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As trade leagues are getting a new feature (Trade cities), I'd like to suggest a really simple thing:

Trade league members get favours with their trade league leader even if not formally allied. In turn, high trust between a trade league member and a trade league leader will discourage or even disallow (at 80/90+ trust of course) a member from leaving the league if still an OPM.

I'm playing a Lübeck league game right now, with over 14 members and the single most annoying thing is really members leaving for no apparent reason. Relations are high, nothing changed in my armies, there are no war, nor conflicting rivalries/alliances. But they still leave. Considering the high amount of effort to get someone into the league at 10+ members (It usually requires bribes, subsidies, guarantees,...), being able to somehow guarantee a solid core of members should be a welcomed help.

The rate of getting favour could be lower than in a formal alliance, if needed for balance.
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