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Jan 29, 2011

Just got this game today, hoping to actually be able to play... After the tutorial mission and onto the second stage of the first mission, EVERY damn time, the game crashes with a runtime error.

This is ridiculous - there is almost no support out there, like the guys at Neocore have just forgotten they even made the flipping game.

I payed good money for this, and what? I can't even play the game a bought because it just CRASHES!

Oh, and guess what? I can't kind a refund because GREAT! it's tied to Steam... Wow, nice one.

Hmm, so, anyone found a miracle fix yet?

Doubt it.



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Yeah, we've been waiting for a fix since October. Took 3 months just to get cd-keys through steam.

But... Steam just updated this game for me today. About 70 mb with some crash fixes listed in the steam game news page:
Stability issues are solved
Balancing and difficulty updates
Faith related Relics optimized
Cavalry momentum under high game speed fixed
Behavior of shocked AI units upgraded
Crusader campaign, Bagdad mission restart bug fixed
Skill issues after unit upgrade fixed
Unit parameter info bug fixed
Bugs at active hero skills fixed
I haven't tried it yet. I've had the game since October and only been able to play the first mission before it crashes. Hopefully it is now fixed.

edit: I just finished the first mission with no crash, so hopefully it's finally playable!
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Dec 2, 2009
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We did not forget about the game - we were just working hard to fix the issue.

And voila: new update released on Steam yesterday.

Please provide us feedback about the patch. Thank you.