UI QoL Feature Request: Total Jobs & Demographic Stats Additions

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Feb 22, 2018
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Hi Devs,

So we already have the ability to see the total population and the demographics breakdown of our Empire - pretty standard, pretty nice. I'm happy with that. But I've realised, there's no easy way of seeing the total JOBS in our Empires, besides looking at EVERY single planet and colony we have and manually counting them up. That's (not) good, and it can be even better!

I suggest - request, even - that you add a 'total jobs' section to the Demographics window. It might not even need to be fancy, just a breakdown of the total number of jobs we have in our Empire; the total number of vacant jobs (including jobs which have been closed due to Player directon); thus the total number of unemployed. Percentage figures as well as raw numbers on these would be useful as well.

And if you wanted to be TOTAL bros, you could add a rough breakdown for the proportion of Ruler, Specialist, and Worker tier jobs we have available.

I realise counting EVERY SINGLE type of job (e.g every Politician slot, every Clerk slot, etc) would be a bit too much. Plus it might pose an ssue with mods. So I don't request that.

Two tickboxes to include Slaves and Robots - or not - in the stats display would also be very nice.
why would you need to see total unemployment?
Currently the UI displays a single briefcase icon indicating there is unemployment on a planet - but not how many pops are unemployed on said planet.

1 pop unemployed on one world - less of an issue. 10 pops unemployed on 10 worlds - an issue. 10 pops unemployed on 10 worlds - a very big issue!

More information - within reason - within the players' reach (if not their direct eyeline at all times), is also generally good.