Sep 22, 2017
After speaking with The Disfavored guys at Stonemaw, I went to the nearest town and slaughtered the Scarlet Chorus there, but this didn't move the quest forward, in fact, it said I hadn't talked to those two brothers in Stonemaw. What should I do?
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Aug 18, 2010
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Hello guys, I just get same issue now, how it could happen that 2 years and still no one make any progress with fixing that? I already lost saves from before first conversation with them, so I can not go back, without loosing entire game :/ Anyone can help me with progress it somehow?


Sep 27, 2019
I have the same bug. Defeated Scarlet Chorus and the quest won't advance and let me go to the next location. I chose the dialogue option to tell them I had already done the task but it didn't change anything. Super frustrating. Any fix yet?

(Attached a savegame if it can be of help)


  • Hensel 57853befef554720b341cf8de7787660 quicksave.savegame
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