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May 21, 2005
This page is intended to be a timeline of events for the First UK Co-operative AAR! the first page of which is here and the most recent about here.
It is intended to consist of dates and events, hopefully each with a link to the relevant part of the AAR, which is 154 pages long and growing. It will be a constant “work in progress” and I will need the help of members and loyal readers to do it. If you spot something you feel should be in, please PM me with details; i.e. date, event and a page url.

Please try not to add posts below, rather just PM me. If you would like to join the game, then post in the main thread and ask Dury, as he is our leader.



Oh, and if anyone would like to take over co-ordination of this timeline, then please do PM me!

And finally, I believe there is a way to make a link take you to a specific part of a page, can anyone tell me exactly how please? (by PM) Thanks.


Jan 1st 1936
Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin approves a plan by Montgomery-Massingbird (Chief of the Imperial General Staff) for the complete motorization of the British Army. Montgomery-Massingbird steps down as Chief of Staff (Army) to be succeeded by his deputy Sir Cyril Deverell, in order to concentrate on his role as C.I.G.S.​

25th April 1937
In Spain, Republican forces led by Valentin Gonzales (known as “El Campesino - The Peasant”) retake Ciudad Real as they push the Nationalists out of Guadalajara province. El Campesino aims to push on eastwards to attack Valencia.​

27th April 1937
After a year of trying, Franco's Nationalists launch yet another attack on besieged Madrid. But this time the attack has been meticulously planned and prepared, whereas Republican Government forces have been diverted away to support Gonzales' offensive.​

28th April 1937
At 1400 hrs local, Madrid evacuated and declared an open city by Republican forces only 36 hours after Franco begun his attack. Republican forces collapsing on 10 mile front either side of the capital. Valencia front counterattacked and halted, rumours circulating of lead units being cut off and encircled. The British start the Top Secret "Operation Aeneas".​

11th September 1937
Basic Decryption Devices completed, improved destroyer to be researched. Within days of each other, both the 7th and 8th Inf. Divs. in Palestine and Jordan are upgraded to '36 standard.​

15th September 1937
Chief of Staffs meeting in Whitehall. Screenies of research, production and maps of home isles and middle east
Motorised infantry research is at last completed! Basic Naval Bomber to be researched. Sir Cyril discusses tanks with Arthur Sidgreave from Rolls-Royce. It is decided that the Basic Naval bomber will be the Short Sunderland NOT the lockheed hudson.​

early March 1938
Joseph Madison promoted Maj. Gen. and appointed to command 3rd Inf. Div. The division, based at Aldershot, is 1936 standard and has an eng. bde. Maj. Gen. Madison is told that he will also be involved with forward planning and technical discussions at Horse Guards and the War Office from time to time.​
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Feb 18, 2003
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This has taken a few months to do and i think its pretty much done!
If anyone thinks i've missed bits out or ignored certain sections please PM me and i'll be happy to correct it!

Jan 1st 1936

Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin approves a plan by Montgomery-Massingberd (Chief of the Imperial General Staff) for the complete motorization of the British Army. Montgomery-Massingberd steps down as Chief of Staff (Army) to be succeeded by his deputy Sir Cyril Deverell, in order to concentrate on his role as C.I.G.S.​

January 1936

Sir Cyril reports to King Edward VIII about progress through January. Naval and air dicussion/arguments continue.​

February 1936

Arguments over the RAF and Fleet Air Arm.
Dury puts up screenies of diplomacy, Gibraltar, Middle East, production and technological research.​

February 1936

Sir Cyril reports about the situation (screenie) in February;
11/2/36 The first engineering brigade is added to the 2nd Infantry Division.
17/2/36 Popular front of left wing parties in Spain is elected adding more instability.
26/2/36 the 2-2-6 incident is put down in Japan as right wing military clique attempts to take control.
More screenies of the East African situation, research and production.
Discussion of future production priorities.
(addy joins)​

March 7th 1936

A strange man named Dury takes over all power of this story…
A report from 1956 by Arthur.C Wilton (dury) about Britain in the 30’s. The Defence White Paper of March 1st delivered by Sir Montgomery-Massingberd was disputed by Sir Cyril Deverell for the exclusion of armoured divisions – an enlarging of the foot infantry was planned however.
The admiralty gained new builds for the old style battlefleet and the RAF gained new fighter research and defensive radar coverage over Britain.
The first steps were taken on March 14th when the 4th Infantry Division was created, plus an attached engineering brigade (117th Independent Engineering Brigade) was to go to the 2nd Infantry Division.​

16th – 25th April 1936

16/4/36 At a cabinet meeting Eden addresses the situation in Ethiopia, a point is made about only military might convincing people like Mussolini and Hitler.
Sir Cyril announces the completion of a new 75mm field howitzer by the Leyland company, but that they will not be built.
Professor Alan Turing will research improved tabulating machines to speed up research.
25/4/36 Sir Cyril attends ANZAC day and afterwards is to attend the engineering brigade joining the 4th Infantry Division.​

25th April 1936

Sir Cyril (dury) meets General McGovern (Maximus) plus a Captain Smith at Aldershot barracks, they discuss global troop movements so as to distribute the new engineering brigades.
Aldershot command as of May 1st ’36:
British Army HQ (level 1)
1st Inf Div (‘18+Eng)
2nd Inf Div (‘18+Eng)
4th Inf Div (‘18+Eng)
5th Inf Div (‘18+Eng)
2nd to be swapped for the 3rd in the Middle East.
Liverpool – 1 TAC
Norwich – 3 STRAT
Portsmouth – 1 TAC, 1 INT
Dover – 1 INT
Tel Aviv – 1 TAC
Rangoon – 2 TAC​

1st May 1936

Current production menu:
7 Tribal class DDs
6 Inf Divs (’36)
9 Eng Bde.
4 Radar
4 Triton class SS
Factory Bombay
Factory Madras
Factory Calcutta (55%)
Sir Cyril responds to Sir Montgomery Massingberd by stating that the White paper is looking for more mobile type artillery rather than the traditional static type.​

28th – 29th May 1936

28/5/36Sir Cyril is at an Old Boys dinner at the Royal Military college hosted by Great War general Monash.
Dylan arrives and tells him of the arrival of the 2nd Infantry Division at Alexandria, plus the reinforcement of the navy in Gibraltar with HMS Argus and attending units.
The 3rd Infantry Division was brought back to Portsmouth.
Sir Cyril insists Dylan must inspect and report on the motorised exercise.
29/5/36 Sir Cyril nurses a hangover at the War ministry. 6th Infantry Division was formed on the 24th May, plus a new engineering brigade is to be attached to the 3rd Division.​

