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Apr 1, 2005
I got EU a long time ago and played the tutorial but I didn't play any more because I didn't have the time. I got it off the shelf and installed it on my new comp, and figured I'd play Fantasia for a bit to figure out everything. The only problem I encountered was that I could not annex another country militarily. I controlled every single province Ukraine owned but when I went to the peace window I could only demand three territories (unless I am mistaken an option should appear where you can annex the entire country?). Is this a Fantasia thing or what?

So I started to play The Age of Enlightenment as Turkey. I *think* I'm supposed to get one diplomat per year. It seems as if I get one diplomat per year, but the diplomats do not show up in my counter, and I can only use these "invisible diplomats" to send gifts, not to do anything else. (I can send one and only one gift per year, which leads me to believe I am getting one diplomat per year and it simply is not showing up on the counter.) Ideas? Thanks for any help you can provide to a frustrated n00b.

Addendum: I am running Win XP Pro with EU 1.10 in compatability mode for Win98/ME. I installed the IGC on a copy of the EU folder, but both of these instances occurred before I installed the IGC. (I haven't used the IGC yet.)


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Jan 7, 2004
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The reason for not beeing able to annex in Fantasia is that all nations there are playable. And you cannot annex a playable nation.