Trade Improvments that don't need to wait for EU5

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Aug 10, 2015
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We all know there are a host of trade improvements we'd all like to see that require a trade engine re-write in Eu5 (dynamic nodes). However there are few simple additions that can be made easily and fit into the Ideas revamp that Paradox have alluded to for 1.35

  1. Remove the trade power penalty for collecting in a non-home node, when you are collecting in an END node. Basically no penalty for collecting in English Channel, Venice, and Genoa. Major quality of life improvement for Italian nations and anyone playing in the Med.
  2. Add a finisher for the Trade Ideas group that completely removes the trade power penalty for collecting in a non-home node (for any node, so a more powered up version of #1). This follows the pattern of other idea groups having a functional change finisher rather than just numeric modifier impact.
  3. Merchant traits. Similar to admiral/general traits. Could include benefits to trade steering, trade power, ship trade power specifically, access/benefits to certain trade policies, etc
  4. Special Caravan events similar to gold fleets.
  5. Adjustable transfer trade rates. No more set in stone trade sharing rates between overlord country and vassal/colony.
  6. Vassals automatically share maps with overlord
  7. Minimum province sizes for RNW colonial regions so the 10 province free merchant is always technicly possible
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Vassals automatically share maps with overlord
This should be option in "subject interaction" interface.
If vassal have high LD or negative relations or something other - this option should be locked.

3 and 7 - I support
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