13th June – 1st July 1936

13/6/36 Exercise Piston is under way on Salisbury Plain which is testing lorry borne infantry.
Dylan is there to report on the findings, he see’s great promise with battalion sized units but problems with anything larger and mounted assaults.
30/6/36 An engineering brigade is added to the 5th Infantry Division.
Sir Cyril meets Baldwin at the War Ministry. They discuss where to put the radar installations in Britain – also Ireland asked for the hand over of Ulster!
Asimov meets with Hugh Dowding and Arthur Harris in a radar test lab in Cambridge to bask in the success of better radar detection.
1/7/36 A meeting with the Chiefs of Staff, PM and War minister at the Ministers conference room is to begin with a speech by the head of the admiralty (Sir Humphrey).​

1st July 1936

Admiral Tulp discusses the Task Force Argus and the Mediterranean theatre with Vice Admiral Lyons (commander of TF Argus).​

1st July 1936

Sir Humphrey tries to address ministers and chiefs but collapses with the last words “My God, the French!”
Sir Cyril reads humpys report but throws it into the fire as humpy suffered a stroke but should recover (perhaps to becomes a Lord?).
Admiralty orders the creation of Task Force Argus to be deployed on Gibraltar.​

2nd – 15th July 1936

2/7/36 Sir Cyril and Dylan meet with Baldwin in the cabinet room to discuss Spain.
It is about to flare up into a Civil War as Franco looks set to announce a coup from Spanish Morocco with German and Italian help by airlifting his army to the mainland. Baldwin doesn’t look like intervening in any way despite Dylan’s plan on intervention.
15/7/36 Baldwin meets Sir Cyril and Admiral Tulp in the cabinet room, Tulp is now Chief of Navy.
In Spain, Franco has begun transporting his forces to the mainland plus the best commanders have defected to his side. The capitol ships have remained loyal to the Government.
Improved Machine Tools has been researched, spare IC is to be spent improving existing units.
Asimov produces a paper on the RAF regarding its situation and capabilities in the event of war.
The head analyst from SIS suggests that Spain will be a battle of the extremists.​

25th – 27th July 1936

25/7/36 Sir Cyril is in the War office looking over Spanish situation and contingency plans – starting on the 18th; Franco has announced his intention to create a fascist Spain in the mould of Germany and Italy. On the 21st the Soviets declared to help the Republicans, 23rd France declared her neutrality and then on the 24th both Germany and Italy decide to send aid to the Nationalists.
He speaks to Neville on the phone who declares Britain’s non-intervention.
26/7/36 The British ambassador to Spain visits Franco’s HQ in Burgos and states that British subjects should be treated well. He delivers a message back to Britain that the offer has been rejected.
27/7/36 Miguel Santos in La Coruna watches as Royal Naval warships enter the harbour menacingly, reports of similar actions in other ports convinces the Nationalists to declare that any British citizens captured will be treated humanely and handed to our authorities.​

30th August 1936

Sir Cyril is working on a new Army white paper and operational plan for intervention in Spain.
Earlier in August, the 9th ‘Highland’ division was commissioned as well as the engineering brigade for the 6th Infantry Division. Only yesterday, the 9th ‘highland’ division received it’s ENG brigade.
That means Aldershot command now has 6 divisions all with ENG brigades.
Canada gave us blueprints for Agrichemistry, whilst the French gave us improved light cruiser, improved battlecruiser and basic light tank for improved machine tools and strategic bombing doctrines.​

1st – 18th September 1936

1/9/36 Sir Cyril and Lord Gort (Deputy chief of army) discuss the armed forces needs and politics in an Army General Staff meeting.
6/9/36 Baldwin announces increased expediture on consumer goods (0.05% a day) and less on supplies.
Republican Spain has been slightly influenced and the Task Force Lyons is to be created a Gibraltar consisting of 2 aircraft carriers, 1 heavy cruiser, 3 lights cruisers and 3 destroyer flotillas.
17/9/36 Baldwin has refused a trade deal with Nationalist Spain and that Agrichemisty has been researched. Agricultural Production will be researched next by the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company.
18/9/36 Baldwin makes a press release about the rejection of the Nationalist Spain trade deal and the sending of Task Force Lyons to reinforce Gibraltar.​

25th – 28th September 1936

Baldwin (dury) confirms the presence of army officers in Spain and will support similar air officers going too. He is also sending Sir Clive Wolfe to Singapore as his special envoy to the far east.
25/9/36 Sir Cyril delivers a lecture at the Ministry of War; Republicans forces in Spain have been crushed and Madrid is now almost totally surrounded (screenies).
Facist help has ensured Burgos was defended (airlift from N.Africa) and new expeditionary forces from Germany and Italy are particularly worrying.
He concludes that lessons from Spain prove the advantage of small unit combat tactics and motorisation for the army. Also armour needs to be improved in light of other nations developments.
28/9/36 Baldwin agrees that the monoplane fighter is the future and also that doctrines must be improved due to the lessons from Spain. He also confirms the commitment to upgrading the armed forces.
Sticks (braedy) considers the Japanese threat to stability in the far east.
Baldwin shows the armed forces available in the East.​

2nd October 1936

The Times (dury) reports on the 12th ‘Eastern’ Division being created for service in the far east (first of two). It will wait a month for its engineering brigade.
Asimov (RAF) replies to Vice Admiral Lyons (addy) regarding the acceptance of monoplane designs.
Continuing discussion about older aircraft (Swordfish/Dauntless) by Braedy.
SirCliveWolfe is assigned to the far east and reports on the situation and needs there.
Sticks (braedy) talks to Sir Clive in a pub in Bristol (cider drinking, not much thinking!!) about Japanese fleet movements in Taiwan, it seems to be an amphibious training exercise.​

1st November 1936

Stanley Baldwin starts a cabinet and chiefs debate about future funding.
He confirms the upgrading of fighter command to the new hurricane – basic interceptor researched 4th October.
Operational Destruction doctrine is to be researched by Portal after experiences in Spain.
On the 21st October the final engineering brigade was finished freeing up funds.
Stanley notes the slow progress of the motorised division research via a House of Lords inquiry.
The Chancellor notes that there is 78IC to distribute, 32.5 is for consumer goods leaving 45.5 for production. That means there is 9.5 free for new production, rising to 14.9 in December.
Sir Thomas Wallace (addy) is promoted to First Lord of the Admiralty!
Debate rages for the next few pages.​

1st November 1936

Inner cabinet/military chiefs debate about all services continues over the past few pages.
Stanley Baldwin states how the spending will be; firstly a run (x3) of Hurricane MKIs. Planned next as funds allow are 2xHQ units, 2xSurrey class CAs and then 5xTribal class destroyers.
Research will be on new equipment designs and strategic movements are announced (screenies).​

