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Mar 18, 2018

I have bought this game on Playstation and I am able to play singleplayer just fine. But whenever I want to connect to an existing game, or play with a friend I am unable to connect.

Everytime I try to connect to my friends game, or him to mine, or even to an existing one we get the message "You were disconnected from the game". I have Playstation Plus to play online and also my friend.

Has anyone encountered this problem? This game is really fun and it's very frustrating that I can't play online with friends.
Same here, friends are online and also just bought the game on ps4. Seen that paradox are blaiming sonys patch, and are hoping for this to be fixed. Thats not true, this issue is paradox related, not sony related.
Do you have PSN online game thing? If you dont you cant play any online game (except Fortnite). Its free on PC but xbox and playstation charge to play online. Its not Paradox fault but I think it does affect sales to those systems