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Feb 8, 2015
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When using condottieri, I often have a problem with remembering what countries my condottieri are at war with, especially if some of them get peaced out independently over the course of a long war. It's the same problem I have during normal long wars, however, with those I can just check the diplomatic map mode to find the nations marked in red. Nations my condottieri are at war with, however, have no special marking. My suggestion would be to make nations that are at war with the nation renting my condottieri (henceforth the "renting nation") a slightly different color in the diplomatic map mode. Yes, I can click on a province of the renting nation while in the diplomatic map mode to see which nations they're at war with, but this is an extra step to go through each time. I'd love it if the nations I was at war with by proxy would simply get a color in the default diplomatic map mode.

I feel like this should be a relatively easy change that would help make condottieri easier to use. I've included the following mock-up as an example of what I mean: while playing as Mali I'm renting condottieri to Katsina, who is at war with Air and Yao. Being able to see those countries at a glance on the diplomatic map mode would be really nice. Obviously the color could be better.


While I'm at it, I'd love it if there were some way of easily checking the course of the war I'm involved in by proxy, like a slightly different version of the "war shield" that shows up when you're at war, but showing the war my condottieri are involved in (especially nice would be seeing how the AI thinks they're contributing). Again, I can click on the nation I'm renting to and check, but it'd be nice to have a little thing showing me the warscore at a glance so I can make decisions about when and where to send my condottieri easier. I understand this would be a little harder and I'm not as hopeful about it, but it would be a nice little quality of life change to help make condottieri easier to use and thus more fun. I think they have a lot of potential, especially for role-playing, but are hampered by ease of usability issues like this.

Feel free to post any suggestions for other interface improvements for condottieri you might have!
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