5th November 1936

Sir Cyril is informed of Roosevelt’s re-election in the US and how that is a good thing.
Later, he meets Baldwin at 10 Downing Street and discusses the army over tea. He is disappointed not to get more funding but is assured of the production of 2 HQ units in a month or so.​

10th November 1936

Sir Cyril faces a hard task marshalling the Indian Army together for the biggest peacetime exercise ever in Cuttack province.
He then overlooks problems rising in Palestine and sends the 1st Iraqi Motor Infantry division to Sharm el-Sheikh by its own transport.​

17th November 1936

Sir Cyril is inspecting a radar site on the Essex coastline, meeting Hugh Dowding and seeing a brand new Hurricane MkI for the first time. They are both impressed by the expanding network.​

30th November – 4th December 1936

30/11/36 Sir Cyril (dury) chats with Stanley Baldwin at the War Office.
15th ‘Scottish’ Division has been formed (last of the expansion) which means two divisions can be sent to Singapore.
Aldershot Army command (HQ) has been upgraded. A new HQ unit is to be built after industry in India is finished, but no money (read: Chamberlain!) for armour.
4/12/36 Cabinet meeting (dury) where the military was only represented by Montgomery-Massingberd.
Chamberlain announces the completion of industry in Bombay meaning 2xHQ ’39 can be built.​

9th December 1936

Sir Cyril is confused about reports of King Edward abdicating in a few days and the Prime Minister having to resign.
1st Infantry Division has finished its reorganisation (’36 inf)​

11th December 1936

Chamberlain takes power as Baldwin is forced to resign over the abdication crisis.
He keeps the cabinet the same so to keep stability, but with the inclusion of John Simon as Chancellor.
However he plans to make changes, both politically and militarily – specifically less of the ‘reckless spending’ of Baldwin.​

12th December 1936

Neville Chamberlain (dury) addresses his first cabinet meeting.
He enacts economic measures without discussion to boost productivity and prosperity (or is it a trick of accounting?).
He wants détente, not confrontation in foreign affairs.
For the military he has increased supplies and upgrades, whilst denying the admiralty with new capital ships.​

11th – 17th December 1936

Neville finishes the meeting by stating that he will reverse Baldwin’s policy and openly trade with the Nationalists, he will also not condone gunboat diplomacy but ‘get along’ with the likes of Germany and Japan.
Screenies of the cabinet, production (before and after Neville) and research.
Sir Cyril attends a function at the American embassy and receives a note saying that the 3rd Infantry Division has completed their refit (to ’36 standards).​

21st December 1936

Sir Cyril (dury) speaks to US Naval Attache Fitzpatrick about the lack of funding from both Baldwin and Chamberlain. He fears appeasement could create a massively disadvantageous situation like in Napoleons time.
Sir Cyril talks to Dylan about the new trade deal with the Nationalists.​

22nd – 23rd December 1936

Nebb (flocky) can ask a question at PMs question time. He starts by talking about housing improvements and then invites Neville to Sheffield to see the situation for himself.
Neville responds with a boast of the economy.
Nebb replies by scolding the lack of Government action and with a supplementary question asks why a dissent level of 2% isn’t being reduced.
Neville is taken aback by nebbs sources and responds that the growing economy will improve matters.
Later in the cabinet room, an angry Neville (with Hore-Belishas help) decides to go on a trip to Sheffield to show how better off people are.
Nebb reveals how he got his information from a carelessly left pile of papers.
Sir Thomas Wallace (addy) decides to send the HMS Hood for the much talked about Singapore conference.​

24th December 1936

Nebb (flocky) reads over the Spectator regarding the reduction of dissent and how it is so slow and costly.​

24th – 26th December 1936

24/12/36 Sir Cyril meets Wavell in the Bay of Bengal.
25/12/36 The Indian Army exercise (6 v 6 divs) is put underway with the 3rd Indian being motorised.
General O’Connor receives advice from Dylan in the exercise. He goes on to achieve great successes, impressing Dylan.
26/12/36 Archibald Wavell wants to try and improve the infantry divisions with more mobility.​

27th December 1936

Dylan (dury) meets General Robertus and introduces him to Sir Cyril.
Neville attends a Vauxhall ceremony to promote the British economy.
Sir Cyril, Wavell and Robertus discuss Egypt and Palestine.​

29th – 30th December 1936

29/12/36 Dylan (dury) watches a tank exercise and inspects the A9 Cruiser tank. He rues over not having more armour.
30/12/36 Sir Cyril chats to Dylan about convincing Neville of the need to fund armour.
Sir Cyril flies with Lt.Gen Kandolf into Singapore Harbour for the conference.​

4th January 1937

Sir Cyril arrives at the bar and meets Sir Clive. The admiral wants to build political support to increase expenditure as Sir Thomas Wallace arrives.
Sir Cyril informs Clive of the motorisation project and future of the army.​

6th January 1937

Sir Clive starts a forces meeting on HMS Hood in Singapore, varying discussion of matters of all kinds.
Sir Thomas Wallace (addy) comments on the Naval aspect.​

6th January 1937

Sir Cyril (dury) belatedly enters the discussion on HMS Hood in Singapore and announces the army’s new situation. The new 12th and 15th Infantry Divisions will soon arrive in Singapore, meaning one of the garrisons can be taken away (disbanded?). The 12 Indian divisions will be split into two armies of 6 in Rangoon and Calcutta. No more reinforcements for east of the Suez are to be contemplated for a few years.​

12th – 13th January 1937

12/1/37 Neville watches a ceremony as no1 RAF Tactical group is upgraded to Handley Page Hampdens.
Air General Harris and Sir Cyril are caught talking about the Ciudad Real bombings.
13/1/37 Nebb receives a package from Perpignan with photos from the SCW.
Neville discusses the bombing with his security chief, he is looking to cover it up as relations improve with the Nationalists and he doesn’t want to offend Hitler.
Nebb reads the letter from Jennings confirming Ciudad Reals obliteration on the 11th January.​

13th – 14th January 1937

Nebb (flocky) looks at photos of Ciudad Real both before and after destruction.
Dawson from the Times wishes to meet Neville regarding reports of German bombing of Ciudad Real.
Nebb (as an MP) must go to London.
Dawson of the Times looks over two alternative stories (blaming either side) of the bombing.
Nebb reaches London and finds no news in the papers on the 14th. He decides to give the photos to the Manchester Guardian as it isn’t pro-Franco.
Neville meets Dawson from the Times about the two alternative reports – Neville confirms Ciudad WAS bombed by the Germans and it is fine to print the true story.
Nebb meets Crozier, editor of the Guardian and shows him the photos.
Dawson reads the final Times print about the German bombing of Ciudad.​

15th – 17th January 1937

15/1/37 Neville is pleased about the newspaper reports about Spain as it will reinforce the publics wish to avoid conflict.
Sticks (Braedy) and Admiral King from the US Navy discuss carriers.
Nebb (flocky) reads the different reports in the papers about Ciudad Real.
17/1/37 Neville meets the industry minister; industry in Madras has been completed. Industry to be improved in Glasgow and also funds to military improvements are to be made.

