Tutorial section in IN bugs and glitches from new user

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blwizard said:
LMFAO! Well if thats your own work, who cares? But This is a Paradox game, it's a product! Is this how their products are being advertised? Who sets the rule that people who play the expansion must have played the original? If someone does, he's being at least not user-friendly. Reason why I'm playing is my friend strongly recommend this game (he knows I love Civ 4) to me and gave his full set of Paradox games to me before going embrace WoW, otherwise I would have just left the game untouched in my hard drive, the Rome cd still resting in my drawer. Sorry if this is going too aggressive, but I don't think this is how Paradox think. If they do, well, I have to say they don't want to expand their market to some extent.

You are right. We should have looked at the tutorial more for the expansion to make sure it was more compatible.
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