"Tourism" and "In-Dome Building Pack" CCP patch notes

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Feb 15, 2021
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Hey guys, it seems like since monday my colonist dont age anymore, 60% of my pop are childrens for like 20 Sol and they just dont grow, i'm pretty sure i havent noticed a peter pan event chain so i think thats a bug :D could it be related to this patch ?

A thread of ppl talking about this issue : htt ps://forum.paradoxplaza.co m/forum/threads/surviving-mars-colonist-do-not-age.1462036/


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Apr 17, 2018
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1. I got the Tourism update as an upgrade without a separate purchase. Season Pass?
2. Since the upgrade, in my save game, all my Rockets are named "Rocket" and cannot be renamed.
The tourism update is free for all Surviving Mars players.

My understanding is that the season pass has been done. It was sold with the promise of a certain number of DLCs and expansions, which was entirely fulfilled with the release of Green Planet. If they decide to go forward with a new package of DLCs/expansions, there will probably be a new season pass.