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Conquistadores - God Speed !
Sep 7, 2005

as yoda told me tehre's only one event for trebizonde about being the Byzantin Empire, i've search a little and i've found some intersting things about it on wikipedia, here're the details and proposition( i don't know how to create events sorry):

In 1429, Jean IV Calojean get on the throne, after making his father kill (Alexis IV), he successfully resist assualts of his neighbourghood, especially the one Mourad II did.

for trebizonde: political killing
-3 stability

Constantinople fall in april 1453, a part of the inhabitants of the city became refugees in Trebizonde.

for trebizonde: political refugees

when constantinople fall

-welcome them
--> population in trebizonde + 2000, + 100 gold, aristocraty +1 (i think only rich people can afford such a trip), stability -1

In 1456 Amaseia's ottoman governor, attacked Trebizonde, but could not enter the city, he just took a lot of prisonners, and ask the emperor a heavy tribut.

Jean IV try to make an alliane with the Khan of the Black Sheep, Uzun Hasan, to who he gives his daughter for marriage. In exchange, the Khan agreed in defending personally Trebizonde with all his men and all his ressources.

for trébizonde: Royal Marriage with Kara Koyunlu
1- offering the khan our daughter
=>event for Kara Koyunlu
2- No Way !!!
-->relation with Kara Koyunlu -50

If decision 1.
EVENT for Kara Koyunlu: Jean IV offer us his daughter
1- accept her and defend our new friends
--> Royal Marriage with Trébizonde, relation +100
I don't remember but there may be a command for Kara Koyunlu, to declare war every people who attack Trebizonde for 2 years.

2- We don't mind
--> relation with Trébizonde -50, Trebizonde got a casus belli against us for 3 month.

When he died in 1458, his brother David take the succession, and immediatly contact Philippe the good from Burgundy and pope Pie II
Mehmet II was upset and decide to finish Trebizonde Empire: In juny 1461, one ottoman army attack Sinope; facing the forces Mehmet II bring with him, David capitulate the 15th of august 1461.

for Trébizonde: try to find our salvation west
1- trying to establish relation with Burgundy and Papal States.
=>event for Burgundy, papal states and ottoman empire.
2- don't upset our neighbors
relation with border country +10

If choice 1.
for Burgundy and Papal States: Trébizonde seek our help
1- we got other things to think of.
relation with Trébizonde -30
2- give them military help
loose 3000 inf, trebizonde win 3000 inf. relation with trebizonde +50
3- give them financial help
loose 50 gold; trebizonde win 50 gold. relation with trebizonde +100
4- We'll try to do our best to help them
loose 5000 inf, loose 80 gold
trebizonde win 5000 inf et 80 gold
relation with trebizonde +200

No matter what decisions take papl states and burgundy, if trebizonde take 1st choice => For ottoman empire: Too much provocation for Trebizonde, how will we react ?
1- crush them
at war with Trébizonde

2- try to be nice with them
relation with Trébizonde +30

sorry for my weak english, let me know what you think of it.