To the forum moderators: plz fwd this if possible

To the forum moderators: plz fwd this if possible

  • Crusader Kings III Available Now!

    The realm rejoices as Paradox Interactive announces the launch of Crusader Kings III, the latest entry in the publisher’s grand strategy role-playing game franchise. Advisors may now jockey for positions of influence and adversaries should save their schemes for another day, because on this day Crusader Kings III can be purchased on Steam, the Paradox Store, and other major online retailers.

    Real Strategy Requires Cunning

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Apr 24, 2018
@PdxInteractive, @grekulf , @Eladrin , @BjornB : Given that the original development team (Haemimont games) does not participate any more to the forum (with rumors being that they are no longer collaborating with PDX), nor do they post any kind of update for the Surviving Mars game, could the forum moderators possibly forward a request to PDX R&D (or marketing) for a discussion on:
a) the future of the game (whether it could be further developed by some other studio or team),
b) future plans for a S.M.2 game

I understand that this is a small-ish community with few members, still I would ask you to help us discuss (pitch ideas, promote our hopes) the future of a game we some much love!!!

Thank you in advance, and we hope to have some (any) sort of news from you soon...!!!

P.S. for @grekulf @Eladrin and @BjornB : I am really sorry for my misconduct of calling you guys for help on a game you probably have no interference with, I just didn't know who to address this post to...