Feb 8, 2011

  • Bulgaria
  • 1936 Scenario
  • launch Bulgarian Air Force
  • conquest of Turkey

  • original, ver1.3b, difficulty normal, militancy normal
  • Until September 1939, resettable at an event outside of historical fact

  • upload AAR to the paradox site.:D
  • Time estimation before playing.:cool:
  • study how to play a small country:mad:
  • study the brigade.:rofl:
  • understand the Balkans and the Ottoman Empire.:p
  • My friend is going to Turkey on holiday, so I write the AAR also as a tour guide.:rolleyes:

The way of creating AAR

Tweet the play to Twitter("@weed_nwn", welcome to follow me;)), and use Twitter service to together tweets to a summary later. Thank you for allowing me adding your replies to my AAR.

This may be a little wrong way to write AAR, but the edit burden after the game is considerably reduced.


The Bulgarian family name is the first name of the parent and "ov". Stoyan Stoyanov means "Stoyan, Stoyan's son".

I don't study Sutoyan deeply this time. This is story of private pilot who helped launch of the Bulgarian Air Force.
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Feb 8, 2011
1st play: Stoyan hears of Turkish cuisine


"Do you know what the world's three major cuisine?"

Stoyan was asked by friend at a bar, in January 1936.

"I don't know"
"Chinese, French, and Turkish cuisine"
"Turkey? Our neighbor. I want to eat it."
"Me too"

No one could imagine that a private pilot Sutoyan launch the Bulgarian Air Force and eat foods all over Turkey...


1936 scenario, the country is Bulgaria.

People complained about several ceded territory after the war. Government used the complains. interventionism

Stoyan Stoyanov was still civilians.

Energy and rare resources are lacking. Import from Germany and Soviet Union.

To become "factory" in Eastern Europe, Bulgaria concentrated on the construction of plants.

Government is focused on increasing exports, people complains the lack of daily necessities.

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It may be a lot easier for you to press Print Screen and then paste into Microsoft Paint or any other image program than to have to take photographs and upload to the computer then upload onto an image site.


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Did you really need to create several posts to post that?

Bearing in mind that he's a recently arrived to the forum and his first AAR, I wouldn't complain too much.

As for the images, weed_7777. Just press F11 and you'll get the images in your HOI folder.
Feb 8, 2011
2nd play: "Sophia" means wisdom

Geography of Bulgaria. Sofia the capital in the west, the port of Varna in the east.

"Sophia" means wisdom or intelligence in the ancient Greek.

One of the oldest cities in Europe.

Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria. It seems to like Kyoto, traditional capital in the basin.

Varna is an important point of economic activity in Bulgaria and Black Sea coastal area.

Port Varna. Was the mouth of river reclaimed?

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Sorry I don't know the standard way of writing AAR. To tell the truth, this is my first time to write AAR here. Should I bind several posts to one ? Thank you for your advice.

Don't worry! That is why they have us friendly Demi-Mods around. I've merged your first few posts together. :)
Good luck with your AAR and welcome to AARland! If you have any rule related questions or need help with anything, feel free to contact me or any of the other mods. :cool:
Feb 8, 2011
3rd play: Present, Present, Present

Sell goods to Italy, and present proceeds to German.

Present, present

We should sell more goods...

Argentina buy goods at a good price. # HoI2

Not bad.

Hearts of Iron continues to be hotter.

Factory banker Atanas Brov invested completes basic manufacture machine. This increases goods production.

Sell them to Dominican Republic.

Revenue becomes 1.5 times.

September 1936. Has become a friendly lot.

Request CBSA to develop computer. # HoI2

CBSA is "Caproni Bulgaria Societa Autonoma". In Italian(why?), "Goats Bulgarian Company Autonomous". Why Goats?

The success rate of alliance with Germany is 45%...

Alliance succeeded !

December 20, 1936. Public discontent was growing.

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Feb 8, 2011
Don't worry!

Thanks a lot Mr. Capiatlist. I am very relieved. Honestly, I don't know any rule of this community. In addition, I'm not good at English. Sorry for your discomfort, but I think what I can is to continue writing AAR for return of helps. This play is my third play of 1936. I'm a newbie. The first play was Germany, and Japanese online community helped me a lot( I did a lot of failures ). Finally, I successed landing Britain island. The second play was testplay of this play, and the community helped me at this time, too. I hope you enjoy my AAR.


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December 20, 1936. Public discontent was growing.

Feb 8, 2011
4th play: Stoyan flies the sky


"We are landing at Frankfurt International Airport soon. Thank you for your seat belt."

After the broadcast in airplane, feeling the small changes of air streams, Stoyan wandered in his thinking.

Recently, the government surprisingly announced that our Bulgaria allied to Germany. What is the meaning of alliance with such a country struggling with debt? Firstly, Why is that strange bearded guy so bossy?

But the impression of other people seem different. Hard daily life might change by this, they expected. And they faintly expect that we recover the prestige of historical country, Bulgaria.

But that doesn't matter Stoyan.

He was delighted that the number of international navigation increased. Trade with Germany has increased day by day, and private pilot Stoyan was flying through the sky on a daily basis.

He wanted only to fly.

He wondered why, but he could sense changes of airflow, atmospheric moisture, terrain claims, by his skin. So he continued to fly. The sky was becoming his home.

He steadily growed his talent of flight, and years later, he was called the Bulgarian Ace...


Germany began a variety of technical assistance

The government appealed the creation of future wealth and military strength of Bulgaria. "hawk"

Energy is transferred from Germany, and money was sent to Germany instead.

Banker Atanas completed improved manufacture machine in the factory he invested.

Goods production increased rapidly 1.5 times.

All surplus products were sent to Germany

Anti-Comintern Pact. The world begins ideological confrontation slowly.

Since Germany sent a blueprint for inter-war type bomber, start R & D.

This was the first step of the Bulgarian Air Force launch, and the wheel of fate began to turn.
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