18th - 22nd January 1937

18/1/37 Chamberlain (dury) is at a cabinet meeting, a group of interceptors has been upgraded to hurricane MKIs. Neville wants a public display of these but goes against his advisors views.
Operational Destruction doctrine has been researched by Charles Portal. Improved light cruiser to be researched.
19/1/37 Kim Philby (flocky) from the Times reports on Ciudad Real being ‘liberated’ by the Nationalists.
He states that Republicans destroyed the town with explosives to blame it on the Nationalists.
Dawson comments upon the report and its effects on war-mongering in Britain.
22/1/37 Neville talks to Owen Boyd in the cabinet room – the 2nd group of tactical bombers in Liverpool has been upgraded to hampdens. No12 fighter group is set to be upgraded to Hurricanes on the 28th.​

23rd – 25th January 1937

Dury starts a discussion about cabinet changes.
23/1/37 Guardian article (flocky) about the bombing of Ciudad Real by the Nationalists (more specifically Germany).
25/1/37 Nebb (flocky) reads out a statement by the Nationalists about Red massacres.
Sir Owen Boyd (quicky) is worried by the tactics used by the Luftwaffe in Spain, but impressed with the new hurricanes and hampdens.​

30th January 1937

Neville (dury) is at RAF Hawkinge at a Hurricane display and meeting with all the chiefs. He talks to Sir Owen Boyd about the new Hurricane MkII.
Kim Philby (flocky) wakes injured and hears German voices.
Sir Cyril talks to Dylan about his soon to be promotion to Brigadier and his visit to see the defences of Gibraltar.
Philby figures out what happened in a hospital, his staff car had been hit by a shell.​

1st February 1937

Neville addresses the party room as he talks about the new cabinet.
Sir John Simon becomes armament minister as well as Home Secretary, Lord Cecil becomes Intelligence Chief. Neville continues about his future aims and policy.​

1st February 1937

Nebb (flocky) meets at the George in Southwark with Archibald Sinclair (leader of the rump of the liberals 21MPs), Richard Acland, Leo Amery and Winston Churchill to create an anti-facist group.​

1st February 1937

Sir Thomas Wallace (addy) has screenies of the fleets in Colombo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Scapa Flow and Gibraltar.​

2nd February 1937

Chamberlain and Sir John Simon (dury) get ready for the next Parliamentary session.
Archibald Sinclair (flocky) leads the debate by saying German air units are guilty of bombing Ciudad Real and Madrid.
Eden responds by not fully commenting until the details are known.
Admiral Wolfe publishes his future for the Royal Navy in a communiqué to Sir Thomas Wallace.
They discuss the details further.​

2nd – 3rd February 1937

2/2/37 Philby (flocky) is in a hospital in Nationalist Spain as General Franco visits him! His is awarded the Red cross of military merit.
3/2/37 Richard Acland and William Gallacher (flocky) seek to verify the trade position in regards to the 2 sides of Spain.
The trade minister (dury) replies that the Government is upholding LoN resolutions apart from some outstanding contracts.​

3rd February 1937

Head of RAF (quicky) posts a screenie of air units, then discusses the future for the RAF (upgrades, doctrines, multi-purpose fighter)
Defence Minister (dury) thanks quicky for the paper.
Crozier (flocky) at the Manchester Guardian seems determined to release information about German pilots in the SCW.
Addy releases naval priorities.​

3rd – 9th February 1937

3/2/37 Agricultural Production research completed. Advanced Machine Tools to be researched by the Anglo-Iranian Oil Co.
9/2/37 Archibald Sinclair (flocky) writes a note for Eden informing him of his question to come in Parliament.​

9th February 1937

Archibald Sinclair (flocky) addresses Eden in Parliament over Philby receiving a medal from Franco and thus not being impartial.​

9th February 1937

Eden addresses Parliament with regard to Archibald Sinclairs betrayal. He defends Kim Philbys medal from Franco and reports on the Ciudad Real bombing.
Screenies of ministers, production (before and after) and research *doesn’t seem to load for me
Sir Jonathon Maristow (funky) issues a memo to all about taking control of home tactical command.
Sir Owen Boyd (quicky) responds and asks RAF chiefs and their wives to his for a dinner.​

1st March 1937

Sir Frederick Rebbeck (elpip) is introduced as Chairman for Hartland and Wolff replying sternly to a ‘hurryup’ letter from Sir Thomas Wallace.
Neville Chamberlain notes that industry has improved to 118 after the cabinet reshuffle, dissent is at 5.17%​

2nd – 5th March 1937

2/3/37 Sir Owen Boyd (quicky) meets with Adrian King and Jonathon Maristow (funky), they discuss the RAFs role and Owen reveals the request for development of a multi-role fighter has been accepted.
Sir Roebeck (elpip) mulls over the cuts and restrictions on the ‘new’ Ark Royal.
5/3/37 Brigadier Dylan (dury) lectures Sandhurst on a new book by Rommel called Infantry Attacks.
It is similar to the new mobility led future of the British Army, he meets with Captain Maners afterwards.​

7th March 1937

Sir Frederick Roebeck (elpip) starts a meeting at Belfast with Vice Admiral Lyons, Sir Thomas Wallce (addy) and SirClive. New carrier discussed first, then air wing.
Rear Admiral Fitzpatrick (Braedonal) aka Sticks, rushes from the US to join the meeting.​

7th March 1937

Meeting continues; carrier design discussion, then fleet air arm fighter (sea gladiator current).
Charles Naysmith (elpip) introduces the idea of a new Gloster FAA fighter, a British Zero.​

7th March 1937

Meeting continues; CAG decided upon:
Current – Sea Gladiator / Swordfish
Improved – F5/34 (Gloster Fighter) / Skua (dive bomber) / Swordfish (torpedo)
To – Typhoon / Barracuda / F5/34 converted?
Continuing discussion over carriers and aircraft.​

9th – 10th March 1937

9/3/37 No 14 RAF Fighter Wing (Hurricanes) is now operational.
Nebb (flocky) is disappointed about the Ashes and watches an alarming Spanish Pathe film.
10/3/37 Sir Cyril (dury) meets Lord Gort and discusses his future.​

