force its good to research at least basic planes quickly and upgrade your existing pre-war equipment before using them in combat so their leaders get to keep the experience.

53. (from 1.02 readme) Resource income from puppets is not automatically moved to the homeland, unless their home area neighbours yours. If you have other land areas nearby, they are moved to the port in them.
If the puppet is disconnected from your territory, you can generally get the resources by running a convoy from their capital to one of your ports that is part of your homeland (ie land-connected to your capital).

54. (from 1.02 readme) Dissent will increase dramatically when declaring war upon a nation which you have no claims upon, especially if you are democratic.

55. (from 1.02 readme) You cannot determine the exact count of divisions in enemy stacks without good intelligence. (anyone have info on how intelligence works, exactly?)

56. (From SocietalEclipse) Fighters will continue to intercept over and over gradually grinding down their Org faster than it recovers if there are a lot of raids. Rebasing them further away to rest just takes more Org away. While they are grounded Ctrl + Right click on their base province and select a Patrol mission. This keeps them from intercepting enemy aircraft so they can recover to max Org before you set them back on intercept.

57. (from Darkrenown) When using the buttons to build multiple units of the same type bear in mind the the IC/Manpower cost shown only show the costs for a single unit, so be careful not to build more than you can afford.

58. Effects of Difficulty level:
Your total IC is modified accordingly:
Very Easy - +20%
Easy - +10%
Normal - no modifier
Hard - -10%
Very Hard -20%
(according to 1.02 readme, mentioned by SilentLawyer):
Organization recovery is slower (only for the players) at the highest difficulty.
I'll add more stuff on the effects of difficulty level when I'm made aware of them.

59. (from swilhelm73) If you inherit units (if you're Germany and you inherit Austrian units from the Anschluss, for example) they will have the same max. org. they had before you inherited them. This can lead to rather low max. org. units, but this can be remedied by upgrading the unit(s) in question to get their max. org. up to the levels of your nation's troops.

60. (from Juba) When unloading multiple armies off a transport ship after you've dragged a box around the units to select them all you can use shift click on the list on the right of the screen to deselect units instead the normal click which selects that one unit.

That's all for now, thanks to everyone who contributed :)

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Feb 23, 2001
Updated - thanks to Cedayon and all that contributed :)

If you all wonder if your efforts are appeciated then take a look at the view count.

I am sure that this has helped a lot of people :)