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Jul 10, 2012
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We all know it had to happen. A Hellenic Roman Empire being an option it had to be done. You know it, I know it, and time to throw down the new ways that have seen the Roman Empire split and weakened. Why have pants when we can have togas? So it will be that I begin a new Let's Play with the simple goal of once more bringing back to True Roman Empire. When Rome was growing and expanding instead of breaking apart and trying to hold on to past glories. Since this is a LP of course by all means comment here, comment on the videos. Though my recording style means I must play ahead of what you see I always try to respond to such.


So of course custom ruler means that starting off is always a little tricky as you really need those starting heirs to grow up without serious trouble.

So some things will be left for later characters to do. Things like the Classics or getting weapons and armor. Everyone gets a chance to do something fun instead of one doing it all.

It may take a while but I will eventually get my claims on Rome. Eventually. One of these years.

Once I get back the old religions I will have plenty of fun invading just all the things. Holy Wars and the ability to restore the old borders and all.

So looking around the world so far what do you think has been the most interesting development? Surprise Holy Roman Empire perhaps?

I wonder if my rulers will end up being counted as saintly individuals after they pass?

Kingdom invasions are good! I will take advantage of them while I can. Stay strong my neighbours but not too strong.

No pirate is going to get away with robbing me!

Never bend the knee to another Emperor. Though we can be friends in other ways.

Finally we retake the home of the Roman Empire. I won't move there quite yet. There are things to do first.

Gotta show that Holy Roman Empire what a real Roman Empire is like. Set the example!

You know the viking forces of Salerno are surprisingly potent. I should probably deal with it.

The Latium duchy is good and properly back in our hands. A vital step in reforming the Roman Empire.

The only thing that really slows me down now is how many kids do I have to hand off lands to.

Time to do a little internal house keeping I think.

Need to build up a huge chunk of tech points so when I jump to Rome I can level up a lot of stuff to not lose too much power. Especially the power to go after pagan lands.

Have a nice good strong core in Italy now. Not quite ready to make the jump. That will wait for the restoration of the Roman Empire.

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I feel like conversion rates are slower than they used to be. Even with being Orthodox seems a little slower. Hmm.

Why hello current Holy Lands. Nice to have you back in the Empire.