10th – 23rd
March 1937

10/3/37 Manchester Guardian article (flocky) about the disproportionate effect of the non-intervention agreement on the Spanish CW, plus Germany and Italys disregard for it.
11/3/37 Philby (flocky) is on the front in Spain; the Nationalist offensive has stalled and failed to cut the Republicans in two and taken Madrid. He spots German panzers with upgraded 20mm cannon.
Eden receives an offer from Italy of an Anglo-Italian Mediterranean Treaty before LoN meeting on foreign volunteers in Spain.
Report from El pip about the slow development of motorisation at the Bedford Research Division for the Army.
12/3/37 Republican Foreign Minister Barcia (flocky) delivers a speech in Geneva about the abhorrent intervention of the facists in the SCW.
Dylan (dury) receives a note from Sir Cyril informing him of German tanks near Madrid, should he commence Operation Aeneas? He scribbles a note back…
Eden signs the ban on foreign volunteers. Nebb writes the next days facist warning.
SirCliveWolfe lands in Alexandria as he returns home on a Short Empire flying boat to meet the King.
17/3/37 Neville Chamberlain confirms that his brother Austen is ill in a communiqué to the press.
18/3/37 Neville mourns his brothers passing due to apoplexy.
19/3/37 Sir Clive meets the Old Guard and King George at the Fort Blockhouse, Gosport. Discussing naval developments.
21/3/37 Neville addresses the Whitehall function for Austen; a long speech regarding the British constitutional advantages, and Austens legacy (what effect will it have on him?)
22/3/37 Neville meets the Kings Secretary as he suggests SirClive for the vacant Air Minister.
Neville sends a telegram to SirClive requesting his presence tommorow.
23/3/37 SirClive rolls up in his Bentley and walks into the PMs office.
Thomas Webb (Jai) sends a report to SirClive on his experiences and fears of a resurgent Japanese Navy.​

17th – 23rd March 1937

17/3/37 Sir Clive responds to Thomas Webb (Jai) regarding Japanese rearmament.
Correspondence continues regarding Japanese naval power.
23/3/37 Nebb (flocky) remembers Austen Chamberlain as a great statesman and politician.
Neville Chamberlain meets with Sir Clive and Sir Owen Boyd. Sir Clive becomes Minister for the RAF and a peerage to Lord Wolfe, 1st Viscount of Singapore. This means Lord Wolfe can choose a RAF Chief of Staff.

23rd March 1937

Discussion of positions.
Vice Admiral Lyons (addy) promoted to Admiral and takes command of the Mediterranean Fleet.
Charles Naysmith (pippy) reminds the Air Ministry of contracts for longe range naval recon planes and 4 engined bombers.
Dury the gameshow host introduces a competition to name the fleet air arm fighter, addys full red dress impresses the crowd…​

24th March 1937

Lord Wolfe produces a RAF White Paper for future plans and production. He also provides what is needed from aircraft producers.
He meets Sir Thomas Wallace (addy) at the Air Ministry.​

24th March 1937

New Group Commander Reginald Jones (mld0806) takes control of south east command.
Gloster Griffin is chosen as the name for the new FAA fighter.
Report from the Times (flocky) about violence in Palestine.​

25th – 26th March 1937

Thomas Cadmore (Jai) assigned to lead the RN Pacific Forces.
25/3/37 Albert Sarraut announces that with Britain and 27 other European countries, the Committee to oversee Non-Intervention in the SCW.
Eden has tea with Chamberlain to explain the intricacies of the deal, plus there is a potential Mediterranean Agreement/Treaty involving Britain, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Jugoslavia and France.​

1st April 1937

Discussion between Jai and addy over future naval production and priorities.
Chamberlain reports on the continuing growth of the economy and the reduction in dissent.​

2nd April 1937

Lt.Gen Berty is assigned to be the new commander of forces in Palestine and Jordan.
Report from the Times about disturbances in Palestine rising and the Arab Higher Committee’s opposition to further immigration.
Chamberlain reads the report whilst Sir Cyril and Eden explain the situation.​
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2nd – 4th April 1937

2/4/37 Forbes Carlisle (duritz) meets Wingate at Tel-Aviv airbase as they wait for the arrival of Lt Gen Robertus.
3/4./37 Owen Dyer (el pip) reports from the Royal Small Arms Factory as the Bren gun is rushed into production. Another report details why it is replacing the Lewis gun.
Lt Gen Berty touches down in Tel-Aviv and is briefed whilst on their journey to GHQ – the car is attacked on the way.
Sir Cyril gets the Bren development officially underway. It isn’t to be sent to Palestine.
Lt.Gen Berty visits Forbes Carlisle in hospital after he was shot in the car, saving the generals life.
4/4/37 Report from al-Husseini about the rising violence and revolt.
8th Infantry Division has been moved to Amman from inside Jerusalem to stop guerrilla activities harming the soldiers.​

4th – 6th April 1937

4/4/37 (flock) Report from an editorial in the Falastin (Palestine) paper about the current harmony of jews and arabs. Also how Britain divides and rules its colonies.
5/4/37 (Duritz)A quote from the Koran is received at a GHQ listening station but ignored.
An Officer in Jerusalem is murdered whilst in the police station by an arab revolter.
Major Radford declares a state of rebellion exists in Jerusalem and Jericho led by Grand Mufti al-Husseini.
Sir Cyril radios Lt Gen Berty giving him command of quelling the resistance.
Orde Wingate is introduced, chomping to get into action.
Lt Gen Robertus sacks the GHQ officer and prepares his division.
Report from Sir Jonathon Maristow (funky) regarding RAF plans, Group Captain Jones (mld0806) reads over it and is in agreement.
6/4/37 Report about Wingate (duritz) fighting in Jericho, his unit won’t be going to Jerusalem – they’re staying in Jericho to crush the resisitance there.​

6th – 7th April 1937

General Bertys (Robertus) division moves into position around Jerusalem. He is not pleased with the training of his division.
Sir Cyril wants to send a communiqué asking if Lt Gen Robertus can move quicker, Brigadier Dylan advises against.
Apparently the Republicans are about to attack Ciudad Real, whilst the Nationalists are pushing for Madrid.
Florence Spencer (flock) explains the situation there and how the Jewish have been armed and are defending themselves.
Report about Wingate (Duritz) fighting house to house in Jericho.
Lt Gen Berty (Robertus) orders an early attack on Jerusalem after receiving a report from London.
It seems Sir Cyril sent the wrong communiqué (Dylans fault)
Mrs Spencer tries to leave but runs into crowds of refugees and fighting.
Another report from Captain Lewis (Duritz) about Wingates waste of men in attacking.
7/4/37 Eden finishes signing the Non-Intervention Agreement (SCW) and receives a worrying report from Sir Arthur Grenfell Wauchope about Jerusalem + meets Sir Cyril.
Captain Lewis reports on the victorious, but unloved Wingate in Jericho. Lewis fails to shoot a nearly dead arab as he fatally shoots Wingate in the back!​

