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Interview will be up in the next few hours ^^

You’ve Been Canonized!: crusaderknight​

Good evening and welcome all to this week’s segment of You’ve Been Canonized! our weekly interview segment here on Timelines where we go to know more about a patron author , their thoughts on Timelines , and their current AAR or project ! If you’re new to the programme , I’m your host canonized author of Timelines: What if Spain Failed to Control the World? and today’s guest is a friend from the CK section , crusaderknight author of The Morea, a Palaeologid AAR . Let’s get it on !

Part I: The Christian Warrior
Let’s get to know a little bit more about crusaderknight !

canonized: First , if you could introduce yourself a little bit for us ?

crusaderknight: Well, I'm 19 years old.and.an amateur author, and a big history buff. I will be a freshman in
Martin Luther College, in New Ulm, Minnesota this coming August. Normally this would be my freshman year, but I decided to take a year off from school after graduating high school.

canonized: How long have you been writing and reading in AARland and been part of the forum community ?

crusaderknight: Well, I joined the forums in February of 2006. Actually, I signed up so that I could comment on Veldmaarschalk's AAR "A Saxon Imperial Dream". It was this AAR that actually inspired me to write my own AAR, which I started later that year.

canonized: Do you have any influences outside of the forum for the impetus that you felt for writing ? A history class or book or narrative perhaps that helped propel you to take up AARs also ?

crusaderknight: A few, actually. I have read Valerio Massimo Manfredi's "Alexander" Trilogy many times, and he has definitely been a great inspiration to my own writings, both on the forum and off. Also, Conn Iggulden's "Emperor" series has been a great source of inspiration as well.

canonized: As far as your style goes , why did you choose a more narrative approach ?

crusaderknight: Well, I have always enjoyed reading good stories, as well as telling them. I have been writing books and poems since I was a child (though I haven't published any of my books as of yet). It just seemed natural, then, to write an AAR in my natural style.

canonized: Do you have any plans on attempting to publish anything in the future or aspirations thereof ?

crusaderknight: Perhaps in a few years. There a some stories that I have been writing, rewriting, and refining over the past few years. Mostly historical fiction.

canonized: Could you tell us a little bit about your name on the forums and how it applies to you personally ?

crusaderknight: Well, I chose the name crusaderknight because the Crusades have always been one of my favourite eras in history. I have always enjoyed reading about men like Godfrey de Bouillon or Richard Coeur d'Leon, and so having a name that related to this seemed appropriate. I went with crusaderknight because it was general enough to encompass the whole Crusader era, instead of only one specific figure.

canonized: How about your religious background ? How it has , perhaps , influenced your work ?

crusaderknight: Well, I have been raised in a rather small Church body, the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. I have always enjoyed studying both the Bible, and Church history, and this has given me a lot of knowledge in these areas.

Part II: A Pilgrimage
Our friend shares a few words about his thoughts on Timelines !

canonized: I always like to open with this one: how did you come upon Timelines ?

crusaderknight: Well, a lot of the AARs that I start reading, especially EU3 AARs, tend to die out just as they are getting interesting. So I am always having to find new ones to read. I have seen Timelines around for a while, and so I was certain that it wasn't going to die out at a moment's notice, so I decided to give it a try.

canonized: When you first began , what would you say your first impressions were ?

crusaderknight: It was a very well written narrative. I especially liked how it told two stories at once, but always hinted that they were somehow connected. I also enjoyed the little inside jokes such as the Ceylon Base Ship.

canonized: Haha , that's one of everyone's favourites ! So far in your reading , what do you feel is the aspect of the story that sticks with you the more you read ? Something that keeps you returning ?

crusaderknight: Well, I've been very intrigued by both stories, but I think more so by the mysteries surrounding the present; one of the best cliff hangers I have seen so far was when Tom and his family were abducted. I couldn't just stop there, I had to keep on reading.

canonized: Despite these things , it still might be a daunting task for anyone to begin ; how does the length affect your reading of the tale ?

crusaderknight: Well, I have always been a rather slow reader. I rarely read a book in less than a month, usually longer. Typically with AARs, I have a hard time catching up when there is a lot to read. I prefer to read new AARs and just stay with them. But Timelines has definitely caught my interest, and is worth the time and effort of catching up.

canonized: Although it has mystery and adventure , Timelines also has a religious element ; what kind of impressions does this give someone with your background ?

crusaderknight: Well, I enjoy reading about the differing perspectives. It is interesting to read about a world where the Protestant Reformation had less of an impact, and where Protestants are an incredible minority. I like reading about Tom's outlook on things.

canonized: Speaking of Tom , how do you feel about his characterization and interaction with others around him such as the other main character of the present timeframe Rodrigo ?

