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Jun 30, 2020
Made a few prisons, but one I’m particularly proud of, so I went to upload.

No matter what I do, it always shows “Fully Secure your Prison” box not marked off, though everything else is. The only “unsecure” parts of my prison is the Perimeter wall (for some reason), and everything in the areas that I am unable to build on anyway (the last square on the very edge of the maps). I do see visitors and whatnot using these edges often when the gates don’t respond fast enough, but I cannot funnel them where I want them, they still need to get through a gate to get in thae prison anyway.

I even downloaded a prison and “made it my own” to try and upload it, despite the fact that I changed nothing at all, I still get the same “Fully Secure your Prison” box not marked (I wasn’t trying to steal another’s work, I simply wanted to test the upload). So what gives? Is it a selective upload deal? Or am I just not seeing something as yet another part of this game is About as clear as mud? What constitutes a “Fully Secure Prison” anyway?