7th – 8th April 1937

7/4/37 Report from Gen Bertys HQ (flock), communications seem to have broken down.
8/4/37 Petty Officer Cartwright (flock) arrives in the port of Jaffa to help the local authorities.
Captain Lewis’ (duritz) unit arrives closer to Jerusalem as a reserve unit after their heavy fighting in Jericho.
Reginald Digby (vannthered) publishes his ideas on the RAF (3 posts)​

8th April 1937

General Berty and Major Neame (robertus) review the siege of Jerusalem.
Captain Lewis (duritz) reports from a command post in an arab village.
Sir Arthur (flock) reports from Government House in Jerusalem where they are surrounded.
General Berty (Robertus) orders the final attack on surrounded Jerusalem.​

8th April – 13th April 1937

8/4/37 Report from Jaffa (flock) about advising against setting up a signal post in a mosque.
Report from Lt Gen Robertus stating the arab revolters have been crushed, Hussani had gotten away and that lessons need to be learnt. Motorised infantry estimated to be researched by October.
9/4/37 Sir Cyril reads Lt Gen Robertus’ report and notes they weren’t upgraded infantry.
10/4/37 Report from the front lines near Jerusalem where a unit killed one revolter but seemingly let Hussani to get away.
11/4/37 Sir Cyril reads through a final report about Palestine, 16% casualties in the RAF (maintenance).
10th Destroyer Flotilla completed and assigned to the High Seas Fleet (now composed of 3xDDII, 1xDDIII + 4xLCIII)
13/4/37 Sir Cyril meets Sir Clive and lets him know the revised cabinet agenda where there are 2 research slots instead of one.​

15th April 1937

SirClivewolfe starts the inter-services meeting at his stately mansion, continuing over the next few pages unfortunately Sir Clive is ill and Sir Cyril takes the chair. Naval bombers and CAS discussed.​

16th – 17th April 1937

Meeting continues.
16/4/37 At a cabinet meeting Chamberlain forces his second choice (Naval Bomber) on Sir Cyril and Admiral Lyons.
Basic Fighter (by De Havilland) and Naval Bomber (by Avro) to be researched.
17/4/37 Improved Aircraft Carrier researched – CAG to be new Griffon/Skua and Swordfish.​

22nd – 25th April 1937

Correspondance between Sir Thomas Wallace and Sir Cyril Deverell about new carrier fighter, service priorities, Skua (wolfey makes suggestion about its use as a CAS bomber).
22/4/37 Whilst chairing a committee on Imperial Defence, Anthony Eden receives information that Italy has joined the Anti comintern pact with Germany and Japan.
25/4/37 Improved light cruiser designs are completed, however a report given to Chamberlain by a political advisor suggests building Naval bombers over light cruisers makes more financial sense.

Long Anzac Day meeting with Sir Cyril, Sir CliveWolfe and Sir Thomas Wallace (continued on pages 117+118) about CAS bombers, priorities and Chamberlains cost savings.​

25th April 1937

Post by flocky showing pathe films of the time (+SCW)
Correspondance between Vice Admiral Cadmore (Jai-Far East Fleet Commander) and Sir Thomas Wallace (addy) about operations and units.​

25th – 28th April 1937

25/4/37 In Spain, Republican forces led by Valentin Gonzales (known as “El Campesino - The Peasant”) retake Ciudad Real as they push the Nationalists out of Guadalajara province. El Campesino aims to push on eastwards to attack Valencia.
27/4/37 After a year of trying, Franco's Nationalists launch yet another attack on besieged Madrid. But this time the attack has been meticulously planned and prepared, whereas Republican Government forces have been diverted away to support Gonzales' offensive.
28/4/37 At 1400 hrs local, Madrid evacuated and declared an open city by Republican forces only 36 hours after Franco begun his attack. Republican forces collapsing on 10 mile front either side of the capital. Valencia front counterattacked and halted, rumours circulating of lead units being cut off and encircled. The British start the Top Secret "Operation Aeneas".​

2nd – 22nd July 1937

2/7/37 Eden looks over a new trade package for the Nationalist Chinese involving weapons and military supplies. A new report states that Shanxi is going under and the remnants will be swallowed by Chiang Kaishek.
6/7/37 Sir Cyril and Dylan discuss the appointment of Lt.General Alexander to higher command of the British Expeditionary Force, a skilful move that will allow a junior officer to take control without losing the trust of the Old Guard.
8/7/37 Neville talks to Professor Turing about the completion of Improved Computing Machines, which will increase research by 5%. Basic Encryption Devices to be researched by Leyland.
11/7/37 No.10 RAF Fighter Group (Hurricane MkI’s) is being launched at Middle Wallop Air Force Base, they will join the 2nd Fighter Wing. It now brings the number of fighter wings in Britain to 5.
13/7/37 A report from the Manchester Guardian about the Japanese creation of the puppet Mengkukuo and its aggressive policy in the Far East.
22/7/37 Sir Rudegar Phillipson, the ambassador to Chiang Kaishek reports to Eden about the breaching of dykes in the Huayuankow province to slow down the Japanese and allow industry to be moved inland.
Also a right wing coup has happened in Japan likely allowing more Japanese aggression.
Sir Cyril speaks to Air Commodore Patterson in the officers lounge in Aldershot about RAF expansion and Britain’s chances in a war against Germany.​

5th – 19th August 1937

5/8/37 12th Destroyer flotilla is joining the British High Seas Fleet in Scapa Flow.
14/8/36 Sir Cyril receives a note from Lord Wolfe about RAF expansion; No.12+14 group upgraded to MKII hurricanes, No.13 created with MKI’s. Plus naval bomber research complete and ‘logistical strike doctrine’ started.
17/8/37 Advanced Machine Tools research complete, Advanced Construction Engineering to begin.
19/8/37 Nationalist Spain have annexed the Republicans.​

30th August – 6th September 1937

30/8/37 Neville is inspecting a radar station covering the south eastern region, but fails to mention he will be cutting all funding after they are produced.
2/9/37 no.10 fighter group has received new MkII hurricanes. Sir Cyril visits Northolt airfield to inspect a disappointing ArmyAir cooperation exercise.
The Soviets are to provide aid to the Nationalist Chinese.
6/9/37 Dylan is in Scapa flow checking irregularities in the local budget, he see’s the new heavy cruiser HMS Surrey enter the harbour.​