crusaderknight: I like reading about the friendship between Tom and Rodrigo. It reminds me very much of a friendship of my own, actually. Except my friend doesn't play HU3 with me. But I can relate to their friendship in a very personal way, and I think that is a major reason I enjoy the present half of the story so much.

canonized: As for the characters in the past , which would you say appeal to you most ?

crusaderknight: Well, Antonio is definitely a very interesting character. I'd have to say he is favourite character from the past. He seems to be a very believable hero. He isn't invincible, and he doesn't just buffon his way through situations. He is sometimes unsure of himself, as we all are at times. It is very easy to relate to him, which is really what makes him a perfect hero for the story.

canonized: And perhaps any thoughts on his female counterpart Isabella ?

crusaderknight: Isabella is an enigma, I'd have to say. Sometimes I am unsure of just how far her feelings towards Antonio really go. At times, she seems to genuinely care for him, but at others I'm not so sure. Such as when they were in Japan, and she left him at the mercy of his captors for a time. I realise she had a plan, but that was an awful lot of faith in her plan that she had...

canonized: And returning to the mystery : the enigmatic Timepiece . Any guesses on what it is ?

crusaderknight: I really don't have much of an idea. Only that whatever it is, it is very powerful. But that mystery is another thing that keeps me coming back.

Part III: A Crusader Kingdom
Let’s take a peek at his latest work !

canonized: From a little country in the Peloponessus to a crusader Empire ; why Morea and why this goal ?

crusaderknight: The reason I chose the Morea was quite simply because I wanted to be unique. Nobody had done it before, so it seemed perfect. The Crusader Empire rather happened on its own. I started without any real goal aside from role playing. Different Kings would have different goals, but Georgios I left a legacy which the others all seem to want to match, and even out shine.

canonized: Speaking of Georgios I , you've created an excellent family drama with it . The tragedy of the wife as well as the depression with the teenage daughter coming of age ; how did you come to construct such situations and interactions ?

crusaderknight: Well, it obviously began with the events that happened in the game. It killed off Lavinia very young, and then brought the depression upon my daughter. I had to write an interesting situation. Often times, when faced with situations like these, I will think back to books I have read and ask how they would have explained it. Then I have a basic idea to follow, and I let the story develop from there. Sometimes it can be a challenge thinking up new stories when the same events happen to the next generation.

canonized: You follow the events of the game relatively closely while providing a played out background that makes each step believable . Would you say CK in itself lends itself to these kinds of dramas ?

crusaderknight: I would say that it does. Sometimes it throws completely random occurances out, but usually the events can be very believable.

canonized: One of the best examples of your adding meat to the bones of the CK events is how you treated Georgio II's insane daughter Cheilous . What kind of preparation do you make for these episodes ?

crusaderknight: My story is often in my mind. When I'm at work, when I'm eating, when I'm in the shower, almost everywhere I am, I am constantly thinking of up coming scenarios and how best to portray them. Sometimes I actually act them out in my room.

canonized: Acting them out , now that's very interesting ! Hopefully not every aspect of it haha . You wouldn't kill your own son like a certain insane monarch did would you ?

crusaderknight: Well... you never know... haha. Of course I wouldn't. But sometimes it helps me to visualize how best to write a scene if I act it out.

canonized: Naturally , despite from the regal concentration , just like any good CK AAR , the intrigue includes major players outside of the royal family . Could you highlight one of them for us ?

crusaderknight: Well, perhaps my most influential non-royal figure has been Alexios Dekanos. During his lifetime, he went from being a low ranking general, to becoming the second most powerful man in the country. And after his death, in addition to becoming both the father of a noble dynasty and an inspiration to Morean soldiers, he has also now become a Saint, which adds a religious layer to his influence.

canonized: Aside from the usual Eastern intrigues , you also have to face other challenges such as the Pechenegs and (of course since it seems so in vogue) the Normans in Italy . Tell us a little about this aspect of your AAR , please .

crusaderknight: Well, some of the challenges I face are planned, but others come as a complete surprise. All the trouble with the Pechenegs was actually due to my First Crusade to Georgia, when my vassals actually attacked the Pechenegs with no apparent provocation. And then of course the Normans were once my allies, but after the death of Athanasios I, they decided to make a grab for my throne, and since then...

crusaderknight: I have been effectively eradicating the de Hautevilles.

canonized: Do you have any AAR plans for the future or concurrently ?

crusaderknight: Well, I have hit a bit of writer's block with my current AAR, which is why I am currently taking a sabbatical from it. But even though I am taking a break from the narrative writing style, I didn't want to stop AAR writing altogether, so I have started a history book style AAR about Wales. Hopefully by the time I am finished with Wales, I will be ready to continue writing about the Morea.

canonized: Well thank you for joining us , crusaderknight and we’d like to thank everyone for tuning in this week ! Please stay tuned for the INSTRUMENTALITY edition of You’ve Been Canonized! at the beginning of next month and please check back here to see how our next guest will be ! This is canonized signing off , good fight , good night!
Nice interview.

