Tried to play Co-Op yesterday ...

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Jan 5, 2021
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... and frankly it didn´t work.

Last week I got the urge to play Magicka again and so naturally I got me a friend, bought him the game on steam, hostet a private multiplayer session and then invited him. So far so good.

Then everytime a new checkpoint - ore better a new "subchapter" - is loaded he chrashes to the desktop. From the introducition to the tutorial - crash - from walking around the castle to the ratinfested farm - crash - and then he crashed immidiatly when the boss fight against the troll in the military camp began.

He checked some forums and then deinstalled and reinstalled the game. No effect.

Do you, fellow Wizards, have an idea what we could do?

P.S. I read on Steam, that it´s not longer possible to play a DLC scenario together if not everybody has the DLC?! Is that true?
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Jul 26, 2021
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Similar Story here, but it is about the DLC "The Stars are Left" (leaving the Problems out for Adventure Mode, because this one Eclipses those) So i was trying to play the DLC in Mutliplayer with a Friend. It worked pretty good without a Hitch one day. Until we encountered Parker. Multiple crashes during the Fight, and always nearly at the End too. Very frustrating but we did it in the End. We also managed to complete the Second Chapter... but then the trouble started: We made it to the second or third Checkpoint of the third Chapter and called it a night. Next time we wanted to play we could not get it to work. Either the Game crashed on my end or i would load into the Game and my Friend got dropped from the game before it even loaded on her end. This is extremely frustrating... we tried for over an hour and it would not work. i still hope in vain that there will be another patch out for the Game and the DLC... because as it stands, they are borked.
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