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something's wrong with that list of figures, no way that 3-province BRI has more income then England

Britanny, middle to late 15th century

in the beginning there was Chaos , and out of Chaos , Britany wished to create Order . Unfortunately, the warmongering and Chaotic neighbours of Brittanny strived only to achieve POWER, and MIGHT, the two pillars of Chaos .

As it was, Burgundy had, through the work of the forces of Chaos , occupied the entirity of Brittany's lands, and wished only to stop the occupation in exchange for Britanny giving up all lands on which French people dwelled, only the Gaelic people would still resort under the dukes of Britanny.

This unfortunately left the duke without the ability to grant Order to the world, therefor a slow rebuilding process was initiated.. come the eighties Britanny had a reasonable force (OOC: around 14000 total, of which 8000 cavalry) maintaining Order in Britanny, and a small detachment of ships (OOC:20 galleys) to increase mobility of this force. the Duke also decide that for Order to reign supreme, Britanny had to focus more on the wild seas, and less on the land(OOC: DP more towards naval), which was too Chaotic for Britanny to handle now. Also, more efficient ways of gathering the resources of the land and sea were deviced (OOC: infra 3).

in the late eighties of the 15th century, Britanny finally could contribute to the decrease of Chaos , by suppressing the chaotic hordes, labeling themselves rebbels, who wandered freely around France.
Unfortunately, the forces of Chaos struck back, and the duke of Britanny was somehow separated from his loyal and Orderly subjects, and thus could not see to it that Order prospered (OOC: missed the rehost :( ) nor could the proper arrangements with France be made with France to further the cause of Order (OOC: no repayment for rebel suppresion yet)