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Kaiser v.G.G. (abdicated)
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Oct 20, 2000
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I´d like to redirect attention to a problem, kdp mentioned within 'General Discussions':

Yesterday I started a GC as Turkey. I'm (of course) fighting for control of the Middle East with my neighbour islamic countries and I've been to war with both Persia and the Mammalucs (can't remember how to spell them, sorry). If my victory is getting large (e.g. a lot of stars in peacetalks) I apparently get the option of forcing the other country (like Persia) to change their state religion into the Turkish one. That gives a lot of VPs but most of the time I would rather like to demand some provinces.
The problem is that when I'm sending a diplomat with a peace request I'm asked whether or not to demand the change in religion before I'm asked for any provinces. If I 'accept' the demand the war ends and I have to withdraw my forces. If I try to use the 'cancel'-button nothing happens. I'm not being passed on to the normal
peace window. Am I doing something wrong? Must I access the normal peace window another way?

Now I´ve heard some German players complaining about exactly the same problem. One even said, that when accepting the conversion, Persia stays shiite nevertheless. Sounds like a bug to me, don´t You think?