Oh, and you do notice when kurt_steiner hasn't taken his pills... ;) :p
Murmurandus: Thank you ! ROFL , and Kurt takes pills ? I imagine Kurt is one of those people that they use his blood as a serum for dimentia haha . I also imagine him looking like Salvador Dali even though I already know what he looks like XD

comagoosie: thanks ! And it should remind you of indiana jones XD
thanks ! And it should remind you of indiana jones XD

It's from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade isn't it?
It's from Henry Jones Senior's Notebook on what he collected from the past Crusades and it tells him about what traps are within the Holy Grail's holding place and hints about how to get past them and they have to get it back from Berlin to get it back from this Nazi lady so they can survive the traps and get the Holy Grail so it can heal Indy's father when he gets shot later and Hitler signs it and and and... INDY FTW! *mouth is foaming*

*Ahem* Sorry about that... :(
I was a pleasure being interviewed by you, canonized. Thankyou for the opportunity.

This is definitely one of my all time favourite AARs to read, and I can't wait until I'm all caught up. :D
Throne: yep that's right XD

crusaderknight: It was definitely great to have you on the programme !

chefkoch: Ahh you'd be looking for a gameplay AAR for those ^^ this is a narrative type ; it's more like a short (well not really short anymore rofl) story or amateur novel XD .
Wow! An excellent set of updates, I really did think Willem had killed Renault, so I was so pleasantly surprised when it turned out he had just given him a rather messy transfusion, good to see Antonio and Isabella alive, and

Happy Birthday Timelines!

Even if it is a bit late haha!
Hmm Aztec Magic, huh? Sounds like something ugly in the hands of the Ming and Wolves.

As for the heroes of season 1 in our modern times, that's gonna bring up a lot of strange complications :D.

Oh, I'm back btw :p (you never guessed that did you?) Funny that it took Avernite a month to pass me in number of posts, we Dutchmen are clearly the kings of senseless Spam :D
Grubnessul said:
Hmm Aztec Magic, huh? Sounds like something ugly in the hands of the Ming and Wolves.

As for the heroes of season 1 in our modern times, that's gonna bring up a lot of strange complications :D.

Oh, I'm back btw :p (you never guessed that did you?) Funny that it took Avernite a month to pass me in number of posts, we Dutchmen are clearly the kings of senseless Spam :D

Go look at the Machiavellian adventures of Princess Eleanor (CK AARs, near the bottom of page 1). In a few updates, I'll pass the author in number of posts :p

Also, I may have forgotten before, so: happy birthday :)
Nice interview as always, crusaderknight's AAR is indeed a good one
How am I not surprised that when I come back, you'll still doing amazing and have even more readers. ;)

I'm still catching up, but I need not say how great the story is; it speaks for itself.
Of COURSE not!
comagoosie: haha , I should have seen that coming =P

English Patriot: Glad to have you back , old bean ! Hope you had a great vacation XD Glad you liked the chapters and what not XD

Grubnessul: Hooray ! glad to have you back as well , Grubby ! And yes , Aztec Magic is going to be a fun romp ! Glad you're back to your normal self ! How did your tests go ?

Avernite: Well Grubby did get a little bit of a head start on you perhaps though in the following weeks you can catch up faster XD It's a race !!

Capibara: Thank you , sir :D

Eber: How lucky of a guy am I ! Everyone seems to be popping back after their times of being away ! I'm so glad especially to see you again it's been forever I can't believe it sometimes haha ! I do hope that you'll catch up soon ! You were one of the first people to encourage me in my AAR and I really do want to have you as a regular once more !! Hooray very lucky for me !

ColossusCrusher: Couldn't do it without the help of all of the fans out there !

The week is starting and we hope to have something wonderful for you all to have along the week so I really do hope to see you all again ! XD Always very happy to have old people come back from out of the blue and visit us once more hope to have a lot more people do that . VILenin for example good grief he's still on the campaign trail and I do hope to see JM sometime he's been gone for a long while I wonder what he's up to !
canonized said:
comagoosie: haha , I should have seen that coming =P

Eber: How lucky of a guy am I ! Everyone seems to be popping back after their times of being away ! I'm so glad especially to see you again it's been forever I can't believe it sometimes haha ! I do hope that you'll catch up soon ! You were one of the first people to encourage me in my AAR and I really do want to have you as a regular once more !! Hooray very lucky for me !

Ah how nice of you to say. :) I'll try and catch up and soon as I can!