Tribals don't have the ''shut the gate decision'' but Feudals have it, no matter the epidemic's distance.

Tribals don't have the ''shut the gate decision'' but Feudals have it, no matter the epidemic's distance.

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Hey, guys!
Ziji, Team.

I'm back to CK2 after many months and I have (accidentally) just found a quite serious issue with two sub-parts. Not sure who's still active now that CK3 is out, but I can see @Delnar_Ersike is still fixing bugs, in the beta and that's really good to know!

1) Tribals don't have the ''shut the gate'' (seclude) decision, even when the Epidemic is right in their capital (both player and AI).
2) Feudals have it, no matter the epidemic's distance. Even when an epidemic hits India, William the Bastard can shut its castle's gates in Normandy.

I'm not 100% sure these are actual bugs, but I have found a fellow player's report, with a similar issue before some time (check here). ZIji told him it's probably a mod conflict, but, it's not a conflict for sure, cause I'm using a clean FULL HIP (Frosty 3) installation atm and this issue is still hitting the AI and Human Player alike.

I've searched the code in rip_various_decisions.txt and I have found the issue in:

potential = {
has_dlc = "Reapers"
OR = {
is_landed = yes
is_patrician = yes
NOR = {
is_tribal = yes
is_nomadic = yes
is_inaccessible_trigger = yes
emf_hiprio_decision_basic_potential = yes

1) If you want your tribals and nomads to be able to seclude themselves during an epidemic, just delete them in the ''NOR'' bracket.
2) To fix the second issue, just replace the rip_various_decisions.txt (Seclusion parts) with the Vanilla ones, and now you can only shut the gates when the disease strikes near you capital, which I think is what the HIP team was trying to do since Hades 5 as you can see from its release notes: (Reaper's Due) Shut The Gates! decision now only becomes available when an epidemic is actually nearby your capital rather than anywhere at all within your independent realm.

Well, I'm too lazy to clean fix them atm with proper coding and it's also 5 in the morning here :p

I hope, this will not interfere (I think it won't) with the ''go-to hiding'' decision, when someone is trying to murder you and the devs will see it and ''fix'' it properly if it's indeed a bug.
Till then, just use my instructions, if you want to try a dirty dirty fix :D

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