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Oct 17, 2007
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How can a small island have so much man in arms? :eek:
Sep 29, 2008

Olav was on a ship going to Oslo, Norway. He would just a few hours to spend in Oslo
before he would have to march north...


Enerik Waldson said,".... and I will capture him like that! Spies from the Swede."
A letter was sent out to watch for a certain person...


Sep 29, 2008
Hee, hee, hee

if anyones reading: update soon. just being completely caught up in MEIOU.
And, sadly, this update might be the last. however my MEIOU game might deserve an AAR... ;)
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Sep 29, 2008
this is abandonded due to lack of intrest from readAARs and me the writAAR.
sorry, few readAARs I had. :(
Sep 29, 2008
Part Two: Norway

Chapter One

Olav was in Oslo..ahhh, the fun. The beer. But soon he knew he would have to march north for stationing in Trondelag.
"Any soldiers in this 'ere bar?" A man stuck his head in the door. Olav knew he would have to stand up and leave. So he did. Yes, a soldier was the perfect cover. When he got to the barracks, another officer was saying, "This army is now the balkanite army," then he noticed a certain man...


"Aha! A letter!" Enerik Waldson exclaimed. There was a letter from the Oslo barracks. "So, Olav has been spotted by Captain Lukson. Good, good."

Hope you enjoyed!!
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Sep 29, 2008
Chapter Two

Winter '09, then, winter 1703. Film crew. "The battle scene, boys! Olav fightin' the kids!" the director said. "Hands up, or I shoot!" Captain Lukson said. "The machine guns, bros!" the director said. Bang. Bang. Bang. Captain Lukson was dead.
But a film crew was shooting the movie, Olav Sigurdsson in 1703. They had started in 2009. They had gone through time to 1703.