11th – 15th September 1937

11/9/37 Basic Decryption Devices completed, improved destroyer to be researched. Within days of each other, both the 7th and 8th Inf. Divs. in Palestine and Jordan are upgraded to '36 standard.
15/9/37 Chief of Staffs meeting in Whitehall. Great screenies of research, production and maps of home isles and middle east
Motorised infantry research is at last completed! Basic Naval Bomber to be researched. Sir Cyril discusses tanks with Arthur Sidgreave from Rolls-Royce. It is decided that the Basic Naval bomber will be the Short Sunderland NOT the lockheed hudson.​

15th Septermber – 13th November 1937

15/9/37 Advanced machine tools traded with the French for ESCORT FIGHTER blueprints.
20/9/37 Sir Cyrill Deverell shows us the overseas army and what needs updating.
4/11/37 Research into the MKVIc light tank completed – repair shops to be researched.
6/11/37 207th Fighter Group (Hurricanes) completed and deployed to Portsmouth.
13/11/37 HMS Ark Royal becomes operational (without CAG)​

20th November – 28th November 1937

20/11/37 Interdiction Doctrine to be researched by Hugh Dowding.
22/11/37 33rd Destroyer Flotilla commissioned into the High Seas Fleet.
Chamberlain has to defend the rearmament.
28/11/37 HMS Eagle has its CAGs upgraded from Nimrods to Sea Gladiators.
1/12/37 Screenie of the Cabinet.​

30th November – 1st December 1937

30/11/37 De Havilland (el pip) begins a discussion about designing a new light bomber.
1/12/37 Meeting continues at the Air Ministry (Specifications and Comparisons)
Choice between MB200 light bomber, dive bomber (Skua) or hurricane conversion.
Factory is completed at Glasgow.
Production and research screenies.​

1st December 1937

Air/CAS meeting continues; Armament, Type and engines discussed.
Involved are Reginald Digby, De Havilland, Jonathon Maristow and Brigadier Smith.​

5th December 1937

Meeting continues.
Decision Made : A denavalised Skua (aka Gull) to be produced by Blackburn. It will be a divebomber to take 500lb bombs.
5/12/37 Meeting between Chamberlain and Eden over the threat of Anschluss with Austria – signs of Germany and Italy coming together.​

13th December – 26th December 1937

13/12/37 Diplomatic Mission sent to Poland.
18/12/37 Middle East Group (TAC) is upgraded to Hampdens.
207th Fighter Group upgraded to Hurricane MkIIS.
21/12/37 Sir Cyril announces research completed into Rear Area Vehicle Repair Shop.
Basic Heavy Tank to be researched by Leyland.
26/12/37 Diplomatic Mission sent to Belguim.​

1st January 1938

1/1/38 Screenies of production, political and research (overall+naval)
OOC future production discussion.​

1st January - 3rd January 1938

1/1/38 Chamberlain see's Eden off on his foriegn diplomatic tour with full confidence.
Slider moves one towards interventionism
3/1/38 Improved Destroyer (Battle Class) research complete, improved heavy cruiser (Moor or River Class) to be researched.
Advanced construction engineering completed, production control to be researched.​

4th January - 11th January 1938.

4/1/38 Indian Air Group (TAC) upgraded to Hampdens.
Production and research screenies.
5/1/38 Belguim to join our alliance!
6/1/38 Sir Cyril considers new possibilities of frontier defence now Belguim has joined.
10/1/38 CAG delivered to Ark Royal (Swordfish, Skua and the new Griffon fighter)
11/1/38 Order for 6 wings of Naval bombers.
CIGs meeting to decide who the contract should go to.​

11th January 1938.

Continuing discussion over which Naval Bomber to choose (Short Sunderland, Vickers Warwick or Bristol Beaufort) as well as engine type.
superb fight in the meeting room between industrial rep (el pip), Sir Thomas (addy)+Sir Cyril (dury)!!
Short Sunderland chosen as Basic Naval Bomber

12th January - 25th January 1938.

12/1/38 Research blueprints given to Belguim.
15/1/38 Anthony Eden returns to Britain after a tour improving relations with the netherlands and getting Belguim into the alliance.
25/1/38 Research into CAS bomber completed.
HMS Eagle CAG upgraded to new Griffon/Skua/Swordfish.​

28th January 1938

8th Army HQ formed and to be sent to Alexandria.
A run of 6 motorised divisions and 6 wings of CAS are ordered.
Report by Sir Jonathon Maristow on the development and research of the Wellington (+discussion)​

30th January - 1st February 1938

CIGs meeting continues.
30/1/38 Chamberlain meets Eden, Foriegn Secretary is secure in his job.
1/2/38 Production and research screenies.​
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1st February - 5th February 1938

1/2/38 Aircraft doctrine research screenies.
5/2/38 Battlefield Interdiction Doctrine completed, Battlefield Destruction Doctrine to be researched (Hugh Dowding)​

10th February 1938

10/2/38 8th Army HQ arrives in Alexandria.
Meeting in the War office for CIGs.
Chamberlain is suggesting building 2 new carriers to replace the 3 hermes class when they're built.
Comments from SirCliveWolfe, Stanley Goodall (El pip), admiral lyons and Sir Cyril Deverell.​

12th/13th February 1938

Carrier discussion continued.
12/2/38 Far East Tactical Group upgraded to Hampden. All TACs are now upgraded.
Chamberlain approves 2 carriers to be built in parralel (Illustrious+Victorious).
13/2/38 NEW production screenie.
Debate about Ark Royal being scrapped even though she is 6 months old.
Chamberlain realises his error eventually.​

15th February 1938

Discussion of new admiralty builds between Sir Stanley Goodall and Admiral Lyons.
Trouble in Austria as Hitler demands Nazis be placed in the cabinet.
A Royal tour of Poland is underway.
Sir Cyril Deverell reaffirms his commitment to Motorised Infantry - plan is to make the 6 MOT divs the BEF and leave the 6 leg infantry divs to home defence.​

7th March 1938

No.211 Fighter Group
deployed - the first Spitfire wing now operational.
34th Destroyer Flotilla joins the High Seas Fleet.
A forced Anschluss is very near, Chamberlain will try to use this to pass the National Defence Contribution Levy bill in Parliament.​

8th/9th March 1938

8/3/38 ANSCHLUSS confirmed , diplomatic missions sent to Poland, Holland and Jugoslavia.
The passing of the NDCL bill will increase military expenditure by 10%
9/3/38 Before and after the bill screenies + research screenies.
Start of a CIGs meeting to decide how to spend the extra IC.​

9th March 1938

CIGs meeting continues - second discussion on refitting the Ark Royal.​

10th March 1938

CIGs meeting continues - discussion over who should get priority funding (RAF or RN).
Sir Goodall (el pip) resigns

10th March 1938

Decision is made to build another carrier (thats 3 under production now) plus a run of Hurricanes (not being built at full capacity)​

