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Apr 1, 2014
So, I started a new game, going unarmed. I pumped a bunch of starting points into unarmed, obviously, but did not put anything into one handed. Now, I seem to get 'weapon ineffective' a lot, and I noticed that my one handed skill is levelling up while I fight. I thought at first that it could be a certain ability that I was using, but I tried just auto-attacking for a while, and one handed still went up.

Does this mean that going unarmed uses both the unarmed and one handed skills? I looked in the combat log, and under the accuracy, where I hit, it just shows unarmed + bonus. It doesnt look like it is using one handed, so why is the skill going up?

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Apr 22, 2014
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In case you're still following this thread, Tyranny is funny in that you increase your skills somewhat randomly. While fighting unarmed your unarmed skill is the main skill you'll increase but other skills can also increase at random. This phenomenon is exemplified when leveling up as random skills get increased each time. What you can do now is disable certain skills from leveling up to make sure you're only leveling skills you're actually using. This will mean your overall level will be lower since your character's experience is directly tied to your skills. With that said since enemies scale up based on your own level this is actually a good thing rather than a bad thing. You'll have a few less skills to play with(but than most builds don't actually need all that many skills) but you'll be much stronger against enemies as they'll also scale less.