10th March 1938

An up to date production screenie.​

11th March 1938

Order of Battle for the British Isles, composition of High Seas Fleet, Home Fleet and other smaller fleets.
Army = 7x'36 Infantry Divs, 1xHQ + 2xGarrisons

Sir Jonathon Maristow (funky) to be head of Bomber Command.
Sir Adrian King (kingy) to be head of Fighter Command.​

11th March 1938

Reginald Digby (ruddy) to be promoted to Air Vice-Marshall and takes over Army Command (CAS) which reports to Wolfe but is under the authority of bomber command.
Sir Jonathon Maristow produces a report on his idea of the future for bomber command.
Major General Maddison (maddy) is promoted and takes over 3rd Infantry Div.​

12th March 1938

Flocky returns and delivers a report about Eden and the communist and facist threat.​

16th/20th March 1938

Sir Jonathon Maristow issues a report on bomber reorganisation globally.
16/3/38 Eden sends simultaneous diplomatic missions sent to the Netherlands, Poland, Roumania, Jugoslavia and Greece.
20/3/38 Battlefield Destruction Doctrine completed, Dive Bombing Doctrine to be researched.
Chamberlain doesn't seem to back Escort Fighters.
The idea of a large scale exercise is discussed.​

25th March 1938

More exercise discussion + what composes a wing/air group.
Canadians donate Dive Bombing Doctrine blueprints to us.​

27th March 1938

Brigadier Dylan oversee's the completition of the Basic Heavy Tank (Matilda Mk II).
Leyland to develop a new field gun.​

23rd March 1938

Sir Jonathon Maristow (funky) watches as his final escort/bomber exercise with a view to the upcoming meeting at the pub with LordClive.
Admiral Lyons gets to the pub first.
Kim Philby (flocky) prepares to go to Jugoslavia for the Times.
Maristow arrives at the Royal Crown and chats to Lyons.
Sir Cyril (dury) comments on the RAF exercise and the need for escort fighters (due to differing accounts/results).
Lord Clive turns up at the Royal Crown with his usual jolly self!
Lyons reports his views on escorts by showing the fleet air arms conclusions.
Maristow comments on Bomber commands views.​

23rd March 1938

Escort fighter discussion continues in the Royal Crown.
Adrian King turns up.
After good discussion it seems escort fighters is agreed to be researched next.​

1st – 4th April 1938

Sir Cyril (dury) confirms the execution of General Madisons (maddy) accused soldier.
1/4/38 Screenies of Canada and the situation in China/Japan. Nationalists have approxmatley 119 divisions, Japan 95.
Sir Cyril watches an amusing film about parachuting sheep.
4/4/38 Eden informs Neville about the Sudeten problem. Today diplomatic missions were sent to the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Jugoslavia and Greece. But not to Czechaslovakia.​

12th – 24th April 1938

12/4/38 The Guardian reports on Premier Leon Blum and Foreign Minister Yvon Delbos failing to get Britain’s support and military intervention for Czechoslovakia.
The Czechs are standing against the Sudetenland’s demand for autonomy, even though it seems Britain agrees with Hitler on this issue.
16/4/38 Neville is in his cabinet room and decides upon a statement whereby the Super Heavy Battleship will be researched by Cammell, Laird and Co. after their superb work on finishing the research for the Improved Heavy Cruiser (Moor or River class maybe).
23/4/38 Sir Cyril is at the Aldershot parade ground as he views the completion of the 18th Infantry (Mot) Division, the 1st Motorised units are ready!
24/4/38 Sir Jonathon Maristow (funky) is at RAF Waddington to see the arrival of the Far East group of tactical bombers to join home tactical command. It is to be renamed no.3 RAF Tactical Group.​

29th April – 13th May 1938

29/4/38 The French have shared their blueprints on Direct Ground Support Doctrine in exchange for Battlefield Interdiction Doctrine.
2/5/38 Neville reads a report about Hugh Dowding completing the Dive Bombing doctrine, and then authorises him to start on Direct Ground Support doctrine.
13/5/38 Anthony Eden is in the Foreign Office looking over the full diplomatic missions sent to the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Jugoslavia and Greece. He seemingly indicates that there will be another round on the 24th of the month.​

17th May 1938

17/5/38 Neville is fuming because the numbers don’t add up perfectly (1.2 IC) as the final heavy cruiser; HMS Northumberland is launched.
1/6/38 The Netherlands joins our alliance!
Eden has sent out foreign missions to Poland, Romania, Jugoslavia and Greece.
Neville believes this to be the best way of curbing Hitler and saving the Czechs.​

1st - 8th June 1938

1/6/38 Sir Cyril discusses the new situation of Holland joining as he sends Dylan to be a liaison officer with the Dutch.
7/6/38 Cyril visits Salisbury plain to view the new 105mm artillery pieces and fragmentation shells (basic artillery researched).
Leyland are to research how to put these new pieces onto a tank chassis (early self-propelled artillery).
8/6/38 Neville Chamberlain is beaming as the budget finally ‘adds up’ with the completion of the last of the Tribal class destroyers (35th Destroyer Flotilla assigned to the High Seas Fleet).
Current production screenie.​

12th June – 2nd July 1938

12/6/38 Neville is in the cabinet room going through paperwork; the Basic Tactical bomber has been researched but he refuses to provide funding to upgrade the bomber fleet.
He grudgingly agrees to research the basic escort fighter if Lord Wolfe wishes it.
17/6/38 The blueprints for the Wellington are traded for veteran bomber crews to assist research into Bomber Veteran Initiative as the Direct Ground Support Doctrine is completed.
Eden is sending diplomatic missions to Romania, Jugoslavia, Greece and Turkey on the 19th.
18/6/38 Sir Jonathon Maristow is at the Vickers Armstrong plant in Weybridge looking at the marvellous yet underfunded Wellington MkIc.
2/7/38 Sir Cyril is at Aldershot looking through messages; the No15 RN ‘Coastal Naval Command’ has been created providing the beginnings of a new arm for Britain!
No1 RAF Dive Bomber Group has also been created providing another new arm corps!
No212 RAF Fighter Group (spitfires) has been deployed to the 4th Fighter Wing.​

4th – 16th July 1938

4/7/38 Eden and Chamberlain are irritated at Poland’s refusal to join the Allies. However envoys to Rumania, Jugoslavia, Greece and Turkey HAVE been a success – Eden is starting to admire Neville!
14/7/38 The 38th ‘Welsh’ Division (motorised) is now operational.
Cyril announces the composition of the Middle East exercise (2 Mot + HQ versus 3 Indian Divs.)
2 of those Indian divisions will be staying in the Middle East to bolster the command there.
15/7/38 Production Controls has been completed, Production Planning is to be researched next.
16/7/38 Sir Maristow discusses the Air requirement of the exercise with an Army liaison officer.​
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